Chapter 01

Chapter 01

A Chapter by Reaper

Reaper needs help, but he has no one. He only knows the games, so he goes to the closest person he knows. Kirito.

Running behind everyone else, we look at each other and nod. We each take a wall running past the guild and jump down on the runway leading to the boss's room in front of the main guild. "Sorry we're late." I stated as I turned to Asuna and smirked. "By the way, Liz is worried about you." I turned back to face the guild. "Don't know about you, but I'm rather looking forward to this." I chuckled.
 Kirito smiled and nodded. "Asuna, we can give you three minutes." He looked back at her and she smiled and nodded. That's when he equipped Excalibur as his second sword.
 "Nice sword. Mabey I should show off." I chuckled. I went into my invintory and equipped my scythe.
 "We're sorry. This area is currently off limits."
 "Who's going to stop us? You two?"
 "I'd like to see you try. I just hope your not too fond of your characters, or you at least saved recently." I go deathly calm."because I will anilate you. So try if you can."
 "No one threatens us and gets away with it. Casters, throw everything you have at them."
 "Yes sir" they chant their spells out and cast them.
"Leave this to me." Kirito said
I nodded and waited.  As the magic flew at us he stood there. Then he swatted the first set of missiles out of the air and did a summer sault while cutting down the second and third. "Is that it? Compared to a bullet on GGO the magic here is really slow." He smirked.
 I raised an eyebrow. So that's how he wants to play huh. As they slightly broke ranks on the shields from nearves, I smiled. "Always out shining me. How am I supposed to beat that Kirito?" I asked as I stepped up next to him.
 "I'm sure you'll figure something out."
 Just then there was a commotion going on at the back of the guild. The sheilds turned to look.
 "My turn. Follow me in." Kirito nodded. I took off like a lightning bolt and swung on a weak spot. They ended up flying a few feet. The only suprise I had was that my scyth gave them diffrent problems each time I hit them. One time it might be poison, paralysis, near death, or even accuracy down. Stuff like that. This was one cool scyth. Lizbeth sure knew a way around her shop. I'm gonna have to go see her, but I will have to have help. I need encouragement and the best person to help is Kirito. I stop for a second to look around and see that I'm surrounded. I start to laugh. "Only 12 of you. DONT YOU KNOW IM THE REAPER" I start for one of them as they all charge me. Before they know it they know it were all in a cyclone of flame and fighting. Everyones HP is falling quickly including my own. Finally I walk out of the cyclone alone and it settles. All that's left is the flames of the avatars for a resurrection and a quarter of my HP. I walk up by Kirito who looks at me with awe. He then sees Asuna go after the healers and take them down. "Who's next? I can go all night." I am about to go at more of them when Klein joins us.
 "She's in. That's what our mission was. If she wins or not that is up to them. For now we aer done." Kirito sheaths his swords.
 "Grr. Your right." I swing my scyth around and put it on my back. "Hey Klein, nice timing."
 "Heh, actually, I got lost on my way here."
I laughed. "All in all, it worked out perfectly. How about I buy dinner?"
 "Dinner? Oh crap... what time is it?"
 "4:30. Why?" Kirito asked
 "Work at 5:00. Gotta go." Just as we get into town he waves and logs out.
 "Kirito. Can I talk to you for a while? I mean we never really got to really know each on SAO and yet we keep helping each other out. I figured it was time to..."
 "Get to know one another."
 "Yes. There's that and I need your help with something as well. I've. Been strugling with it for a while. Well, we'll get to that in a while. Got someplace to go?"
 "Lets go to my place really quick so I can leave a note for Asuna."
 "Alright. Sounds good. I don't want her freaking out."
After leaving a note for Asuna, we left for another area that was quiet and we wouldn't be disturbed.
"So what's on your mind?" Kirito asked.
 I sigh. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. My hands are even shaking so bad that I have to grip my cloak to prevent Kirito from seeing it. "Have you ever wondered why I became a beater?" I looked at him.
 "For SAO? I didn't even know you were."
 I chuckled. "I'm a beater for a lot of games. Especially now days. Since my first job was a failure and I can't do much, well all I can do now is basically be a beater." I sigh.
 "What was your first job? If you don't mind me asking?"
 "Personal swordsman for any V.I.P. in the area. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to brag here but I was good. Especially when it came to CQC."
 "Oh sorry." I chuckled "I forgot. Close Quarters Combat."
"Oh. So basically if they got in the room you killed them?"
 "Correct. Unfortunately we were told to load up a V.I.P. in an armored car and as we were a sniper shot at us. Luckly they hit me instead of the V.I.P. because it would of killed him. So in thanks of service I am well taken care of medically and my housing and food. I'm basically taken care of but..." I lower my head head to my knees. "When your only 24 and in a wheelchair because you have troubles with crouches, well it can become very depressing and to be quite honest with you, I don't know how many times I wanted to give up in SAO but the thought of just beating you kept me going, and then you sent me to Lizbeth's shop to repair my stuff. I hate to admit it, but since then I've fallen in love with her. The only reason I haven't come to the meeting place is because of my condition and I don't want Libeth to see me like that and see me ad weak."
 "She wont see you as weak. If anything, she'll be happier to finally meet you face to face. I'll tell you what. We're throwing her a birthday party at the hang out in a week. I'll come pick you up. How about that? Till then we can work on your walking with the crutches and go out and buy her a present. What do you say?
"I wouldn't know where to start with the present." I admited. "I've never went shopping for a girl before, let alone myself."
"Your kidding me."
"No. I'm not. When I was growing up in the dojo it was a uniform and it was structured and supplied for us. I've never been shopping before."
. .. ..."that's it we're going shopping. I got an expert nrxt room over too. Hold on. Let me message her. She'll be here."

After a little while Leafa showed up. "You called?"
"Hey sis. We have a little problem."
"Don't call me sis."
"Fine Sugu. Anyways Reapers from SAO like me. Asuna knows him too. Anyways he has a little problem. "
"More like a big one." I said lowering my head to my knees.
"What's the problem?" She asked.
Reaper here has never been out shopping at all in his life and he wants to buy a present for Liz. The problem is a bit more complicated then that though."
"How so?"
"First off you have to kerp this all from Liz. EVERYTHING. I mean it sugu. We'll be going to visit Reaper tonight so you know everything."
Suddenly she sees the scyth on the ground next to him. She does a quick intake of breath. Oh my. Your the one she talks about. I thought she made you up."
"Sorry but I'm very real, in a sense." I sigh. "Well, I guess." I tell them my adress and log out.

When I came to in the real world, I took the head gear off and set it on my nightstand. "I can't believe I just did that." I get myself into my chair and go to the bathroom for a bath. When I get done I dress and go twords to kitchen to grab a bite to eat when the bell rings and I stop dead. Fear seizes me like it never has. My assistant answers the door. She takes them to the day room and comes to get me and sees my face. "I....I'll be fine." I reasure her. She gives me a skeptical look then pushes me into the day room. One look at Kirito and I felt a bit better but then I seen his sister and I didn't want to be there anymore. "This is why I don't go into public." I stated looking away hating the looks of pity. "I don't want your pity or anything. I got hurt doing my job."

© 2015 Reaper

Author's Note

I do NOT own Sword Art Online. I only Own my Character Reaper.

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I'm a slow writer and I write mostly fan fiction but I write what I can. I may not spell good or have very bad grammer, but the storys there. more..

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