The Letter "T"

The Letter "T"

A Poem by Cheef Rockah

This poem goes out to someone who's name happens to begin with the letter 'T"


Lonely letter "T"

How lovely is thee

How I love thee so

When I speak your name

I no longer need fortune nor fame

Oh letter "T"

How I love thee

Thee is just an original letter

I honestly can't think of any better

When thy voice speaks of I my heart flutters

Letter "T" in so much pain

Making you feel your love is in vein

Yet I am here for thee

Oh yes letter "T"

I will always be here for thee

No doubt about thy love

For thy love for thee is grand

Yet all I have is thy hand

When I want thee whole

Not half

Though I do see

Why thee

Does not give whole

For your pain is still within thee

For 'til then I shall be by thy side

Making thee each day

As easy as a sway

If thy needs a shoulder

I am thy listener

And thy holder

And thy comforter

Thy love for letter "T"

Is seen farther than

The keen eye can see

Now all thats left

Is that I love you

And you love me

That day when us is reality

I shalt wait

With a warm heart

And open arms

For oh letter "T"

How I love thee 

© 2010 Cheef Rockah

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Added on January 2, 2010
Last Updated on January 2, 2010


Cheef Rockah
Cheef Rockah

Coatesville, PA

Soooo I have no idea what my bio said once before I sounded retarded but it’s Lu aka Cheef Rockah. I love to write but lately have had A LOT of writers block. Hopefully that can change. Well I&r.. more..

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