Goliath strikes

Goliath strikes

A Poem by Glee

You were big

You were tall

You were stronger

And driven by anger, mad rage


You gathered all your strength, and clenched it in your fists

You were fast

You were charged

You didn’t even give me time to respond


I was hit by a bus

I was knocked by a bull

My world is spinning, am falling free

I can feel fire burning on my chin

I can feel fluid oozing from my lip


Then I knew for sure

The devil is real

For I could see him through your soulless eyes

Free of compassion or sympathy

As if possessed by a demon driven by rage


But my God lives in me

And his strength is not of this world

You can’t hurt me

You can’t beat a god

You can’t break my spirit


Just when you thought you had put me down

I get up again





Hit me again Goliath

Hit me again


Strike two

May be I’ll get a concussion

May be I’ll break my nose

Lose my tooth

My eye

My neck

My world must be ending

I must meet my maker


But no

This is not the time

Not yet


You can’t beat me

You can’t harm my spirit

Am indestructible


Just when you thought you had brought me down

I’ll stand up again





Ha ha ha

Is that all you got

Hit me again


Strike three

You curse

And accuse

And bark as you bite

You did not give me a moment to defend myself

And everyone believed you

For justice is not for the silent


You played the judge, jury and executioner

And the crowd cheered you

For they were afraid of you


Am I really that bad

Am I the evil one

Only truth shall tell

For an innocent person has nothing to hide


There is nothing you can destroy that cannot be mended

There is nothing you can break that cannot be put together

Tender love and care is all I need

Patience and endurance is all it will take


You destroy, I create

You demolish, I rebuild

You torture, I nurture

You hurt, I heal

For am an artist not a warrior

There is nothing you can do that cannot be undone

© 2019 Glee

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Added on November 1, 2018
Last Updated on September 3, 2019



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