AZ Story

AZ Story

A Story by rdawg15

each line will begin with the next letter of the alphabet 26 total sentences

      As she paused to catch her breath, she glanced behind her. But, luckily, she had seemingly outrun him. Carrying on running, as she'd rather he didn't catch up, she realized how many people there were. Due to these people, she didn't get far. Everybody was casting angry looks at her as she bumped into one after the other. Frantically muttering insincere apologies, she continued to sprint through the traffic of pedestrians. Giving it her all, she dived behind the wall directly to her right. Having lost most of her energy, she chanced a glance back. In a moment, she saw him, running through the wave of people, trying to find her. Just when she'd thought she'd outran him, there he was. Kneeling down, she quickly tried to think of a plan. Losing her train of thought in her panicking stage, she decided she had to keep moving if she didn't want him to find her. Making no mistake, he saw the girl running, sprinting, into the street. Now, running as fast as he could he tried to catch up to her, but she was faster. Out in the streets, people honked their horns as the young girl rushed into the flow of traffic. Part of her knew this was wrong, but she knew it couldn't be good for her if she went back. Quickly making it across the street, she looked behind her. Racing across the street, coming to get her, there he was. She made up her mind, she made it this far, she couldn't go back. The man was gaining on her, she had to act fast. Unable to come up with anything, she continued running, but she was slowly losing her breath and energy. Various people were staring at the chase now. When she went to turn the corner, someone snatched her arm.
X-ray vision like eyes, seemed to see right through her.
     "You should come with me," the elderly woman grasping her arm said sharply.
      Zoning in on the man running towards them, the woman inwardly smiled at the young girl, saying, "You shouldn't run away from your daddy."

© 2014 rdawg15

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haha so it turned out to be her dad! funny little story and a clever idea of the letters of the alphabet.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on September 29, 2014
Last Updated on November 4, 2014
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