Turn The Page

Turn The Page

A Poem by redzone

....a repost....

I have tried to write,
to say in metaphor,
sometimes even as allegory
that we are too often alone, without hope,
eaten alive on the inside by the normal, 
everyday workings of the “way things are”;
“the best of all possible worlds”.
Sometimes I no longer want to be a rock,
admired perhaps for strength,
or courage in standing up to this storm;
to the continuous pounding of rhythmic waves.
And yet, more
I fear the consequences
of becoming smooth,
of losing my humor and jagged edge.
I want to turn the page.
Often, I recall the insights,
of those who came before.
I can see through their determined eyes
and ferocious cries.
The heroic sacrifices
of those Native warriors,
slaughtered at Sand Creek;
Red Chinese fighters
who left it all on the stage
to seize the Tatu Bridge;
the men, women
even our young ones, who paid in hot red blood
to inflict mortal wounds
at Stalingrad,
reversing the hated fascist tides;
those comrade Jews,
who arose May First with a people’s storm
in the heart of Warsaw’s ghetto.
And the smiling faces of Thelma and Louise
never giving in, never looking back.
All, and countless more,
wanting more than anything,
to turn the page.
it is not known how things will work out.
Rosa Parks never realized
she would start a “movement”,
usher in a new era
with millions determined to win basic rights.
She was just tired and wanted to
turn the page.
In today’s climate great dangers,
fascism, in right wing, Christian disguise
lurk around the bend;
where minutes count as days,
and what we write,
what we do and say
can create such “people’s storms”.
Can we do anything less
than those that came before?
I have tried to write,
to say in metaphor,rhyme,
sometimes even as allegory,
to write the common peoples’ story.
And, to look through their ferocious,
determined, and heroic eyes,
the urgent need
to turn the page.
~~redzone 2.23.06

© 2020 redzone

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Author's Note

This poem was posted because I was inspire by Frieda's "Forged in Adversity's Sword"....
while written long ago (16 plus years) I think it holds up for today and if anything, we are paying the consequences... the song "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger one of my favorites from him, is embedded below...

….. thanks for reading or re-reading...

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I read both poems of yours together . . . amazing depth to your thinking, using examples that are like sparks to tender . . . I'm sure I'm only getting a fraction of the depth that you put into this. You think about these things with so much more complexity than anyone I know, yet you express it with such simplicity & an absence of malice or blame or fomenting. Even tho your message is bluntly stated, it's also not done in the inflammatory style so popular these days, which just invites an equal & opposite reaction, it seems. Hopefully your calm logical presentation urges some to think & explore the issues you bring up. I especially love the part about how Parks never meant to spark a movement . . . but I also despair when I think of how the FL schoolkids (Stoneman-Douglas) DID mean to spark a movement, but still this issue has not moved significantly off the NRA mark *sigh!* We need writers like you who show these issues with heart & intelligence! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 11 Months Ago

Like Soter's cross, your metaphors are vehicles of spirit. And perhaps this poem would be better understood in spiritual rather than psychiatric terms. Turning the page is what the American politic is about at this hour with the presidents impeachment trial in the senate. not physically/ but sudo-gracefully as we wish all those who aren't champions of justice to land softly on the cushions of their respective couches, in their respective living rooms/ and then stay there. lol

"Can we do anything
less than those who came before"/
or in dana speak,
"since we are all apart of this violently , wantonly murderous and unfair world, cant we at least agree
that we can't jump off of it; that we can only dig a giant hole and jump in it." You're an amazing writer....dana

Posted 1 Year Ago

dheearest Curt... yes, even now... we want to turn the page
and hope to realize good can overcome evil. However, we
have seen and remember how many people have lost life and
limbs to fight for Justice. Your golden pen has brought to the
forefront that our struggles still exist. We can only listen to both sides
and thereby make our individual vote. We trust we will always have the
privilege to participate in the outcome. truly, Pat

Posted 1 Year Ago

This is both an amazing poem in and of itself, and a wonderful tribute to Frieda's write. I would look at changing two small things -- the addition of Often. But, as always, poetic license is yours.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Frieda, gave you much inspiration! this poem was a joy to read! I often feel in my life when things go wrong that I'm ready to just turn the page. Excellent poem.

Posted 6 Years Ago

"millions determined to win basic rights.
She was just tired and wanted to
turn the page."

Posted 6 Years Ago

"Sometimes I no longer want to be a rock,
admired perhaps for strength,
or courage in standing up to this storm;
to the continuous pounding of rhythmic waves.
And yet, more
I fear the consequences
of becoming smooth,"

I was reading in a book that we all have a male and a female side within. Some side overwhelms the other and it was giving examples why. Those words reminded me of that, to keep our image as strength and be a lion or be a gentle human and so forth. I also like your political messages which you warn us of the danger of extremism and fanaticism in religions of the world where also can be dangerous as we see in our modern times. I do agree that the basic and most important of all human rights is freedom and winning it. Excellent...:)..................

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Sami, you gave me a different view on this poem. A male/female side. Will have to think about this m.. read more
Sami Khalil

6 Years Ago

So true. You are welcome muchly...:)..............

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