Morning Coffee Thoughts

Morning Coffee Thoughts

A Poem by redzone



Morning Coffee Thoughts



As the sun rose

on a calm summer morning,

and I faced the four directions,

asking for balance,


and grandmother’s wisdom,

the Hawk circled

then landed on the Elm

down by Willow Creek.


I thought at first

it was looking for its morning meal,

but it turned in my direction,

catching my eye

and spoke

in the ancient language.


“Weathered warrior,

survivor of many journeys;

of countless white men’s wars,

your footsteps are needed once more.

Always remember,

‘home’ is not so much a place,

but a belief

that humanity will overcome

these times of unbalance

and truly soar to touch the stars.

Also remember,

in the vast age of the cosmos,

humanity is but a few seconds of time,

cosmic scatterlings.

It has been said,

human extinction

will be a huge tidal wave on Gaia,

but a minor ripple in the cosmos.

And yet, what this ripple does now

and for the next few days and years

can affect everything in the cosmos.”


As the Hawk took flight,

I pondered these words,

wrote this poem, and

dressed in my torn jeans,

faded shirt and worn moccasins,

put my coffee cup in the sink

and began my day’s journey

joining with others

to bring balance to the world.


Aztec Warrior/redzone 7.10.2019

© 2019 redzone

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...thanks for reading

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Your poem gives so much to ponder. I like the symbol of the hawk sharing the wisdom. An animal that is not only free but can see things for miles.

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

hey man, thanks for your great comment, and I agree hawks are beautiful raptors... they have a speci.. read more
The personification of the hawk is wonderful and the hawk's words are filled with wisdom. How long have humans been on this earth and in the great span of time, is that but a millisecond? So much to ponder here. I could picture you getting ready for your day....putting the coffee cup in the sink and heading on to an adventure. Great imagery here, Curt. I have always enjoyed your Native American Poetry. You are such a "nice" poet. Lydi**

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

aawww gee Lydi, you are way to "nice" to me and my poems... but please don't stop... er.. I mean tha.. read more
Quite an articulate hawk. Has the sound of a dream or vision. Interesting take on the effects of human extinction, showing it to be simultaneously a minor and profound event.

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

it is important to understand our relationship with and in life I think... we too often think we ar.. read more

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