Too Little For Basketball

Too Little For Basketball

A Story by rdawg15

Cole is upset because he can't play basketball as well as Alex, his big brother. But, when Cole challenges Alex to a game, who will win? Alex or Cole?

"Aw man! I missed again!" shouted Cole.
"Yeah, and you're surprised? I mean, you're never gonna make it!" laughed Cole's eight-year-old brother, Alex.
Cole sat down on the grass. Maybe Alex was right. Cole was already six-years-old and he had never made a basket.
Cole's best friends, Maddie and Luke, walked over and sat down by him.
"Hi, Cole," said Luke.
"Hey, dude! What's wrong?" Maddie asked.
"I still haven't made a basket," Cole said, glumly, "I mean, both of you have made baskets. Alex makes tons of baskets. Alex's friends, Davy and James, have made tons of baskets. I'm the only one who hasn't!"
 Luke and Maddie tried their best to comfort him.

The next day at school, Cole was on the playground, playing basketball with some friends. 
Cole shot the ball and missed!
Everybody laughed.
Cole ran back inside, mortified, and didn't say another word the rest of the school day.
When Cole got home, he went with his Dad to their farm.
Cole then asked him, "Daddy, why can't I make a basket?"
His dad answered, "Well, bud, it takes practice."
But Cole didn't understand.
Then, his dad said, "Look at the baby cow over there."
"He's stupid," Cole said, "He doesn't know how to stand!"
"Ah, but the calf is you," his dad explained.
"You just called me a cow!" Cole exclaimed, confused.
"No," his dad explained. "The calf has to practice to stand up, just like you have to practice to make a basket."
"Oh," Cole said in understanding.

When they got back to the house, Cole went into Alex's bedroom.
"What do you want, dweeb?" Alex asked.
"Me and you, on the court, Saturday. Got it?" Cole said.
"What kind of game?" Alex asked.
"Three on three," Cole answered.
Alex thought. "You're on," he decided. "Now, get out."
Cole thought as Alex shoved him out of his room.
It was Wednesday. The game was on Saturday. He had only two days to practice.
Cole practiced day and night until Saturday rolled around.

"You ready, wimp?" Alex asked on Saturday.
"Ready to win!" Cole exclaimed, Luke and Maddie at his side.
Alex, Davy, and James laughed.
"You win? That's a good one!" Davy exclaimed.
"It will be a piece of cake," Cole said.
When the game started, Davy, James, and Alex were making all their baskets. And so were Maddie and Luke. But, whenever Cole tried, he missed.
The score was 12-12. Next basket won.
Cole had the ball.
Luke and Maddie were being guarded by James and Davy.
Alex was, obviously, not guarding Cole because he knew Cole was going to miss.
Cole had one chance.
He threw the ball.
Cole had scored.
The sun smiled down at Cole.
Cole had not only made a basket, he won the game for his team. Alex, Davy, and James could not believe their eyes.
Cole walked up to Alex and shook his hand.
"Good game, Alex. We all win some games and lose some games, that doesn't matter. What matters is that we're fair, honest, and good team players," Cole said to Alex.
"Good game, Cole," Alex said, because, deep down, he knew Cole was right.

The End
Moral: Always be a good sport 

© 2015 rdawg15

Author's Note

This is a children's book I wrote. It's not for people to hit me with grammar mistakes and whatnot.

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Added on January 14, 2015
Last Updated on January 14, 2015
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