Chapter 05

Chapter 05

A Chapter by Reaper

Reaper and Kirito in a Group? OH MY!

"Sounds good. Only question is, how?"
"He seemed jelous when you talked to Kira and you took over the kill of the Griffin. Two things he wanted. He's gonna seek revenge."
"He can try. That's when I will rip him a new one for messing with me." I grinned.
"What are you two talking about back there?" Kira asked.
"Nothing in particular ma'am." I said. I was still going to play the role of protector. "Say, where exactly are we going?"
She smiled. "You will see." Going to a gateway she teleports the group to an area that has a small town. "Welcome to your new home boys." She grinned. "This is our clans home."
"Its...a small town?" I said shocked.
"Yep. Welcome to the town. Our guild house is actually a barracks in the middle of town. Now, since we have some new members, you know what that means." She said with a wicked grin.
"New member iniciations!" The two said.
Me and Kirito looked at each other. "This can't be good." I stated.
"Usually never is." He replied shaking his head.
"Show them to their rooms and prepare the equipment. I want everything ready this time."
"Yes ma'am"
She leaves us then. "Follow us." One of the guards say. We follow them to the barracks and they give us a room each. "You each have an hour to get ready. Change into your new garb and we'll send for you."
"Aye. And we'll be ready." I smiled. They left and I smirked. "New garb? You got to be kidding."
"Lets see how bad."
We go into our rooms and there are packages waiting for us. I'm a little weiry of mine. I go and open mine and see clothes in it. I start to pull them out and see a funny outfit a clown would wear. "Awe hell NO!" I yelled.
"Looks like were the butt of a joke." Kirito stated from the door smirking. "Look more."
I looked again and there was a note. It said. ' HA HA JUST KIDING. The real clothes are in the dresser top drawer.' I laugh. I go to the dresser and open the dresser and pull out a black outfit. "Me likes." I smirk. I equip it and look in a mirror. "Hmm, not too shabby,all that's missing is the scythe, don't you think?"
"For you. I'm missing a second sword."
"Uhh ohhh."
"I see that black smoke coming out of your ears. That means your thinking."
"HEY YOU!" I start chasing him. He runs off laughing.
"Grr. I'll get him later." I go back to my bed. I then get a message. I open it and see its from Lizbeth and Asuna. I smile warmly at their remark. "We miss you all too." I stated. I then make a few preparations in my menus and then wait for our escort.
After a little while, there was a knock."Renegade, you ready?" A girl asked.
"Yea." I got up and went to the door opening it. What shocked me was the girl was wearing a gown. I raised an eyebrow. "A gown?"
"A sword sir? Really? Its a party, not a fight."
"I never go without a weapon." I stated.
She shrugged. "Sute yourself. Anyways sir, would you kindly escort me to the ball?"
I gulp. "Very well." I bow in formality and offer out my hand. She blushed and took my hand. I smiled and stood up and chuckled.
"What's so funny?"
"I have no idea where to go."
She starts to giggle. "I guess I'll have to tell you the way then." She smiled.
"Thank you." As she tells me the way, I lead us to the ball inside the barracks. When we arrive, they announced our arrival at the ball and we walk in smiling. Of course only me and Kirito have weapons on. Kira walks up to me with a stern look. "I never leave without a weapon. Neither does he." I nodded twords Kirito. "If you have a problem, you'll have to either deal with it or get over it." I smiled.
She narrows her eyes at me then grins. "Enjoy the ball." Then she wispers something to the girl and the girl giggles.
"Do I dare even ask?" I questioned. "You know what, its probably better if I don't know." I watch around the room. I have a slight unease about something but I can't quite put my finger on it.
"What's wrong? You look worried." Said a new girl who walked up to me.
"Its nothing." I shook my head. As the music started I watched as people started to dance. "Care to dance?" I asked her.
She turned bright red. "I...I don't know how to dance." She stated.
"That's alright. I'll teach you. I don't mind plus I have all the time." I shrugged.
"Really?" She said shocked. "Well yea, I mean where am I gonna go?" I hold out my hand and she blushes. I take her out to the dance floor and put my hand on her hip and hold her other hand. I slowly talk her through it then slowly start the dance motions. Once she caught onto the dance pattern we sped it up to the normal speed. "Your doing a wonderful job." I smiled.
 Smiling, she started to laughed. "I can't belive it, I'm actually dancing."
"Yes you are." I smiled.
"I have a wonderful teacher." She stated.
It was my turn to blush. "It was no problem. Besides, someone as beautiful as you should know how to dance in case a guy asks to dance with you."
That stopped her dead. She had her mouth open. I wasn't sure if she was in shock or just didn't know what to say. She had so many emotions in her eyes that I could see I raised a eyebrow. "How dare you...." she didn't even know what to say.
I leaned forward and wispered in her ear "where the winds shall blow, the leaves shall rustle, where the waves crash,the beach shall never be alone." I lean back and smile. I chuckle as I see the true shock. "Yes I know. A ninja's creed of friendship. You will always have a friend if you know where to look. Keep observent and stay alive. Know when to ask for help and when most importantly, seek friends." I bow to her then come up smiling sincerely from the heart. "I must go now." I leave her to go twords the stage where Kira was. She stood by a group with instruments. They started to play and she started to sing. As she started to sing everyone became silent. I never knew my daughter could sing, let alone get their attention. I thought she was a shy kind person, and here she's proving she's an outgoing adventurous person. I was even captured by how beautiful her voice was with the music. When the music ended she kept singing and she started to sing faster and into a new tune. The band finally picked up a beat I never heard before. "Interesting. Very interesting." I stated.
"What do you mean?" A guy next to me asked.
"This music, I've never heard it before." I admitted.
"You serious?" The guy asked. When I gave no response he was shocked. "Its called house or trance music. Its quite popular. Our leaderhas quite the voice for it too."
"I see that." I suddenly felt a chill down my spine. I looked for Kirito and he nodded at me. That ment I wasn't the ony one who felt felt it. I drew my sword which had a black and blue wave pattern on it. Some people backed away from me. On the floor a Pentagon surrounded me. I raised a eyebrow. "Interesting, so they have come." The wall blew in and people screamed. A man in heavy armor holding a war hammer stood there. I looked at him and tilted my head. "Don't you know its rude to come to a party uninvited let alone THROUGH a wall?"
I seen the vains poping out on his head. "HOW dare you insult me worm."
"A worm I might be, because,..." I vanished from my spot. A second later the Pentagon disappeared. People were wispering amongst themselves. "I slip through the cracks." I stated from behind him. I stood there without looking threatening. My sword was lowered, I had my head down and I looked sad. "Why are you here?"
Everyone gasped. The man took a step forward and turned around. "How? How did you?"
"Don't worry about that."
"Your a noob, but you play like a veteran. How?"
I shrug. "Hard core gamer, beta tester, BEATER. Take your pick." I turn my head and look at him to smile.
The man with the war hammer starts to shake. "They never told us that. This was supposed to be a simple snatch and go of three players.

© 2015 Reaper

Author's Note

I do NOT own Sword Art Online. I only Own my Character Reaper.

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I'm a slow writer and I write mostly fan fiction but I write what I can. I may not spell good or have very bad grammer, but the storys there. more..

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