A Chapter by R. Bartilet

It's my last chapter for my book and I'm so sorry if it feels rushed, I felt like I needed to end it soon or I wouldn't have much time to end it at all.


            It took a while, but it all clicked. I finally found the last puzzle piece. And all it took was a playback of all the memories. There was no warmth, just pure coldness. And silence hung in the air. No life, no comfort to look forward to after a long day, not a haven when their words struck deep. Just a house that I had to leave in a lonely city. So I finally packed, picking up my keys on the way out and continued to drive. But I needed to make one stop, and I ended up back here again, with Anna behind me. It was our hilltop view of the faraway city.

            I remember stumbling upon it while the others were out, drinking and partying. Doing what normal teenagers considered normal, but I was never invited.

            “I had time to think… and I guess I should thank all of them.” We stood still, letting the faint sounds of civilization wrap around the two of us.

            “The others?” She asked and I nodded, never leaving my eyes from the city. While the stars shone bright this evening, the lights streaming from the city overwhelmed it all.

            “Their… words were…” I turned and smiled. “I guess it doesn’t matter now. But I feel like they’re why I’m here now. And we’re both fine. And we’ll continue to be fine.” And I truly looked at her. Anna. She was my imagination in the form of a girl who brought warmth with her presence. And when mom, my once-dear compulsive worker, rushed through the front door every single time, she was there to fill the gaps. And when their cruel stares were pointed towards me, when their mouths full of ignorance were too much, she blocked it all out. When they looked down on me, she held her hand out for me to hold. And I was happy within my little world. I could see the world the way I wanted to see it, with Anna behind me.

            “I guess since my book is done, I’m leaving to wherever… I don’t think I’ll be coming back.” We stared at each other for a long time, trying to figure out where this will take us both. 

            “I think it’s time for me to go back.” She said, “You know I’ll always be there, right?” I walked towards her. One foot slowly in front of the other until our surroundings dulled. All that was left was Anna and me. And I finally embraced my long-lost sister. We stayed there, absorbing this final moment, remembering her warmth, until she simply wasn’t there anymore.

            “I know.” I just stood there. Waiting for I don't know what, with no clue what's gonna happen next. My eyes were fixated on the city, while my mind went blank. And I lost track of time. Standing. Waiting. Until I finally entered reality, taking one step at a time as I remembered what I wanted -- needed to do. Sighing, I took out the golden hardcover book and laid it on the ground. Tales of Anna, by Abby Harlett. The imaginary adventures I shared with Anna stuffed into one book. And I set out to start on real adventures I’d have without Anna behind me.


© 2012 R. Bartilet

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Added on October 14, 2012
Last Updated on October 17, 2012
Tags: imagination, anna, abby, doubt, self-confidence, friendship, love, sister, adventure


R. Bartilet
R. Bartilet


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A Chapter by R. Bartilet

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A Chapter by R. Bartilet