Chapter 03

Chapter 03

A Chapter by Reaper

After saving Lizbeth, Reaper tries to be nice. Can he pull it off without botching it?

She hugged me and started to cry. After a little while she settled down enough. "Thank you Reaper for helping me. How did you know to come in?"
"I was actually going to come in and wait for you."
"Another words you were going to take a nap."
"Pretty much." I smiled.
"Your so useless."she lays her head on my chest.
"I heard your birthdays this weekend."
"What would you like for your birthday?"
"To be happy." She said as she falls asleep.
"That I can give you." I smiled.

Later on I wake up and she walks out from the back. "Hi sleepy head. How you doing?"
I streach and yawn. "I'm okay. A little worried about you though." I smile as I get up and give her my equipment like a ritual. "Liz. Can I take you out to dinner?"
She drops my equipment as she's on her way to the back. Beat red she looks at me. "Wh..what for?"
"Just because you do so much for me. I want to repay you your kindness, plus your birthday is coming up. I thought it would be nice for just the two of us to go someplace to eat."
"S...sure. let me fix this up and then change."
"Sounds great." I smiled.
When she came back out she handed me my stuff then went into the back for a minute and then came back out. She was in a nice dress. I raied an eyebrow "very cute." I stated."I didn't even know they made them like that."
"Its custom Made." She replied blushing. "Do you like it?"
"No. I love it." I smile warmly at her.
Her mouth opens in a suprised smile. "Really?"
"Really. Now I feel under dressed." I chuckle. "Shall we my dear?"
"Yea!" She grabs onto my arm. We go to a nice restaurant with outside tables and sit down to order food. "You sure about this place. I've heard their really expensive."
"I'm not worried about it, besides its for a special occasion." I blush. "I wanted to go out on a date with you."
With that said we couldn't look at each other for a while.
All of a sudden three guys were walking by then stopped. They had a quick heated discussion and then came back. "Excuse me, but are you really THE Flame Reaper that took down the baby mountin?" One guy asked
"Come on you guys, it looks like. He's on a date, leave him be." Said a second one.
The third one looked at lizbeth and scrunched up his nose. "If he was the Reaper they say he was, then he'd have better taste than that."
He never say it coming but the table flew to the side and I was. On him and I was beating him sense-less. Of course we were in a safe zone so his HP couldn't drop.
"Enough!" Lizbeth yelled and my fist stopped a cm from his nose. If you really want to know who he is then duel him and don't back out of it when you realize your mistake." Lizbeth stated.
After me just jumping him, he really wanted a go so he agreed. I looked at Lizbeth who nodded. "Your funeral kid." I sent the challange and equipped my stuff saving my scyth for last. At this point we already had a huge crowd. "Remember, no backing out." I got ready."
He seemed nervous and I couldn't blame him. All the rumors probably going around plug interrupting our date and insulting my date really pissed me off. "Ill try not to kill you."
"Wha!!" He said nervously.
"Think about it, what's the highest thing yiu killed? Was it alone or in a party. I took down a baby mountain today solo. Next time, learn your manners." The buzzer sounded for the round to start and I took off. When he went to swing at me he hit me only to hit an after image.
"What the hell?"
"Behind you!" Someone yelled.
I stood there looking at the ground. "Never underestimate your opponent. Always watch them. Guage them. Look for a weak point. Just never be stupid enough to insult a lady!" I brought the handle of my scythe up between his legs so fast he had no time to react. With my STR being so high and his level low enough it took his HP guage three quarters of the down ending the duel. "Learn from your mistakes or not. That's up to you." I go over to Lizbeth. "Sorry our dinner plans got ruined, how about we get it to go and have a picnic?"
"Sounds even better." She stated.
I take her arm as I hear the mutterings about how I beat him."one moment sweetheart."
I turn to the people and with a deadly calm look I yell out "listen to what I have to say. My name. Is Reaper. I was called THREE things in SAO. 1. Reaper the Red Blade 2. Grim Reaper 3. " I talk a little quieter on this one. " A Beater.  For those of you that don't know what a beater is, its a Beta tester that was better than most of the other beta testers. There were few of us. Fortunately some of us grew close in SAO. Unfortunately others want to keep seperating us." I point at the guy I just duled. "That man just insulted my friend, let alone an SAO surviver. Worse off we were on our first date. To make things worse it was over stupid rumors. So remeber this. Rumors can lead you to pain and sufforing. Just leave us alone and sont bother Lizbeth at her shop here in rown unless you need blacksmithing done. " I turn and leave politely grabing Lizbeth's arm and ordering food to go for two.
"Why did you say that about my shop?" She demanded once we were out of town.
I chuckled. "You really haven't figured it out have you?"
"Figured what out?"
"Expect to be really busy with work and bombarded with questions. Sorry sweetheart. I opened a can of worms so to speak.."" I duck my head in shame. "I k.ow you wern't getting much business but now you will. Word will spread like wildfire."
"About what?"
"That your dating Reaper the Red Blade and they want the scoop." I chuckle.
She hits me then laughs. We go to a spot where there are only flowers on floor 47. "This is so romantic. How'd you find this place?"
 "I helped out a couple that needed to revive their companion and they weren't quite high enough level yet to get through here. I listened to them and told them that I would help. I was bored and needed something to do. At the end I gave them most of the loot and waved goodbye. My conditons were to delete me off their friends list."
"You know, a lot of people say your selfish and that you really don't care about people. I know first hand their wrong. Your always going out of your way to help the under dog and anyone who's in trouble." She huggs my arm closely. "That's why I fell in love with you."
"You wouldn't like me if you seen the real me." I stated. I looked downcast
"Why would you say that?" She nearly yelled.
I sighed. "Nevermind. Sorry I said anything. So lets eat." We stop and sit down to eat.

After eating we sit there and watch the sun set. "Its so beautiful." She stated.
"Yea, you are." I smile as I lay my head on hers. "Please forgive me Lizbeth."
"For what?"
"For not doing this sooner. " I go down and kiss her on the lips. "I've loved you ever since I meet you liz." I confessed.
She blushed. "Really?" She chuckled. "I have to admit. I fell in love with Kirito when he fought that dragon but then I realized he was taken by Asuna so I quickly gave up hope. Then you walked in with Kirito and my heart stopped." She was beet red. "It wasn't because of Kirito either. It was you."
I put my arms around her. "Ill send someone over tomorrow to act as a bodyguard for the shop so things don't get too out of hand. Okay?"

© 2015 Reaper

Author's Note

I do NOT own Sword Art Online. I only Own my Character Reaper.

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I'm a slow writer and I write mostly fan fiction but I write what I can. I may not spell good or have very bad grammer, but the storys there. more..

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