Chapter 03

Chapter 03

A Chapter by Reaper

Reaper found his daughter, but whats he going to do now?

I never knew a solo player before. What's it like?"
"It has its pros and its cons. Its pros are you don't have to split anything. You level faster and more money. The cons are you die quicker and no ones there to help heal you. Your reaction time better be quick to heal or you are dead here and IRL."
"How did you manage to survive so long?"
"Taking it easy at first then starting to push myself. I became known as the red slayer." I chuckled. "I probably shouldn't have said that."
She stayed quiet for a minute.  "Wait." She suddenly stopped and turned to me. "Your......" her jaw dropped. "You can't be..."
"I am." I chuckle. "I am known as The red Slayer at first with the sword. But my name was Reaper. When my fiance gave me my signature weapon, the scythe, I became known as the Grim Reaper. Now if you could,  please keep this between us."
She was in complete shock, but she managed to nod. "Didn't you fight the black swordsman once?"
I laughed. "More than once. I faught him once publicly in a tournament and narrowly won. We both used last ditch moves." I chuckled. "That was a fun fight." I looked over her shoulder. "Someones coming."
She turned to see a guy. "Ahh, there he is. Yukimora, how are you?"
He bowed. "I'm fine. Is this the guy you mentioned?"
"Yea. He's gonna join us today. He usually solo's, but he's looking for Kira."
"What for?"
"A friend of hers wanted me to deliver a message to her."
"I see. Well, we'll be meeting up with everyone else soon. How is he in the field?" He asked?
"I can hold my own." I answered.
The guy looked me over. "Look, you are still a noob by looks."
"Looks can be deceiving and I have a history I am not going to share."
"Whatever. Lets get going. We want to clear this floor by noon today."
He takes us to where everyone's gathering and I see Kirito and I give him the slightest of nods and he does the same back. I stay with Sukihaka and I stay quiet. "Quiet before the storm." I said.
"What's that?"Sukihaka asked.
I looked up. "Hmm, oh nothing. Just thinking out loud is all." I frown. I sigh as I wait. Finally Yukimora gathered everyone around.
"As you all are aware, we located the boss. We are here to go in and defeat the monster so we can go on to the next town. Any questions?"
"What's the boss?" I asked.
"Its a griffon."he replied. I nodded. "It has five health bars so be careful."
I look at Sukihaka uneasily. "I don't like this." I wisper. I send a quick message to Kirito saying be ready to switch equipment at a moments notice. I have a bad feeling about this.
He replied with an agreement.
I went into my invintory and made sure everything was ready for a quick switch if need be. When I was done, I looked around and sighed. There was a good number of people.
"Everybody ready? Good. Lets move out." He took the lead and I followed Sukihaka. As we neared a large door I recognized as a bosses lair, I felt as if something was off. I looked around quickly. "Before we enter, anyone that has any powerups should use them."
"Something's off."I murmured as I keep a look out.
"I feel it too." Said another guy who stood by me. "It easy."
Kirito walked close by me and wispered "its a trap, don't switch."
"Got it." I wispered.
Suddenly imps attacked us all before Yukimora could touch the door. "What the hell?" He said. We were all busy defending ourselves as the imps were coming in force. We were starting to become overwhelmed when six newcomers came in and helped out.
"About time you showed up!" Yukimora yelled. "What took you Kira?"
My focus shifted slightly and an imp narrowly hit me. "You bugger, your gonna pay for that." I do a series of quick slices with the halberd that made a couple people do a double take. "That did it." I smiled. I turned to Kira and walk over to her. "You Kira?"
"Depends on who's asking." She retoted.
I chuckled."yep, that's definitely you." I bow. "My name is Renagade. I am at your service if you wish. If not, I do not mind, I will keep soloing, but I will cheak in from time to time as he had wished as the favor I owed him is due."
She looks at me weirly. "Favor to whom?"
I smile. "The great Red Reaper. Your father." I tilt my head as I lean on my halberd.
"WHAHHHHH! You know my father?"
"Know him? Geez girl, I played with him. He asked me to keep an eye on ya."
She grumbles some. "I'm not a little girl." She stated.
"No, your not, and he knows that, but he wants you to survive this and make it home. Don't you think your mom and dad are worried sick about you?"
She looked down. "Yea I guess so."
"Then I'm gonna be here to help get you through everything to get you home, even if it means my own life. Got it?"
"How sweet. Now come on. We have a boss to fight." Yukimora stated.
"That's so cold hearted Yukimora." Sukihaka stated. "You don't have to be such a prick you know."
"Its okay Sukihaka. He may be a prick, but his day will come when a bigger prick comes along and puts him in his place." I watch him as I stare him down. Finally he looks away. I smile as I turn away. "You know, I hope, I just hope I'm that prick." I mutter under my breath. I twirl my halberd around in a salute to Kira. "So what do you say miss?"
Kira looked down for a minute. "Let me watch you fight in the boss battle and I'll make up my mind then. Okay?"
"Sounds fair." I chuckled. "Just don't be surprised about me."

We headed into the chamber to fight the boss. As we got into the center, the room lit up. The Griffon became visable and we were in awe.
Yukimora tried to give me orders but I ignored them. I rushed in and Kirito followed me. "You have a plan?" He asked.
"Fight and live. The usual, if need be, switch gear. Try not to though."
"Roger." As we went in the Griffin roared and tried a wind attack only for us to block it with an attack of our own as we kept our charge. We charged our attacks and hit the Griffin
Only to make its HP bar move 1/8 of a bar. It had six HP bars total. "This isn't good." Kirito stated.
"No kidding." I did a double sweep skill with my halberd as Kirito did some skills. Then the others joined us.
Yukimora  kept giving orders and by the time we were three quarters of the way done, it had been three hours and everyone was getting tired.
"Awe hell with it, protect me for one minute!" I jumped back and opened my menu and looked for my sword. Kirito came over to me. "Protect me for now, then move everyone back. I'm going to use that skill I promised not to use."
"Then why use it?"
"What choice do we have, look at them, their all drained, even we are, and we don't want to blow our cover. So keep everyone back." I switch my weapons and gear. "Ready?"
"EVERY ONE FALL BACK!" I yelled as I pulled out the blood red sword. I start to hunch over in pain as the cursed blade starts to take its effects. One player goes to run to me but Kirito intercepted them. Their eyes become big as the nine tails grow out and I stand up. I howl and grin. "Finally, finally let out to play." I grin. Looking around, I see everyone and the Griffin. I gruff. "My turn to have fun."
"What the hell is that?" Sukihaka yelled.
"Its called the 'Cursed Kitsune.' Not very pleasurable to weald, trust me. I tend to use swords, not let them use me." Kirito stated.
Sukihaka looked at Kirito with an open mouth.
"I'm not going to let him have all the glory."
 Yukimora stated.
"FOOL. Do you know not the risks of being around a kitsune? Let alone a nine tailed one? You risk your very soul."
"What do you mean?"
"I tried to weild that sword. I couldn't. It nearly killed me. He's the only one I know that can weild it and have some control over it."

© 2015 Reaper

Author's Note

I do NOT own Sword Art Online. I only Own my Character Reaper.

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I'm a slow writer and I write mostly fan fiction but I write what I can. I may not spell good or have very bad grammer, but the storys there. more..

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