My graveyard poem

My graveyard poem

A Poem by vampire princess

now was a nice autumn time, I wandering important away from home. I roam deep into the graveyard. I could sense the death and sorrow. the time adjustment to midnight, the spirits come out to roam the graveyard to invade their remembrance.

it make me miserable when I go through the graveyard. the spirit moved and replied " go aside from here."it was much in the overcast I can see at the stars.I know your misery in this setting. 

I move distant through the graveyard, and I have a matured gentleman rebury a grave of  young woman who commit suicide. I can hear the raven and crow crying out for prey. the graveyard is silent, no  weeping, no body lingering here. nobody is out there in the graveyard. all i hear the owl saying. it the witching hour now. 

it is almost dawned, the spirit lingering back to their tombstone. it try to run to back the begin of garden's door but someone or thing grasps my arm to bring me back to the graveyard. it ordered me, " that cannot escape this place." I cried " why? ", because you don't belong in the world of the living. 

i don't understand the spirit mean about me not leaving this place. again, again ... i walk in circle trying to escape this place. no lucky fall upon me, i feel pain everytime i passes the young woman grave. it like i walk over me grave. 

I can't understand this feeling that lingers in my soul.
I am remembering the pain and sorrow about memories that couldn't be me.
The flashback come at me like wound being open for the first.

I remember how I dies.
I remember the pain I suffering.
Now I remember that I was the young woman who committed suicide.
My name is raven chown.

I am not suffering any more.
I am not in pain any more.
I remember the heartbreak.
I remember how I killed myself, I was lying in a bathtube and wrists we're cut.

Now I am trapped here evermore.

© 2017 vampire princess

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Added on November 3, 2017
Last Updated on November 3, 2017


vampire princess
vampire princess

toronto , Etobicoke , Canada

my face is white as snow , my hair is black/purple, my eyes is red . oh ya I believe am a vampire . oh ya I am a goth. my favorite color is black and red, bright green. I watch anime , and drawing a.. more..