Luv Poem

Luv Poem

A Poem by Cheef Rockah

When I first saw you had no words to speak

For your beauty could lighten up a room

One look at u and people lose there breath

Yet it seem certain people take you for granted

You deserve to be treated better

For your just soo beautiful, funny, amazing, kind, and real

There aren't many real girls out there

Yet for you your a fallen angel sent from God personally for me

At least that how I see it

You are literally a blessing in disguise

What I would do to call you mine

Any man is lucky to have you

I'm lucky to have yo as my friend, my best friend, and many more

I just wish and hope that one day

I can say I'm blessed to be with this girl

Wake up every morning smiling knowing your mine

Yet that's something I need to keep within me for a while

For you are interested in another

I felt that I hurt you when me and her got together

I still feel bad for doing that to you

Yet we have to learn from our mistakes

Not dwell on them

Just everything we did, said, or whatever

Made it seem soo right and it still does

Yet as I said your interested in another

I have all these feelings for you

That I can't wait to share with you

But I know I do have to wait

Even though it does kill me to do so

I only want happiness to come out of this

I don't want to see you angry or sad anymore

I will still be here to always have your back

As you will mine

The feelings I have for you will never go away

My heart does still cry for you at night

And it weeps for you during the day

I will still miss you after we are done off the phone

I will always be by your side helping you through whatever

I just don't want you to lose the love for me

So I end this poem with a few simple words

I love you always and forever

Through thick and thin

And no one nor anything can stop my love for you

© 2010 Cheef Rockah

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Added on February 3, 2010
Last Updated on February 3, 2010


Cheef Rockah
Cheef Rockah

Coatesville, PA

Soooo I have no idea what my bio said once before I sounded retarded but it’s Lu aka Cheef Rockah. I love to write but lately have had A LOT of writers block. Hopefully that can change. Well I&r.. more..

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