The Attempt

The Attempt

A Story by RavenZane

LOVE LETTERS. Girls are used to writing those stuff. I'm not. EPIC FAIL on that one. But it's no shame to attempt, right?


Oh, for Pete’s sake.

I’m a freaking girl and I can’t write a flipping love letter? That’s like fudge in a lunch box. Either way, it becomes disappointing. To the society. And now, after I tried, to me.

Oh, gosh. I’m jotting all this down and not even erasing it? Which means you can read all this?

Fudge again. Broke the freaking pencil.


T h e - A t t e m p t
@$*#!($ LOVE LETTERS...

by RavenZane


Yo, dude.

Oh, yeah, that was a despicably awesome greeting!

God, I’m so sorry. Honestly, this is almost my seventh clean draft. As hard as I might try, I can’t write a single mushy line that a normal girl so naturally writes down like those princesses that look like transvestites in fairy tales. Because I’m not, so quit laughing or smiling, if you are.

I’m not going to give up, though. This is probably (I hope…) my last try in writing a freaking love letter to - fudge - you, the so-called lover of my life. No corrections on that one, I guess.

Whatever comes to me will be written down here. Like, right now.


Uh, yo, dude. What should I call you now? Alex? Dude? Bro? Alexander? Mr. Kennedy? After the long time that we haven’t talked, not even one nod or something, I don’t know how to talk to you now.

I still remember the Tuesday sevenish-evening when I squeaked the pathetic, idiotic words out. Not on purpose, of course"you know that. And it was at Y!M.

I told you before: I never intended to tell you (because I prefer to keep my feelings a secret) but it also wasn’t your fault for forcing it out of me. It was kind of like a game, right? I asked, you asked, I asked, you asked, and then suddenly it was all about apologizing and my feelings.

I feel so puny.

Do you still remember the reasons I told you why I like/love/uh-huhed you? I’ll say-write it again, just to be sure and clear.

You’re the indestructible, critical, open-minded, astonishing, and sympathetic Alex Kennedy. When we became, uh, “best friends”, I kind of forgot about the reasons. I…adored (CAN’T SAY THE FREAKING WORD) you because you’re Alex, Alex Kennedy, my best friend and the, um, boy I like/love/uh-huh.

And I still do, if you want to know. I hope you do so I don’t get humiliated. Ironically, I’m humiliating myself just doing this weird forceful stuff.

I hope you’re not punishing yourself. I’m not punishing myself, either. Just thought I needed to do it. Anyway.

How about this. Do you still remem - ugh, fudge. Why am I asking you all these things when I’m not even expecting you to answer this freaking love letter back? (Irony number two)

What I mean is, is that I hope you still remember the Friday (same week as that funny-yet-oh-my-whaaa-Tuesday) when you told me what you thought about what had happened. You tagged me in that post at four AM and I got to open it at around five in the afternoon. I even had a snapshot of it.

Crap. I revealed my utterly fangirl craze over you. I don’t know if that’s obvious yet, though.

After the small sweet fights, the funny and crazy messages that friends don’t send each other, best friends may do, and (wee…) lovers will do - not implying anything. Those things occurred in two whole days.

And then, you just…Um, that.

You dumped me, if we ever became, well, an item. But we didn’t. So you didn’t dump me. But it was like that. That’s a possible simile/example.

Sure, Lil, sure.

I still can’t understand why. You told me that I was…something - someone…ah - a part of me. Um, you hated it. Not just disliked it. You hated a part of me. I still can’t understand what or why.

I don’t know if you’ll respond, or even bother to read this, but I can hope, can’t I?

Um, there you go. A love letter made by me, the most ironic and girldumb girl in the universe. Okay, not the universe. Maybe just the girl world. But still.

If you read this, well, thanks. I just hope we can be friends again.

‘Cause I miss you a lot, you know?

 - Lilly (:

© 2010 RavenZane

Author's Note

Hope you like. (10:23 now, need to sleep.)
I want you guys to review more about Lilly's way of expressing herself.

*The emdashes turned into quotation marks. I replaced it with hyphens instead. >.<

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Lol I thought it was really cute and a little bit funny

Posted 10 Years Ago

I loved this. I really wish I could say more, but there are simply not enough words that fit, other than the obvious "I loved this".

Posted 10 Years Ago

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