Ambiguous Ambiguity

Ambiguous Ambiguity

A Poem by redzone

….thanks h.d.e. rushing for the inspiration


Ambiguous Ambiguity



As a poet

I want to be understood;

to communicate

ideas in various forms;

to leave little pieces

of me on a blank page

in a journal of many me’s.


And there are many me’s.

But of the many,

which one is real;

which one less ambiguous?

There really is only one answer here,

one whole, one truth.

When asked, “Who are you”,

I can only reply,


Where the ambiguity comes in

is the diversity of the parts;

the ambiguous abnormalities,

the foibles, if you will,

of a journey filled life,

lost sometimes

in a dark forest of doubt,

but none the less traveling

along a path of self-awareness

that only really matters

if it is speaking truth to justice

and the liberation of humankind.


The voice inside my head,

the poet’s voice,

tells me

that ambiguous ambiguity

is nothing more than the agnostic’s claim,

nothing can ever truly be known.

This reminds me of that ancient caveman,

who upon seeing a huge orange moon,

cowered in fear and said “ugh”.

While others, stood,


and “sighed”.


N. Shange once wrote,

“what should a poem do?

It should make you feel.”*


Aztec Warrior/redzone 2.11.20


*Note: the above quote from N. Shange is more a paraphrase, but the meaning is the same. It comes from a poem she wrote entitled “What Should A Poem Do?”.


Additional note: this poem was written after reading h.d.e. rushin’s poem, “dana”. It was written as more a sharing of ideas on the question of “who are we”, “who am I”

© 2020 redzone

Author's Note

.....thanks for reading
and again, thanks Dana for your poem and inspiration

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Personality traits do come through along with style and voices. It is our stamp that is unique on things even in imitations. You are waxing philosophical great poet inspired by others. But I hear your thoughts too. Excellent and worthy.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

love your comment Sami, it is appreciated and right to the point.... thank you for the warm visit...
Sami Khalil

1 Month Ago

You are welcome sir Redzone.
great inspiration...dana always inspires me as well when i read him.....
we hope to leave a part of ourselves that is significant...writing that matters today and maybe hundreds or thousands of years from now...if our poetry can make another shows success, it feels success.
another point in this poem is the idea of how poets use metaphor so often...and then say "it's just a poem"
might not be so truthful...because maybe they are trying to deny that the poem is expressing the bare truth of how they feel.
another gem, Curt.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

I enjoyed reading your comment Jacob, I think you are right about how you see and describe metaphor .. read more

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