A Poem by vampire princess


knock, knock. ....
the leaves have fall out the tree, it almost time for Samhain,  
it almost time for Samhain. 
there is 29 more days until of Samhain. 
it is time to celebration the harvest, and celebration life and death of the planet. 
let bring out our apple and  silver apple branch for the offering for the dead. 

knock, knock, knock .......
it time to bake pumpkin pie and going trick or treat , but be careful but tonight is a full moon. 
it time to bring out you pumpkin for craving. 
it time to celebration the Samhain. 
it time to celebration the harvest. 

the otherworld is  knock, knock .......we celebration The Tuath De   . aodh you are god of the underworld. we give you our harvest every year on Samhain for an offering. we give you our harvest every year on Samhain for an offering. 
we can head the werewolves howls. 
the bonfire is lite. 

it is almost Halloween or Samhain whatever call it. 
the harvest fields are deading and cold and grey. 
we worship and celebrate the god of wild hunt his Herne. 
we honor the dead passing by the graveyard at dusk. we can heard the dead, by saying "knock, knock, knock, please let us become zombie to live again. 
it is time for the veil to open up. 
it is after dusk and it time celebration our goddess. 
the tuath de is open the veil of this world and next. 
we leave pumpkin and apple for your offering. 
let going the graveyard to honor our dead. 
let watch the moon pop out and let going treat or trick. 

we going from door-to-door knock, knock, knock .....
it is almost 3 o'clock most people call it the witching hour that when everything start. 
it almost time the veil to be close. 

© 2017 vampire princess

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Added on October 12, 2017
Last Updated on October 12, 2017


vampire princess
vampire princess

toronto , Etobicoke , Canada

my face is white as snow , my hair is black/purple, my eyes is red . oh ya I believe am a vampire . oh ya I am a goth. my favorite color is black and red, bright green. I watch anime , and drawing a.. more..