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Chapters 1-6

Chapters 1-6

A Chapter by regardless

Chapter 1. Earths Creation,Chapter Two Spirits Creation,Chapter Three: Volcanoes, Light, Night Rain And Tornado, Chapter Four: Misguided Thoughts,Chapter Five: Method Martinet Omnipresence.


Chapter 1. Earths Creation:


Lesson One: Birth

Lesson Two: Health

Lesson Three: Transmigration Use

Lesson Four: I’Q’s

Lesson Five: Family

Lesson Six: Disease

Lesson Seven: Senses

Lesson Eight: Earth Is A Dream

Lesson Nine: Dreams Inside Of Dreams

Lesson Ten: Insect’s On Planet Earth

Lesson Eleven: Animals and other beings

Lesson Twelve: Promises

Lesson Thirteen: Dedication

Lesson Fourteen: Curses

Lesson Fifth teen: Breath Of Life

Lesson Sixteen : Reasons to prosper

Lesson Seventeen: The Back Halls

Lesson Eighteen: The Pressure

Lesson Nineteen: Culture

Lesson Twenty: Impact

Lesson Twenty-One: Justice In Jail

Lesson Twenty Two: Real Isn’t Truth

Lesson Twenty-Three: Sexual Presence

Lesson Twenty-Four: Millisecond Fluxion

Lesson Twenty-Five: Deaf


Chapter Two: Spirits Creation


Lesson One: Conception

Lesson Two: Passes’ And Episodes

Lesson Three: Chronological horology

Lesson Four: Spiritual Recollection

Lesson Five: Toward The Tower

Lesson Six: Spirit’s having Disease’s

Lesson Seven: I Brung You In, I can Take You Out

Lesson Eight: Words To The Wise

Lesson Nine: Breath Of Government

Lesson Ten: Drugs And More

Lesson Eleven: Dedication

Lesson Twelve: Prayer & So Forth

Lesson Thirteen: What Created Spirit

Lesson Fourteen: Yesterday

Lesson Fifth teen:Minutes

Lesson Sixteen: Association

Lesson Seventeen:Hospital

Lesson Eighteen: Justice And Hate

Lesson Nineteen: Property Of Soul

Lesson Twenty: How Do You Do?

Lesson Twenty-One:Pass Time

Lesson Twenty-Two: Disrespect The Earth

Lesson Twenty-Three: Mid Sections

Lesson Twenty-Four: Hilltop Memoirs

Lesson Twenty-Five: Think I Don't



Chapter 3:

Chapter Three: Volcanoes, Light, Night Rain And Tornado


Lesson One: Monday

Lesson Two: Tuesday

Lesson Three: Wednesday

Lesson Four: Thursday

Lesson Five: Friday

Lesson Six: Saturday

Lesson Seven: Sunday

Lesson Eight: January

Lesson Nine: February

Lesson Ten: March

Lesson Eleven: April

Lesson Twelve: May

Lesson Thirteen: June

Lesson Fourteen: July

Lesson Fifth teen: August

Lesson 16: September

Lesson Seventeen: October

Lesson Eighteen: November

Lesson Nineteen: December

Lesson Twenty: Day Time

Lesson Twenty-One: Night Time

Lesson Twenty-Two: Hours

Lesson Twenty-Three: Minutes

Lesson Twenty-Four: Seconds

Lesson Twenty-Five: AM & PM


Chapter Four: Misguided Thoughts


Lesson One: Blank Reality

Lesson Two: Survivorship

Lesson Three: Closed on Elements

Lesson Four: Honored

Lesson Five: Post Gamble Game

Lesson Six: In The Cult

Lesson Seven: Tragedy

Lesson Eight: Gone To The World

Lesson Nine: Breathing And Coming Back

Lesson Ten: Tempted Memoirs

Lesson Eleven: The Jungle

Lesson Twelve: Guide’s In The Opposite

Lesson Thirteen: Rail’s & Staircase’s

Lesson Fourteen: Frequency Stipulations

Lesson Fifth teen: Goods In The Sin

Lesson Sixteen: Roasted Human Oats

Lesson Seventeen: Nine Measures Of Life

Lesson Eighteen: Nine Measures Of Deaf

Lesson Nineteen: Eleven Things That Are Tricks

Lesson Twenty: 20 Reasons For Suicide

Lesson Twenty-One: Reasons To Kill Family

Lesson Twenty-Two: Things That Can’t Be Escaped

Lesson Twenty-Three: Different Goals

Lesson Twenty-Four: The Hideout

Lesson Twenty Five: Selling Your Soul



Chapter Five: Method Martinet Omnipresence


Lesson One: Pure Destruction

Lesson Two: When it’s Time

Lesson Three: Humans Doesn’t Need Spiritual Discipline

Lesson Four: Methods That Won’t Hurt

Lesson Five: Methods That Could Be Quest

Lesson Six: Sixteen Candles And Wisdom Teeth

Lesson Seven: Yield To Your Savor

Lesson Eight: Hospital Care So Hospice

Lesson Nine: Germs And Rodents

Lesson Ten: Prestige In Ohio; Ohioans

Lesson Eleven: Deaf To The Fetus

Lesson Twelve: Pressure From Caustic

Lesson Thirteen: Eschatology Psychics

Lesson Fourteen: From The Bottom

Lesson Fifth teen: Sexuality

Lesson Sixteen: Pressure From The Soul

Lesson Seventeen: Deed’s Honest, False

Lesson Eighteen: Guides To Tedious

Lesson Nineteen: Blocked From Gain

Lesson Twenty: Treasure Of The Country’s

Lesson Twenty One: Ducking Though Never Escaping

Lesson Twenty-Two: Promises

Lesson Twenty-Three: Negligence

Lesson Twenty-Four: Distant Color’s

Lesson Twenty-Five: Bread And Mood swings



Chapter Six: Planned Salvation


Lesson One: Hunger To Deaf

Lesson Two: Testing The Animals

Lesson Three: Mysterious Feelings

Lesson Four: Portrait Of Travel

Lesson Five: Times The Creatures

Lesson Six: Time For The V

Lesson Seven: No Purpose

Lesson Eight: Designation

Lesson Nine: Traveling

Lesson Ten: United Vibes

Lesson Eleven: Reasons To Discuss

Lesson Twelve: Running Away From Trust

Lesson Thirteen: The Most High Plan’s

Lesson Fourteen: Back slashing

Lesson Fifth teen: Boer teeing

Lesson Sixteen: Television

Lesson Seventeen: Hold The Caught

Lesson Eighteen: Ecstasy

Lesson Nineteen: Him And Them

Lesson Twenty: Golf In The Soul

Lesson Twenty-One: Packages

Lesson Twenty Two: Deaf Is Wild

Lesson Twenty-Three: Fresh To The Deal

Lesson Twenty-Four: Frost Of The Vision

Lesson Twenty-Five: I’m Blind



© 2012 regardless

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Added on August 8, 2012
Last Updated on August 8, 2012
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Bucyrus, OH

Regardless is a spiritual activist's. He believes in higher practices and foundation, built on human logics. This retrospection Is, what it is. Harry Devon Johnson AKA Regardless Is A Published Owner .. more..

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A Story by regardless