Chapter 05

Chapter 05

A Chapter by Reaper

Shopping trip! What will Reaper get?

Kirito laughed. "Keyword is was my friend. Natsuki gave you a sponge bath after you passed out. Don't worry. From what Marie said she kept a close eye on things and she didn't do anything. Natsuki may be lonely but she is very professional about her job. When I had to do my GGO gig she was there monitoring me. Here, try these on." He handed me a jacket with scythes crossed on the back. "Figured you'd like it. Consider it a late christmas present." He got up and left the room.
I grabbed my clothes and got dressed as quickly as I could. After putting on the jacket I got into the wheelchair and went out to meet Kirito. "I'm ready as I'll ever be." I stated. I looked up and seen Suguha and another guy who looked like a limo driver. "Who's this?" I asked.
"Well, since you can't ride on a bike and a train would be too difficult I figured a little help was in order." Kirito smiled.
"You got me a taxi with handicap capabilities didn't you?" I glared.
"No he didn't. He couldn't afford something that expensive." Came another female voice.
I tried to turn but was stopped. "Nope. No peeking. Guess who." She giggled.
I thought for a moment before speaking. "Well, it can't be Lizbeth because were doing this for her, Silica mabey, but I doubt it. Has to be Asuna."
She laughed. "Yea. So your the mighty Red Sword Reaper. It is a pleasure to finally meet you."
 "As its an honor to meet the legendary lightning flash Asuna." I chuckle. "So what brings you here?"
"First, I'm the one who planned the party, second, Kirito asked for help with a ride, and third, I know what to get her. Good enough?"
"Good enough." I stated. "But your buying dinner after that long speech." I smirked.
"Hey wise guy, ill have you know I was going to have dinner ordered."
"Oh. Never mind me then. Leys go." Suguha pushes me out to the taxi and the driver gets me in with quick ease and sugu looks at me. You know the looks where she wants to say something but she being polite and not. "What is it Suguha. Your giving me those looks of wanting to say something."
"Its just I realized I never see you fly in the game. Your either running or teleporting. Your speed is incredible too, but flying is awesome too and somethings can't be done on ground."
"Run and jump." I stated being a smart a*s. "I guess your asking why? Its simple. Never learned it."
"We can teach you. Its not hard. Once you get the hang of it, its quite lovely."
"For now, ill stick to the old fashon running. I might take that up later though."
We get to a mall quite quickly and the driver gets me out of the taxi and Sugu pushes me around. They take me to get my hair cut, my nails taken care of and even took my wheelchair to get fixed up. What I didn't know was Asuna's family had money and she didn't mind spending it. Especially if it came to her friends. What made me tear up when she said that was she was considering me a friend and I never really had friends before. Then we went to a shop that had rings.
"Why are we here?" I asked.
"Your present dumby. Why else."
"I'm not planning on marrying her. Not yet anyways." I mumbled the last part.
"Of course not. Its a ring saying you'll always be there for her when she needs you. Since you've already proven to her that you are there for her its perfect, no?"
"I guess. Could you help explain that to her then."
"I'd love to." Asuna smiled.
"You know, I can't begin to tell you guys how much this means to me." I said with tears. We went and found a ring that was silver and asked if they could do custom work on it within three days. The guy said depends on what kind of work. Asuna looked at me. "Make a blue smithing hammer and next to it a red scythe. On the inside band put 'always there for you. With love.' "
Suguha had a tear in her eye.
"That will be beautiful Vincent. I'm sure she'll love it." Asuna said.
"Thank you."
"That can be done, but it will cost." The guy said.
"That's not a problem." She pulls out her card and smiles.
"Miss I'm sure this ring will cost more than your credit will let you go."
"You don't know who I am first off and second, its not credit, its debit." His eyes went wide. "Yea. That's right. Not everyones cheap like you."
"Alright already I get your point. The total is 1250000.00 Yen. Who will be picking up the order?"
"Vincent Sataco." I stated.
"Wait. I can't charge you this much for this ring."
"Why not?" I asked.
"That prime minister you saved a few years ago, that was my father. He was in town on business and he was also visiting me as well. He told me how you saved his life. I must repay you for saving his life. I will get this done free of charge."
"Wont that make your boss mad?"
"My boss is my father." He smiled. "Its something he would want. When you come back, he will be here to give it to you himself I'm sure."
"If he does, no media. I'm kinda trying to stay on the down low plus I'm doing this as a suprise for someone. If the media got wind,well I guess it would ruin it."
"I'll make sure to tell him. Have a good day."
As we left Kirito stopped off in a side shop for something and wouldn't tell anyone what it was. Then they dropped me off at home and bid me a good day and not to work too hard tomorrow. When I got inside Marie helped me get settled and the bell rang with take out food. Asuna wasn't joking when she said she had it taken care of. We ate and I told Marie of my day out and then I went to my room. I laid down and put on the nerv gear to dive into the game.
When I got in the game I realized I had a lot of messages. I quickly read them then sighed. Suddenly a new message popped up. I opened it and my eyes went wide. I bolted. Running for a gate I was able to teleport between towns quickly. I arrived at the shop quickly pulling out my scythe. A small guild had a defensive perimeter around her shop while a massive crowd wanted to enter. "What have I done." I sighed.
"Let us enter." Demanded a man.
"You come here weapons drawn and you expect us to permit you entry? Not likely." Said my guard.
"Since when does a lowly smithy need a guard and who put a wothless peice of garbage like you as a guard anyways?"
"I'd be careful of who you talk to like that especially when you don't know who's around." I stated.
"Who said that?" A second guy said looking around.
The crowd parted from around me. "I did. The guys are a lot tougher than you. Hmm what's this?" I chuckle. "How nice. Guys its almost time. Someone go get Lizbeth please."
"Right." One of the guys protecting her shop goes and gets her. When she comes out he hollored over.
"My name is Reaper. I am a Beater. I still am and guess what, guess take off the masking program." I open my menu and go to my setting and take it off. Sudddenly I have five HP guages. A lot of people gasp including Lizbeth. "This is part of an update that's coming. Its also part of a new game. As you can see these guys you were talking crap to buddy, each one is like a boss here normally. Aslo, you know of the SAO incident, this is an original guild from SAO so you talking crap to them, I suggest you apologize to them. Then I want to know why you are here if she is only a lowly smithy. If she's only a lowly smithy, why don't you go find someone better?" That caught the group off guard. "Yea, I heard that."
They turned to the group guarding Lizbeth and her shop. "We are very terribly sorry for insulting you. We are glad you made it out of the game alive. You are very lucky to know Reaper-sama like you do."

© 2015 Reaper

Author's Note

I do NOT own Sword Art Online. I only Own my Character Reaper.

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I'm a slow writer and I write mostly fan fiction but I write what I can. I may not spell good or have very bad grammer, but the storys there. more..

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