What is it that is stopping you? Say it!

What is it that is stopping you? Say it!

A Story by writerkumar

Sometimes, we think a lot to say a few words to a person! Right?


Sometimes, we think a lot to say a few words to a person. The delay may be due to some hesitation, thinking, how the other person receives your communication. But again, all these are your doubts, right? Why not give him/her a chance to respond to whatever you say? It may also happen that s/he may receive your message in a positive manner. Why don’t you say it then?

You are still thinking! No. You are in dilemma. Right? But, how long you think? How long you wait? Or make the other person wait? Why not you say it whatever is there on your mind? Everyone who knows you knows that you are eager to say something. Then why you are still thinking? Why you are postponing? Those sweet thoughts are so hot to hold them in your heart for so much time.

The moment you see him/her, you know that your heart beats fast. You become so eager to say something to him/her. The words reach your tip of the tongue. Your mind springs naughty thoughts. Every nerve of yours sizzles and feels the zing thing. Your feet almost force you to go nearby him/her. Your sixth sense readily provides you those intuitive feelings, which makes you think that s/he is yours. Finally, you decide to say those words to him/her and relieve yourself from the burden of holding them. While all these feelings are happening simultaneously, in your body, mind, and soul, suddenly, from somewhere, you are allowing a flash of negative feeling to splash across your mind, which stops you from saying those precious words that you desperately want to tell that person. Suddenly, the whole world becomes silent around you.

Now, no matter how much you pull yourself, you are unable to say those prized words. But, what is it that is pulling you back from the decision you took to say that thing? Whoever it is, is it not better to let out that sweet burning stuff from your heart of hearts instead of holding it just like how you are keeping his/her snap in your mobile/purse? Just think about it!

If your feelings are pure for any person, no matter what the world says, you can definitely expect positive vibes from that person for you. Life is there to enjoy and entertain every second you live. Unfortunately, time never stops for none. Hope you realise this truth and cross your self-imposed restrictions as quickly as possible.

The world is eager to listen to what you want to say. Don’t hesitate. Say it!

© 2011 writerkumar

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Added on June 17, 2011
Last Updated on June 17, 2011
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