Chapter 04

Chapter 04

A Chapter by Reaper

After the Battle begun, things started to go south, how will it finish?

"Control over it?"
"Yes. It literally has a living essence inside the sword that tries to take control. If you don't have a strong enough will, it will take over. The only problem with that sword, is that the longer it is out, the more it eats yours HP. Also, the sword fights you to stay out. Its a triple battle par say. You fight the sword, the sword fights the monster."
I grin a wolfish grin then bolt twords the Griffin leaving an afterimage. The Griffin ragged as an HP bar went away.
"What just happened?" Kira asked.
"Its an ability of that sword. First strike. Deals the most damage. Keep watching."
Suddenly a black flame appears in my off hand. "Dark summoning." I growled. I toss the flame into the air and it hovers.
"This is wicked, but bad. Dark summoning is only done when a monster has two bars left. It brings forth a grim and it kills pretty much on contact."
I went in and started slashing like crazy on the Griffin and all the HP I took from the Griffin went to the summoning of the grim. As I neared halfway down the flame flared. I went to jump and the Griffin got me knocking my HP nearly down to zero. I grinned that wolfish grin. "Die." The grim appeared. "Attack." The grim went at the Griffin and swung and got its HP down to the red. "My turn."  I ran at the Griffin and did a barage of attacks in a row finally killing it. "It is done." I turn to the people and give them that wolfish grin.
"Depart him." Kirito stated.
I look over at the grim. "Depart." The grim swings his blade around before vanishing. "Better?" I grin.
"Not much. Leave my friend."
"Very well." I laugh. "Since you asked nicely." I sheathed my sword and the tails vanished in black smoke and I fell to my knees looking at Kirito. "It is done." I then passed out.

When I woke up again, I was in a bed. I went to sit up but had a hard time. "Ugh, what freight train hit me?"
"That would've been your sword. How do you feel?" Kirito asked.
"Sore. How many?"
"Twenty. Battle went on for three and a half hours. If you hadn't done that, more would've died. You should hear the stories." He laughed. "The demon slayer they call you. Yukimora does not like you either. Be weiry of him."
"Demon slayer huh. Nice ring to it. Yukimora may be one behind this."
"With the way he acted it, it is possible." There was a knock on the door. Kirito went and opened it. "Oh, morning, he just woke up, come in." He stepped to the side and Kira walked in with two others. "I'll be back." He smiled.
"You b*****d!" I yelled knowing he set this up. Sighing I dress myself quickly and get up wincing. "Ouch."
"Do you actually hurt?"
"Yes. One side effect from the curse. There is a level from one to ten on everyone. Everyone is at ten. When you equip that sword, your cursed forever to five. The level modifiers effects the amount of pain you actually feel. "
"You must be really tough."
"You saw the fight. You tell me."
"I want you to join my guild." Kira stated.
"What about my friend?" I asked
"If he will accept an invite, he can join as well. You both fought bravely and you know what your doing. You may be a bit reckless, but that's what we need." She smiled.
I burst out laughing. "You truly are his kid." I stated.
She blushed. "So, do you accept?" She sent the invite.
I looked at the guild name. I raised an eyebrow. "Death's Reaper?" I asked. "What's your emblem?"
She went even redder. "A scythe. "
"How sweet. I think its cute." I smiled.
"Leave us." She commanded. The two left. "What do you know?" She yelled as soon as the door closed.
"I know I am an SAO survivor just like my friend. I also know I am your father."
Kira's jaw dropped. She shook her head. "No. No no no. You can't be."
"Why can't I be?" I asked. "Ask me something only something your father or mother would know."
"My father wouldn't risk coming here." She looked down. "He wouldn't even play it when it was safe."
"Ahh, there's a reson for that Yuki." I said sadly. "Our office got a tip that a game would be hacked. That's why I was always at the office. I was making accounts on so many games it was rediculas. We had to be prepared. Then we got the call saying it was this game." I sat on the bed looking down. "I promised your mother I would bring you home. I plan on doing that, even if it means my own life. If I die, Kirito will protect you." I look up at her.
She had a stream of tears running down her face. "But why? Why would you dive?"
"Two reasons. No, four reasons. One, to find my daughter, two, protect as many people as I can, three, find the b******s that did this, and four, ....kill them."
"Well,I guess you really are my dad, but just to prove it, what's my favorite toy?"
I chuckle. "You don't have a favorite toy. Its a trick question. You love spending time with me and your mom when you can. I know its been little with me lately and I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?" I hold out my hand.
She takes my hand and I gently pull her to me so I can hug her like I did at home. She really started to break down crying then. "I'm sorry I doubted you."
"Shhhh. Its okay. Were together now." I accept her invite she sent me. "I will protect you baby girl." I open my menu and access my cheat box and message my hackers to let them know to pass a message on to my wife Lizbeth.
"What are you doing?" She asked.
"If I told you, I'd have to kill you." I stared her down.  She squirmed. "Just kidding." I smirked. "I'm getting a message to your mother."
" Were trapped here."
"You really don't know what I do for a job do you?" She shook her head. I laughed. "I'm part of a team of hackers. I am the Guinea pig you could say. I'm actually at work right now." Her jaw dropped. "Yea. I'm a diver. Even after SAO I still dive. I work to keep games safe. I hack, I cheat, but I do it out of nececcity."
"Did you use a cheat to get that sword?" She asked.
"Awe bloody hell no. That was a rare quest item."
"Quest?" She said shocked.
I chuckled. "Yes sweetheart I did play ALOT before I went to work for the government. I was also a beater."
I laughed. "Term created in SAO. Geez, I'm still using it." I looked down sadly. "There's a lot nobody knows about me. Not even your mother. Its been hard. Very hard." A tear dropped from my face. "I don't want it to happen again." I shook my head. "Sorry. Just rambling. Anyways, the term beater ment Beta tester and cheater put together. Kirito started it, but I wouldn't let him shoulder it alone. Word got to him that another beater was found, a red swordsman and he came looking for me. When he found me, we talked. We seen we had a lot in common, then we exchanged addresses so we could message each other if need be. Do you know how solo players work?" She shook her head. I chuckled. "We are stubborn to ask for help from others. I have learned to ask from time to time."
"Why dad? Why did you bring Kirito too?"
I smiled. "I asked. Asuna told him to help and your moms helping Asuna. Did you ever hear about our dual?" She shook her head. I chuckled. "Sad part was, we were evenly skilled so we went to our last ditch efforts. All in all we both woke up in hospitals." I laughed. Then the door opened and Kirito walked in. "Remember that dual of ours?"
"The one that was sold out in a half hour? Yea. I couldn't belive people actually paid to see us dual." He chuckled. "What about it?"
"That's how we got that sword I used. By the way, I filled her in. She knows." He nodded.
"Sorry to pull you away from your family."
Kirito went over to her. "Yuki, you, your mom, and no matter how much of a pain he is, your father, are part of the family. You have a bigger family than you think. When we get out of here, I promise you, you will meet them all."
"Who are they?" She asked.
"Mainly the original SAO survivors we meet and helped." I said as I hugged her. "Now, lets get going, I'm sure your guard is getting annoyed by waiting so much." I smiled.

As we left, Kira took the lead with her two guards. We trailed along. I had my halberd equipped again. "So, what's the plan for Yukimora now?" I asked Kirito quietly.
"Try to draw him into a trap. Get him to reveal himself."

© 2015 Reaper

Author's Note

I do NOT own Sword Art Online. I only Own my Character Reaper.

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I'm a slow writer and I write mostly fan fiction but I write what I can. I may not spell good or have very bad grammer, but the storys there. more..

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