Summer Storm

Summer Storm

A Story by Rosalyn Marie

          There is a certain time of night after an August storm, when the world outside is dark but the sky still has a brightness to it. It looks as if it is an ember, taking time to slowly burn out and fade to blackness. The silhouettes of trees are strikingly black against the pale blue-gray of the sky, with hints of the color appearing in the gaps between the bushels of leaves. Stillness fills the damp air; the only sounds heard are crickets chirping and rain dripping from leaves. The world smells of rain, refreshingly sweet after the heat of the day. As clouds move through the pale sky, a distant rumble can be heard. Suddenly the sky is electrified, flashing bright as the pelting drops begin to fall. The storm rumbles closer, thunder booming and lightning crackling through the night. Undisturbed by the noise, people slumber on, for it is just another summer storm.   

© 2011 Rosalyn Marie

Author's Note

Rosalyn Marie
So, I absolutely LOVE thunderstorms. (they're my favorite things to paint (: ) We just had some heavy rain here (sadly no thunder) but as I was shutting the back door I looked out at the sky and was inspired to write this.

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Wow! You are a lovely writer. I love the ending of your story actually.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Haha Alex about the backdrop.
This is great. It's very detailed but it doesn't sound like you're just reading a list of characteristics. It flows very nicely and I love it cause you know I love thunderstorms, too!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Gorgeous imagery. You use beautiful language in this. I love the calm and peaceful tone from it. Is it sad that the purple sky and lightning from the picture remind me of our backdrop? Anyway, this cheered me up a bit. Awesome job on this short little quip.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Rosalyn Marie
Rosalyn Marie


I love reading, writing, and music, but my favorite thing is definately art :D I love love love to read and write though, so that's why I'm on this site :) I'm also in chorus, so that's where the mus.. more..