A Chapter by Laine

She stands on the edge of the bridge, looking at the water below.

She breathes in the salt air, letting it fill her lungs as she remembers the last time she was there, how happy she was.

No longer, she is now shattered.

Tears run down her cheeks, but she doesn't notice.

The wind blows past her, causing the shining red ribbon to come out of her long dark tresses and her white dress to ripple around her legs.

The dress she planned to wear on this day for another reason.

She knows he will come searching for her soon.

She knows what he has planned.

She won't let it happen.

How it will happen will be on her terms.

Not his.

She is done.

He will not control her any longer.

He has already taken everything from her.

Everything that mattered.

He won't take her life too.

Gathering her courage, she lifts herself up to the stone railing, her shoes clattering to the ground.

The stone is sharp against her bare feet.

She doesn't notice it, doesn't feel it.

The wind is more fierce now, the sky getting darker by the second, announcing the arrival of the coming storm.

The waves are rougher now, the water dark.

Her grip tightens on the object in her hand, the chain moving with the wind.

She looks at the sky one last time, remembers the familiar face that always had her stomach in knots.

A small sad smile on her face, she whispers a last word before she takes her final step forward.

She feels the air rush around her, the icy needles as she hits the water.

It fills her lungs, but she doesn't struggle.

She lets the waves take over her.

Her grip tightens as she falls into the black.

Her body becoming more numb.

She doesn't feel it.

She feels... relief.

Her senses begin to cloud, the smile still on her lips.

Her grip loosens.

The object falls from her hands, carried by the waves to the unknown.

Her last thought is the last word she spoke.


The darkness takes over.

She's free at last.

© 2011 Laine

Author's Note

this is kind of the prologue and a flashback as well, it'll make A LOT more sense what happened in later chapters

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Added on May 2, 2011
Last Updated on May 2, 2011
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