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Chapter 02

Chapter 02

A Chapter by Reaper

After finding out the game had his daughter trapped, Reaper wanted to hunt her down to make sure she was safe. Can he find her?

I sighed. "Unfortunately no. Yuki kept bugging me to play but I've been too busy, till now that is. You?"
"Occasionaly I play it. I was level 23, now I am level 1 again." He sighed.
"Looks like everyone is level 1, so don't feel bad. So what's the point of this one?"
"Well, its pretty much like SAO, but its a bit simpler to command."
"So it is anothet SAO incident." I grumbled.
"Actually its a bit worse. The higher the level, the worse it gets."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"You'll see when we get there."
I sigh. "I guess your leading for now. Attacks and skills the same?"
"Yea, just pause and explode."
I chuckle. "Lets go level up."
After some hours of leveling up, we were able to buy some new equipment as well.
"Wow there's a lot to choose from." I said. I was looking at some halberds while Kirito looked at the swords. "I see you never change." I chuckle.
"And you do?" He raised an eyebrow.
I held up a halberd. "Close enough to a scythe for now." I grinned like a mad fool. "Lets get going." I follow him through the town.
"Anyway to tell where to go find the boss here?" He asked.
"One second." I open my menu and go to an option and I get to a backdoor log menu. I use it to talk to my techs on the outside. "Just wait a few minutes and well know." I smirked. "Sometimes cheating isn't a bad thing, especially when its in a situation like this."
We were already level ten and should be ready to take on the boss here on floor one. I suddenly got a message. When I opened it I smiled. "Got it." We were close to it before. Its in those woods we avoided earlier."
"Got it. Lets go." We took off and after a little bit got to where we needed to be. "You ready?"
He nodded. "Lets go get this done."
We went in and found the boss. With our old stats and our current levels we made semi-easy work of them. "Your out of touch with your skills."
"No kidding." I said breathing hard. "Your still in touch I see."
"Yea, I still play on occasion, but now we will get back in shape and beat this."
Once I caught my breath we headed to the second town. "We should find an inn." Kirito stated.
"Yea. You know of any good ones?"
He smirked. "Of course I do." He took me to this inn that seemed a little out of the way. "Here we are. You'll like this place."
"Alright. Here's the plan. We were solo before, we'll solo again, in a sense. Go in seperate, gather info, meet up later to share."
"Sounds good."
"Who first?"
"Why not you?" Kirito stated.
"You sure?" He nodded. "Alright." I started in and when I got inside I was shocked. It was like a club. Someone was singing on a stage and a waitress was passing out drinks. I went to the inn keeper and bought a room then went to a table alone. I was soon approached by someone. I look up to see a girl. "What can I do for ya?"
"You all alone?"
"May I join you?"
She sits at the table. "So your a solo player?"
"Pretty much. I have a friend I join up with from time to time."
"I see. You can always join up with us, that's if you want." I twitch but she didn't see it. "You don't have to."
"I'm looking for some information." I stated.
"Oh." She said a little taken back. "Then you want an info broker."
"Do you want to trade info first?" I asked.
"What kind?" She asked. "There really isn't much you could tell me. Your still a noob."
I laugh. "That's what you think. I may know more than you think."
"Really really." I smirk. "Try me. What you got for me?"
"Okay, as far as I know, an update occurred this morning and everyones stats went back to level one. When we went to complain we got an automated response saying they were working on it. After that nothing. We kept playing. Then when we tried to log out there was no log out button. We tried to complain again but no response this time. Then there was a mass teleport to the town square. We were informed we were trapped here by a GM and they couldn't help us. The system was out of their control. They had been hacked through the update. They said they were doing everything they could to help. That was two days ago."
I said a choice word then leaned forward. "I'm looking for someone, but I need it kept under wraps."
"She goes by the username Kira. Do you know her?"
"Posssbly. What's the info you know?"
I chuckle. "Its quite simple actually. These hackers are trying to recreate the SAO incident."
"How can you tell that?"
"Easy. I was there." I looked her dead in the eyes when I said that. "SAO was one thing, but this is a little different from SAO, otherwise their recreating it."
Her jaw was open. "It can't be."
"Oh but it is. Now do you know her?"
"I don't know her personally, but a friend of mine does."
"Can I meet this friend of yours?"
"Tomorrow he will be here."
"Alright. Thanks for your time." I send her some coins and get up. "If you ever need my help, don't ever hesitate to ask. Just because I'm new now doesn't mean I will be for long. In SAO I was a renound player." I look down sadly. "I just want to make sure she's safe."
"She must be someone close if your an original SAO player diving to make sure she's safe."
I sigh. "My adopted daughter." I wearily smile.
She smiles and chuckles. "That's precious. I wish I had someone like that."
"I am here for everyone, but she's number one to me." I chuckled. "Thanks for the talk and the info."
"Not a problem." We exchange member addresses so we can message each other later on. "Rengade?"
I chuckled. "Some other time I'll tell you my SAO name."
"Id like that." She smiled from the heart.
I leave to go upstairs to my room. As I sit on my bed, I go through my menu options for the first time thoughly. "Hmm, they really outdid their selves." I chuckled. I opened a hacked sub-menu and started rooting.
After two hours, I smiled. "Found ya." I did a couple toggles and a conversion and then waited. I rechecked my stats and smiled. I then messaged Kirito.
Five minutes later there was a knock at my door. "Renagade, you there?"
I open the door and Kirito walks in. After closing the door, I smirk. "You wont belive this."
"Belive what?"
"It took me two hours of digging, but I found them. Cheak this out." I open my menu and pull up my stats. "Look over my shoulder." He moves around. "As you can see its my original stats from SAO and now that your here, I can pump up your stats, which means...." I left it hanging.
"I can dual weild." He said in awe.
"BINGO!" I smirked. "So what do you say?"
"Do it." He smiled.
I laughed. "Thought so. I also have a suprise for you, but don't use them unless you have to okay, remeber, we're. Undercover here."
"Got it." It took me only three minutes to buff up his stats and give him his old equipment. "No way, my equipment too?"
"You bet. My guys are good." I smiled. I sent a message to my guys thanking them. "Now, you find anything out?"
"Their going after the floor boss tomorrow with a raiding party. You remember the KOB? This is baisically what these guys are doing. They haven't quite set up yet, but I'm going to watch carefully. If they form a group, I'll solo but I'll stay close to them. What about you?"
I ran into a girl that doesn't know my daughter directly, but knows of her. She's going to have me meet up with her party tomorrow so I can meet a friend of hers that does know my daughter."
"Nice. Once you meet your daughter, you going to let her know its you?"
"No, not now, I can't. I'll just be a friend for now."
"Good idea."
"Hmm." I cheak my messages and frown. I say a choice word. "Not good. Twelve recent deaths from the game alone."
"You know, with our stats so high, we'll attract some attention."
"That's the idea. I'm the rabit their gonna chase, your the hunter that's gonna kill the wolf."
"You sure about that?"
"Positive. "
"I'll see you in the morning."
"Night." he said.

As I woke up from a nightmare, I got a message. I had a cold sweat on me, I read the message quickly, then took a quick shower. I headed downstairs and seen the girl from the night before. "Hey. You know, I never did get your name."
"Oh, my bad." She smiled. "My name is Sukihaka. You ready to go?"
"Give me a second. I just got to send a quick message." I send a message to Kirito letting him know I was leaving with the girl to go meet my daughter. Then I smiled. "Ok I'm good."

© 2015 Reaper

Author's Note

I do NOT own Sword Art Online. I only Own my Character Reaper.

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Added on October 27, 2015
Last Updated on October 27, 2015
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I'm a slow writer and I write mostly fan fiction but I write what I can. I may not spell good or have very bad grammer, but the storys there. more..

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