raining days

raining days

A Poem by vampire princess

raining days

I am having one of these day.
I am watching the rain fell than I start to cry and hurt myself again.
Listening to the rain is peace and uplifting, I was it always rains.
Water never yells at you,
Water never abuse you,
Water never emotional hurt you.

I only thing water can do is drowning from it.
I feel lost when the rain is not falling.
I feel lost when everybody yells at me.
I feel lost when everybody abuse me.
I feel lost when I cry all the time.
I feel lost when my only boyfriend yells at me.
When that happen I just want to full up the bath tube and cut my wrist and drowning.
I want drown down all the bad things that has happen to me in the past year and half.

I want to take every thing bad and drown in the bath tube with me.
Than I cry for hours.
So I am in the bathtub think if I should kill myself right now.

I take a knife to bathroom, I am considering end my life right there, without tell any body.
I cry for hour before cutting my wrist, my boyfriend walk into the bathroom saw my wrist cut up.
But I really die from a broke heart, because every time we fight, piece of my heart disappoints with the fight.

Over year and every time we had fights that piece of my heart leave with it. That is over time, I was die before I cut my wrist.
I lock the door and glad a knife I slit my wrist again and again.
Than I start to cry and watch blood run the my arms.
I am not hollow and I am broken, I can't be fixed any more.
I am dead inside.

My boyfriend try to unlock the door, but he can't open, so he take a axe to the door.
He try to save my life, but I was far gone. There is no save me.

My funeral was big, my family and my friends when there.
Their buried me near my grandparents.
It was raining when I killed myself, and it was raining when my boyfriend buried me.
There buried me with my favourite poem book and have tulips and roses. Every one was in tears but I am with god now.

God love me and he take care of my grandparents and me.
I am at peace now,
there is no pain, no sorrow, no tears now. I am happy where I am.

© 2013 vampire princess

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Extremely interesting, I like the way you take the reader into the characters and then the poem swifts into monologue type. Very creative and original, Applause and Congratulations.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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vampire princess

9 Years Ago

thank you.

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Added on July 13, 2013
Last Updated on July 13, 2013
Tags: suicide, sadness


vampire princess
vampire princess

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