A Poem by Cheef Rockah

I sit in this corner with a hole in my heart

This hole grow's and sinks deeper the more you hurt me

I'm innocent

I'm weak

For you I am both

To others I'm strong and don't give so easily

Yet for you I get weightless

And easy to push

You called me so much

You did too much

To the point where I couldn't do anything

But lay and cry

Filling this pillow with hurtful tears

Yet I ask god

How must I hurt so

By one individual

Who I thought was my all

Who I thought was different

Yet when the hardest came to sight

You took it out on me

Made me feel so low

Lower than hell itself

Which right now seems better than

Than the s**t you put me through

I sometimes feel like I could crawl and whither away

For you evan said

You wouldn't care

You make me feel weak

You make me feel less about myself

If you only knew how I felt

Yet for you

I'm not seen

At least thats how I see it

Now I go through the same

As before and the time before that

People say I'm strong

But am I really

I don't see myself as so

You make me feel low

And weak

And without a soul

So where's my pillow

So my heart I will pour

© 2009 Cheef Rockah

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Added on December 14, 2009


Cheef Rockah
Cheef Rockah

Coatesville, PA

Soooo I have no idea what my bio said once before I sounded retarded but it’s Lu aka Cheef Rockah. I love to write but lately have had A LOT of writers block. Hopefully that can change. Well I&r.. more..

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