Chapter 2 (in English)

Chapter 2 (in English)

A Chapter by Rayzor

Jon Remi, with his big belly, came towards him. His sweaty reddish hair was matted to his forehead. Behind him, Sverre and Andreas followed. The trio were three walking headaches. The school bullies.   

Fredrik just turned his back on them. Then he glanced over to Caroline. She was beginning to pick up what was going on. Other people was noticing too. They knew what Jon Remi was all about. When he decided to pick on someone, usually a major scene was created.

«Hey, don’t turn your back on us man.»

«Yeah, don’t turn your back on us.» Sverre had a stupid habit of repeating Jon Remi’s words. As if it would make him cooler. It had quite the opposite effect. 

He didn’t turn. «Go away!» he said, and felt embarrassed because of all the kids watching. They loved this and was gathering closer. 

«Hey, I’m talking to you.» Jon Remi now stood just behind him and slapped him across the back of his head. 

Fredrik turned around quickly. The back of his head burned. «Stop it!»

Jon Remi’s friends laughed. «What if I don’t?»

Everyone was looking now. Even some of the students playing football stopped. People’s eyes turned to Fredrik. 

He didn’t know what to do. One thing was for sure. He couldn’t run away. That would make him a wuzz, causing every kid in school talking about it for days.  

He didn’t want that. He had to make a stand. But Jon Remi was bigger than him and had a hell of a punch. He had been in a brawl with him more than once. And he always lost. 

«I think he’s afraid of you, man.» Kristian said, his face full of pimples in all sorts of colors. 

Sverre wiped his nose with the sleeve of his shirt. «Yeah, he’s going to piss his pants.» 

Fredrik felt like punching them both. They were complete idiots. Two p*****s. No match. Acting touch when they were with Jon Remi, but if you met them while they were by themselves, they were two scared kittens. 

«Answer the man. Are you afraid of me?» Jon Remi smiled, loving the attention from everyone around them. 

«I’m not afraid of you.» Normally he wasn’t. But now, he was afraid of being made a fool of. Getting embarrassed in front of everyone was no picnic. 

And now Caroline was witnessing this too. 

He had to do something. But what?

«Got some money for me?»

«Yeah, got some money?» 

«No.» He thought of the 150kr in his pocket. «Your not getting a thing from me.» 

Jon Remi placed his hand on Sverre’s shoulder, and gently pushed him forward. «Check his pockets and back pack.» He crossed his arms over his chest. 

Fredrik took a step back as both Sverre and Andreas approached him. They looked too confident. 

One of you meet me in private, you a******s and I’ll kick your a*s. 

Sverre grabbed the back pack’s left shoulder strap. Andreas took the other one. They circled him, trying to pull the back pack off him. 

Fredrik tried to resist. «Hey, stop it you a******s.» But they managed to force it off him. Sverre pulled loose the top straps. Then he upended the back pack, spilling its content onto the asphalt. 

Fredrik looked at the people witnessing the scene. They were gawking, excited, waiting for what was coming next. Caroline was standing in the back watching too.

He felt embarrassed. He felt angry. Had to do something. He couldn’t let Caroline see this. Couldn’t be made fun off in front of her. No girl liked a wuzz. 

Sverre stood beside him, as Andreas crouched and began rummaging through the content on the asphalt. 

Taking a breath, Fredrik took a step forward, brought his arms up and pushed with all his might onto Sverre’s chest. 

Shocked, Sverre got out of balance. He waved his arms as he fell backward. And landed hard on his back. 

Andreas looked up at him. Then Fredrik placed the sole of his foot on his shoulder and kicked him off balance, making him fall to the side. 

Jon Remi took a step back.

«Get away and keep your hands off my stuff!» Fredrik said. 

They didn’t expect that at all. No one did. It was completely quiet around them. Everyone waited for the next one to make a move.

Both puzzled, Sverre and Andreas both looked at Jon Remi for assistance, which didn’t do anything at first. He just stood there watching Fredrik, as if calculating what to do. His facial expression had cooled ten degrees. 

Slowly, people started whispering. Some giggled. 

Jon Remi didn’t move his head, but his eyes darted from side to side, observing the people around them. As if knowing that he was beginning to loose his position, he pointed at Fredrik and said, «You’re dead!» 

An icy feeling spread through him, as a long oooohh came from the crowd. Fredrik swallowed.

Then Jon Remi clenched both of his fists. The skin around his eyes grew tight. Then he charged towards him.

He felt a tight pull of fear in his belly. But he stood his ground. As Jon Remi came onto him, he stepped to the side and put out his right leg. 

Jon Remi tripped on his foot, and the momentum made him fly forward. He landed on his fat belly, bouncing a bit, before coming to a rest.

People around them started laughing at him. 

Jon Remi quickly got back up on his feet. Angry as an ox. 

Now’s your chance. Do it. 

He did.

When Jon Remi charged him again yelling, Fredrik took aim and punched him straight on the nose as hard as he could. 

Jon Remi stopped abruptly and put his hands on his face and nose. There was a sudden moment of silence. Then he started screaming. Jon Remi looked at his hands. It was blood on them. And on his face. 

Fredrik look at the people around him. They were stunned. Couldn’t believe someone had stood up to him. Even punched him.

They waited for Jon Remi to do something. Jon Remi looked at him and thought about it. He took a step forward.  

Fredrik raised his fist. «Come on, fatso! Just try it.»

Jon Remi stopped. He looked at everyone. Then he started bawling. «I’m telling my brother.» They he ran off crying. His friend, sitting in a crouched position took off after him.

People laughed at them. Some called names after Jon Remi. «Fatso, Fatso, Fatso!!» More people joined in.

Then they started cheering for Fredrik. 

He couldn’t believe it.  This was the greatest feeling he had ever experienced. He had stood up to the school bully. Punching him on the nose. Making him cry in front of everyone. 

People came over to him one by one, and congratulated him.

© 2013 Rayzor

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A great read, takes you back to school with crystal clarity, very real, a well-written story with the plus of having a positve message and ending.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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9 Years Ago

Thanks Daniel :) Even though I'm from Norway, I find it easier to draft my stories in english. Soon,.. read more

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