When You Thought You Knew Someone...

When You Thought You Knew Someone...

A Chapter by Poetress

This goes to show you how much of an self absorbed, egotistical, blow hard Malik Conner really is!

It never occurred to Demetrius that Reina was head over heels in love with him because she never did or say anything to make him think so. There were times when he had caught her looking at him but he always chalked it up to friendliness. As he got closer to her Demetrius had to keep his composure when he saw her dress. He was too angry when he had seen her in Malik's arms to even notice the dress but now that he did he had to try and keep a straight face. She was wearing a strapless, knee length dress with matching heels that weren't too high. When he stopped at their table he was sure he saw happiness in her eyes but it was quickly hidden. He smiled down at her barely looking at Malik. "Demetrius" Malik said. "Malik" Demetrius replied still not looking away from Reina. "Why are you here?" Reina heard herself ask. She almost gasp but coughed instead to distinguish it. Of course Demetrius saw through her pretenses yet again because a smile spread across his face. "I was at work when I saw you on TV. I saw that you were at one of my clubs and I decided to pay you a visit" he said, finally looking at Malik. "Well you have seen her, now you can leave. If you don't mind Demetrius I would like my date to myself" Malik told him as he pulled Reina to him and kissed her on the mouth. 
Demetrius realized three things as the scene happened in front of him. One, he now realized that he hated Malik Conner to the depths of hell. Two, it seems to him that Reina wasn't interested in the man. Usually when they went out Reina would be laughing or teasing him about something, now she just looked kind of sad. And three, even though Malik kissed her she never made an attempt to push him away nor did she kiss him back, which Demetrius thought was kind of odd. When Malik finally pulled away from Reina, Demetrius had cleared away the red haze clouding his vision. Now he finally knew what "seeing red" meant. It took everything in him not to pound Malik senseless for kissing his Reina. Reina looked up at him with anguish in her eyes. It tore at his heart. Reina was always happy other than when she would come over his parents house crying which was years ago. Yes she still slept there occasionally but he thought that whatever had made her cry so much in her youth was gone. He had tried more than once to get information out of Lorenzo but Lorenzo always evaded the topic. Malik smiled in triumph. Finally he had something that Demetrius didn't. "It was... Good seeing you again, Malik" Demetrius said without even looking at him. "Quiero un momento contigo" Demetrius said to Reina in fluent Spanish. All the while Reina's head was down looking at the table. Her head snapped up when Demetrius spoke to her in Spanish because they both knew Malik couldn't speak it. "No puedo, estoy en una cita" Reina replied in Spanish. "Me di cuenta de eso. Siempre pensé que odiabas Malik pero aquí estás en una cita con él" Demetrius said. "Estoy bien" I replied. "That remains to be unseen" Demetrius said in English as he gave Malik a curt nod and turn on his heels. Reina watched as he left. Reina turned back to Malik and gave him a smile. 
Demetrius made his way to the club's office. Reina thought he was leaving but like hell he was! He didn't trust Malik and there was something off about him that made Demetrius anxious about Reina. 
Reina looked at Malik as he smiled at her. "Would you like some wine?" Malik asked as he got up. "No... um... Water will do just fine" I replied. "Oh no Reina, darling. Choose something a little stronger" he told me. "Malik water is fine" I told him. He sighed and walked over to the bar leaving Reina with her thoughts. Was Demetrius really here because he wanted to ensure she was safe? And if he was did that mean he cared about her? Of course he cared about her! What a stupid question. She was his best friend's baby sister! She sighed as Malik came back. He handed her a glass that seemed too fancy to be carrying water but she never questioned it. When she put the glass to her head and tasted the contents it didn't taste like water. She finished it in record time. Malik smiled knowing full well it wasn't water he got for Reina. He even asked the bartender to make a knockout wine. "Another glass of water, darling?" Malik asked. "Yes please" Reina replied. "As you wish" Malik said as he went back to the bar for more drinks. After Reina's fifth glass of "sparkling water" she began to feel lightheaded. And she was giggling a lot even though Malik only smiled at her but said nothing. "I never realized I was so thirsty" Reina giggled again. "Would you like another?" Malik asked. Reina's mind was a haze and she had a hard time sorting out her thoughts. She stood up and almost fell down, she had to grab the table to keep her balance. Reina realized that it wasn't water she was drinking and whatever it was, it was potent enough to make her have incoherent thoughts after her fifth drink. She sat back down because it was that or fall to the ground. "Are you okay, sweetheart?" Malik asked trying to fight a smile. "I ah... I feel lightheaded... Can we go now?" Reina asked. With pleasure -Malik thought to himself. "The party scene was never your thing. I'll take you home" he told me as he called a waitress over to our table. He paid the tab and stood up. He held out his hand to me and I took it. I had to hold on to his arms because I felt as if I was going to pass out. Malik held on to me so I could keep my balance. As we made our way to the lobby of the club Demetrius happened to be walking down the stairs that led to the office. My heart started racing. I thought he left. Demetrius noticed that something was odd about the way Reina was holding on to Malik. He walked over to them and then he realized that Reina looked unbalanced. She started giggling nonstop when he approached them. "What is wrong with Reina?" Demetris asked Malik. The anger plain in his voice. Malik let go of Reina who almost fell to the ground if it weren't for Demetrius's quick reflexes. "I was just taking her home" Malik told him through clenched jaws. Demetrius held Reina to him to keep her balanced. "Sure you were... Rein? What did you drink?" Demetrius asked her. She giggled some more. "I-I didn't drink anything strong. I just had five glasses of the wonderful tasting water" she laughed. Demetrius shot Malik a stare that would clear all the animals out of a forest! Demetrius stepped forward, he was going to kill Malik! Wonderful tasting water my a*s! The son of a b***h got Reina drunk! And was no doubt taking her back to his condo to take advantage of her! Over his dead body! Demetrius let go of Reina who managed  to stand on her own two feet. "Think about what you are doing, Demetrius. I don't take kindly to people trying to kill me" Malik warned as he stepped back some more. Malik was 5''9 while Demetrius was 6''4! "Funny how you used the word 'trying'" Demetrius said as he took another step towards Malik. Then he heard Reina groan and the clacking of heels on the titles. He turned around to see Reina vomiting into one of the plants in the lobby. He cursed as he went over to her. Demetrius kept her hair out of her face as she vomited some more. "You take her home. I won't risk her throwing up in my new Bugatti" Malik said as he went through the door of the lobby. Malik Conner was one cold-hearted son of a b***h! Reina groaned as she fell to her knees on the floor. Demetrius had to grab her by the waist to keep her from falling forwards. He had never seen Reina drink, even those time when he brought her to his clubs she never ordered anything other than water. Demetrius  scooped her up into his arms. His bodyguards were there to protect him as he walked with Reina still cradled in his arms like a baby. She covered her face as they went outside because of all the cameras that went off. 

© 2012 Poetress

Author's Note

The conversation Demetrius and Reina had in Spanish.
Demetrius: I want a moment with you
Reina: I cannot, I'm on a date
Demetrius: I noticed that. I always thought you hated Malik but here you are on a date with him.
Reina: I'm fine

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