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The wind swept through the savannah,

disturbing the brush

and awakening old spirits,

calling out to people today.

If you listen to these winds

you can hear

Talking Drums

beat, beat,

beating out the rhythmic

melodies of the red soil,

and the wealth

the land brought forth.

Their call:

Aklebulan, Afrika,


“sisi ni nyumbani”

(we are home),

our mother’s origin.


Human beings

have journeyed a long way since then.

Scattering to the four corners,


leaving footprints everywhere,

yet threaded in a world community.


Scatterlings of Alkebulan

that for now,

our differences

seem over whelming.

penned in by man-made barriers,

thickened by traditions and

impenetrable walls

of social inequalities

with no chance of breaking free,

discovering what’s on the other side.



what can be built,

can be torn down;

old traditions

and the divisions they cause,

defeated, thrown into history’s dust bin,

and the wounds,

of an abused earth,

and its people

can begin

the journey of healing.


Tens of thousands of years ago,

we ventured out of Afrika,

scatterlings seeking new food, or

others like ourselves, or

maybe just to see what was over the horizon.

But, for hundreds of thousands of years before this,

Alkebulan nurtured our evolution

in its rich red soil.

She gave us our strength,

our diversity, and

some may say,

our destiny.

We are her scatterlings

unique, yet

if history teaches us anything,

it’s humans are capable of anything.

As Marx once said,

“all history is nothing but a continuous

transformation of human nature”.


And in todays world of great horrors

and also the seeds of great beauty,

what is urgently needed is the outlook

Bob Avakian has posited,

“The Whole World Comes First”


Isn’t it time for the scatterlings of Alkebulan

Afrika, Africa,

to become the world’s emancipators.


Aztec Warrior/redzone 8.24.20

© 2020 redzone

Author's Note

....thanks for reading..

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I truly hope change brings a positive to the negative. I see a vision through your words and the heartbreak at societies downfall...existence has both waxed with decay and waned with hope it always, you speak with power...

Posted 1 Month Ago

such a poem for todays world, not the co-op of incrementalism or social change by degrees...But a full bore
audition for the next generation. The Gen Y's and Xers who choose the smart phone as salve, porn to satisfy sexual appetites, FACEBOOK to relieve boredom. History is a continuous transformation (end stop). In 20 years there may be no more humans as we know them.....great poem...dana

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

it's true I think, humanity faces the 6th great extinction with no prospect that thinking beings wil.. read more
I love your analysis of the human migration, well-stated, clear, interesting, original in slant & tone. I find it sad that "WHOEVER's lives matter" has become such a politically charged & mis-used or mocked slogan & we need something completely new. I love your suggestion becuz it reminds all of us our origins. Nice to find this in my long-neglected reading library! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Months Ago

Unfortunately it takes longer to tear down what was built up carelessly.
But we try.

Posted 2 Months Ago

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somewhere, usa

Fallen Fallen

A Poem by redzone

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