Wild Ebony

Wild Ebony

A Story by regardless

Ebony is very egotistical, she’s a nympho, she get’s the info. The only problem is the upsetting part which just happened to be, when she met Ron.

Regardless Devon Victory Has Been working on 
this series for months and years - The Series is called 
Urban Secretes: 60, 200 page story's are in the series.
Chapters, story descriptions and a review of story two
in the series is below. "This is a Pre-Edit Version" [sic]

In the begging, Urban Secrets series 1; is designed to conceptualize, Urban Streets.
Female Gangsters and male gangsters.
Violence & problems. Ways too work out situations or die by the streets.
A new book to the series each month. (supposedly) 

Urban Story secretes, is about whats not always seen in the hood or what some people, don't know 
about others peoples life,when they do it. 
Every one in this series expects justice, and has a foundation.

...Scheme Girl Thug, is a definite keeper, she wants her girls man and will do what ever it takes too keep what she wants. 
But from that point the series just gets deeper & deeper. 

Each character is different, not consecutive, to each character connected to the other story's. 
Though there is some coincidences, in the series,Where some names may be repeated...

Once you read one of these story's, you'll not want too stop and miss the other storys in the series. 
Story two; Wild Ebony and Story three ;Sex @ the bar, is the next storys; that will rock your world.
Too continued good pleasure
                             Wild Ebony �"Feb 14

Ebony is very egotistical, she’s a nympho,
   she get’s the info. The only problem is the upsetting part which
         just happened to be, when she met Ron.

1.Wild Ebony �"Feb 14

Chapter 1. The Situation
Chapter 2. I’m Black
Chapter 3. Innocent Vibes
Chapter 4. I Respect You
Chapter 5. Ebony Falls In love
Chapter 6. The Reasturaunt
Chapter 7. Deja-Vu
Chapter 8. Passion
Chapter 9. In The Mood
Chapter 10. The Robbery
Chapter 11. Come Back 2 me
Chapter 12. A Sure Fire Thing
Chapter 13. It’s Hard 2 Believe
Chapter 14. Stand Up 4 Your Self
Chapter 15. Rules Are Changing
Chapter 16. I’m Not Normal
Chapter 17. Beg 4 Forgivness
Chapter 18. Ebonys So Bad
Chapter 19. Ego Aghaaa !!!
Chapter 20. The Dark

Chapter 1. The Situation

What I was going to have to do was weighing on my brain so heavy. The consternation of my thoughts were dubious. As I sat at 

my high school basketball game. 
The propaganda was justice and somehow injustice. 
I asked myself, why the f**k do I have to be this freaky? My temperament replied back, because I am me - I guess, that’s 

I’m in the twelfth grade and my friend named Nautica stated. " I'm not possibly, never, ever ,never, in reality, giving Tev my 

number. He asked me and I just like, sort of blew it off on, him" Said Nautica. 
" Why, what's wrong with him, he's sexier than s**t, he seems like a alright dude to me?
 " Well evidently, looks are not everything. You just gotta like spend time with him, in class's and s**t; he' doing to much.
" Well I guess so, though the word on the street is that Tev could be a baller or anything, within the next f*****g second you 

look once, there he is. You look twice, there he is sexy ,with a big dick, and passing chips." 
As the basket ball game went on. The Unity High School Buccaneers. And my school : The Hall Wood Lions.
" If you're so pressed on him Ebony, then why don't you get with him?" Ebony paused and liked stroked her temple as she 

surveyed the room vindictive. She was auspice, to the negative reality of Nautica and the positive reality of Nautica.
Tev, was a starting receiver for the Hall wood Lions. The pleasure in believing that she looked better than all b*****s, was 

not enough compared to her insidious language.
 " Well, see a b***h like me got to play all angels, while he's playing on the court, I'm supporting myself, by supporting 

n****s with p***y and entertainment." " I'm not a hoe Ebony you should know that, you of all people, so I try not to get 

myself caught up with to many men. 
I'm already texting like ten dudes, who all wanna f**k, and probably only f**k. Said Nautica. " That’s cool, that’s the way I 

like them." Ebony melted in. 
As they watched the two teams playing against each other in silent and listening to the announcer. The next proclamation for 

Ebony was to assume that reconsidering the fight that she was in with Amy was going to be the exact reason for malfeasance... 

Amy was rolling with Aaron when Aaron had the nerve to bring her over at the same time. As Ebony walked from the curb, with 

three of her friends, she walked to the driver side. Ebony said " What's up." Aaron replied like.
 " Trying to see if you wanna go for a ride and chill for a minute."
Amy steps in like. " I don't think so, that b***h is not going anywhere with us."
Ebony's first reaction was too check that b***h. In mid Sentence before she could speak full, Aaron steps in like. " Amy you 

need to quit that s**t I invited you to be here with me, not to go dissing my people. " Ebony steps in contradicted like. " 

That’s ok, cause I don't need no other female trying to be better than me.
 As she looked passed Aaron at Amy very strange. Ebony grabbed a pen out of her pocket and threw the pen at Amy's face. Then 

she stated. " You better watch who you stepping two, b*****s like me suck dick and we get real wild, very wild. Amy looked in 

the air and then out of the window feeling mediocrity in disbelief. Ebony then said. " Well bye Aaron. " and then she quit 

leaning in his car window.

The outcome could end up getting Ebony in trouble. She watched the four door Lebaron role away in a blank mist. While her 

friends on the curb looked at her. Then after like a few seconds her friend named Kim and Able Asked Concerned. " what's wrong 

are you alright " Ebony wipes her forehead and says. " Nothing, I'm cool, lets just go. 
Ebony was a brown skinned female, with auburn hair, she had braid's.
She had on : Nike Blue jeans shorts and a black shirt that said just do it. She had on a pair of Black and blue Airmax with 

black & blue ankle Nike socks.
 It was summer time and her and her two friends was going over Ebony's house on Cliff Avenue. Her friend Kim started talking. 
" Now that them Edgewood b*****s are mad about why I started coming in they hood. They upset and trying to find out what my 

real morals are. They don't realize that I don't have to be that deep in the hood. They should be accepting me as a gift. Now 

all of sudden Keisha wants to be a lesbian and try to change everything that I planned. 
They don't want beef no more, they had no real reason anyway, accept the boys like me." " I don't like Keisha, she's always 

trying to be my friend, but she thinks, she's all that, just wave a wand and then get any man she wants, really I envy her."
 As they continued walking down the street, two block's from Cliff Street. 

 " Why envy her, when you can just envy yourself ? Said Able " It's just, I gotta do something wild to her, I just gotta, my 

mind just keeps going and I think that I'm making my own game up on Keisha. If she'd never came at Kim, maybe I'd see things 

in a different light." Kim Steps in. " I told you that the situation was over, so don’t go rallying up issues on situations 

that just aint worth the front. " I feel you Kim." Said Able. 
 As a car with dudes rolled by yelling out of the window. " Ah baby, let me see that sexy a*s." As the girls paused for a 

second to watch the males situation. " Kim, I think that Ebony has a point, somebody should teach them Edgewood b*****s a 

lesson." " I know." Said Ebony. Kim,Didn’t speak.
They made it to Ebony's house. Kim's brown skinned a*s sat down on the couch with her black skorts on. Her hair was cut in a 

diagonal angel in the front. Able speaks out. " Hey Ms. Clemons how you doing. " Miss Clemons speaks out. " Is that able, I 

hear in there." As she came to the kitchen corridor and looked out. Able said. " Yea it's me." 
As Ebony smiled at her. 

Ebony stated. " Mom what is that great smell, that I smell from the kitchen. Fried chicken And pork chops. I'm trying to 

finish up this dinner and have it ready for your dad at six, you know how he is. So how have yall girls day been going. " As 

she looks at the girls suspicious.
Kim steps in like. " With all the haters in and my mom tripping, I guess other than that, the day was alright." Able states, " 

well I'm working on this new gossip column,where the moms and dad's, get's, to comment on the story's of there kids life - 

like Duchess and rose wood." Said Able. 
" Duchess and rose wood." Said Ms. Clemons unsure " yea you know like marijuana and blunts. As the air seamed blank;in a 

"O.K ." Said MS. Clemons, dragging the O And The K. After the pause. Still feeling that Able had just exaggerated, what she 

had said. As Able laughed. "Anyway, were doing interviews at the school, Hall Wood school to be exact." - " Ok ,I know what 

school you go to. " Said MS Clemons.
 Able replies back, "ok" " So we want you to be one of the parents that’s interviewed." As Ebony's mom hit her blunt of weed." 

Mghmm as Ebony's mom blows smoke. Then she states. " Yea I think I will, school you girls and the school on the foundation of 

lust, sex and friend ships. 
Remember this, N****s aint s**t and n****s aint right."

Ebony steps in like. " Well what about dad? Then Kim steps in like. " Yea Ms Clemons, what about Dave. Then Ms. Clemons states 

- " Well that’s a whole nother story, men are out for one thing and one thing only, believe it or not even when they settle 

down that doesn't change s**t, they want that same thing." "What thing. " Stated Able. " You know what's between your legs, 

your p***y." " Oh." Said Able. stretching her Oh.
" Well Ms. Able, I hate to say it." As Ebony, was standing watching TV and Kim was sitting on the couch looking at TV. " Ebony 

is the most freakiest one out of us --- do you know that your daughter is sexually active and doing oral things to men? Ms 

Clemons states. " Is this true Ebony - yea of course this is a real world where humans live, Vivian. Stated Ebony using her 

moms legal; first.

" See when a female is conceived , they have no direction and no protection, though as they get older they start getting 

feeble and agitated between they legs, and then when they realize that they have breast - you see, they realizes that they 

tittys are a prime example " - "Excuse me Ms. Clemons." said Kim. " Can you please explain to me how my tittys are a prime 

example." " I think I shall " - as Ms. Clemons passed the weed to Ebony. " Believe it or not, the prime examples, are the main 

things of the body and mind, see, Ebony, may be a freak, but this freak is on the Honor role in the last year of High School - 

I got a degree and a diploma and I'm self employed - see with us b*****s nowadays, were different."

" Yea we are different, some men think, we dumb, but all women are not stupid and just willing to let a man play them, I know 

the ropes and that’s why Keisha is going to be a real problem. Said Ebony " " don't get yourself in trouble out there Ebony, 

these streets are watching and I don’t like them watching you."
Ebony,Kim And Able goes to Ebony's room. Ebony gets a call from Randal and Kim and Able watches TV as ebony talked on the 

phone to Randal.
Randal was a 25 year old man, who worked @ UPS - HE MET Ebony's daring a*s, when she asked him for his number but a*s naked 

and he caved in.
Rhetorically speaking, she was upset at the method she used, she tried to hide it , but her fantasy of ballers that don't work 

jobs was normal to some people. Though her inclination of her life was right before her. She was Telling Randal like. " Yea 

come over now, it's me and two of my friends. You see Randal, was well supported, he knew how to save and keep money and keep 

his credit clean - some men, his age and level, cant do that. 
But he was not rich.So they talked for a while and then she hung up.

Ebony told her friends, " Randal's about to come over here, yall are going to meet him for the first time." " What do he look 

like, stated Kim." Ebony starts in at. " Your just going to have to wait to see him --- Oh damn
" A" yall I'll be right back, in like 15 minutes - if Randal come's just tell him, I'll be back and bring him up stairs, I'll 

tell my mom --- I gotta go around the corner real quick. " 
 Instead of walking this time, she hops in her moms, Cadillac CTS. She goes over to the female Avery's house and tells her to 

come out side threw a text message. Avery thinks that this is a game, every since she started baby sitting Ebony's, 6 Year old 

Cousin, Marquise. 
All she could do was get egotistical to the fact that she wanted to watch Marquise, though Marquise mom, didn’t like the fact 

that Ebony, got her 6 year old son high. 
Ebony was too egotistical on the belief that she could do what she want. Then Avery called her on the phone one day and said. 

" I heard what you did to Manga the other day and why she wanted me to start watching her son - I don’t like it and I think 

that you owe Manga an apology. " 
Ebony's Egotistical a*s, didn’t like apologizing. 

So she went over Avery's and broke the law, by breaking the windows out of the living room window - then parking around the 

corner and running back to her car and then driving to the destination where she committed the crime.
She pulls up and see's a cop car, on the curb - she could see the police officers standing in the grass in the yard.
Talking to Avery, who just happened to be alone with Marquise. Ebony hops out of the CTS and walks in the grass behind the 

cops. The cops turn around. And then Ebony states. " What happen, what's going on here?" Avery state's, " You know, what 

happened Ebony, you broke my mommas windows out, that’s what happened - the cops said. " Is that true Ebony ? " Said the cop. 

" No I just came over here to apologize to Avery for a dispute we had - what kind of dispute said a male cop. " it was just a 

little argument, that’s in the past, though I did not break out her windows.
 The female cop asked Avery. " So what do you think about this situation?"

" I guess she didn’t do it - I don't know what to do, I guess I'll just file a police report telling that this occurred." " Do 

you have any enemy's ? " said the lady cop. " Any rivalries, any thing that can help us, find out who did what - I don’t know. 

" Said Avery - " Ok Were going to check the scene for fingerprints to see if anything match. "

The two cops walked back to the patrol car, talking to each other. 
Ebony walked on over to Avery - Avery was 5'4 and ebony was 5'6 - Avery had long curly hair and was a light skinned complexion 

she appeared very sexy. She was soft spoken. 
Ebony states. " I'm sorry about everything that happened, even if were not cool in the future, I just wanted to apologize." 

Avery stated. " That's ok because that's all I really wanted - I never really had no grudges against you - I just thought 

something wasn’t right."
" Ok, I'll apologize to Manga, I haven't yet though, I prefer my baby sitting days to be over, unless I have, conceived the 

baby." Avery laughed.
" What is your mom gonna do about these windows? " Said ebony. 
" Well we have some extra windows in the basement, so it won't be that hard to put the new ones in." Ebony stayed for a few 

more moments then she left. The cops did what they had to do and then took the prints to the lab. Though no prints matched 

Ebony's. Avery Knew on the low that Ebony probably did it.
Ebony Appeared back at her house and parked the CTS in the drive. 
She rushed into her house, as she was passing her mom going up the steps. Her mom said. " where have you been? " Ebony stopped 

on the steps. 
" I just had to go pick up something from Ron."
That’s how she first met Ron, by lying to her mom, saying that she was at a person named Ron - her mom asked. " Who is Ron? - 

She said " just a friend. " And moved up the stairs, with nothing else to say.
All her ego wanted was a lie and she concealed everything that wasn’t real for truth. Ron however, was going to be sticking 

around a lot more. She was going to find a dude to play Ron, too keep her lie that she needed.
She didn’t even need Ron, though she excepts. 
( A person who would except this has a mental health crisis.)

Her situation was, play games, have sex, and only care about her self. 
Her morals was indignation, the reality of what was the pressure on her mind was coming deeper. She excepted her self as good, 

though she was bad - hell a lot of people could not tell her wrong doings.
Tampering with mail. 
and petty theft ;

was some of the problems that could have Wild Ebony wrong.
Ebony and Randal goes to the bathroom. The two girls which was her friends, new to expect that they were having sex. Then 

Ebony texts, Able and tells her to come to the restroom - when she gets in there, she sees Randals dick out and Ebony forcing 

her into the bathroom. 
Ebony states. " Do you want him? Looking @ Able serious. Ables looks at Ebony weird and then she looks in the Mirror and fixes 

her hair. 
Randal said. " Do you want me? " Able states. " I don't know, I'm 17 but I'm still a virgin." Ebony states. " Look f**k that 

s**t girl, get on your knees and suck his dick. As the room was so silent and Randal was groping his dick.
Able said. " I mid as well, I aint never sucked a dick before."
Able moved on the floor and was down on her knees and starts touching his penis and looking at it. Then she rubs the penis. 

Then she sucks the penis.
Ebony's Egos was set on, if I'm a nympho, then at least one of my main friends is a nympho - since Able gave in to her 

offering, the equivalent was not a problem.
She sucked his dick, like a expert. He came in her mouth within one minute. And he was a very sexually active person who had 

atleast 4 orgasims already that day; so she must've been a real good dick sucker; to get him to that nut that way.
Then Randal ate Ables p***y.

When able was leaving the restroom she said. " Ebony I cant believe you. And then shut the door. Ebony smilled at her before 

she left. Ebony states, " she's alright, first time experience bugs - that' all it f*****g is Randal, first time bugs, that’s 

all it f*****g is.

Randal & Ebony goes back to Ebony's room, for a second and talks to Kim. He makes normal conversation, nothing sexual - 

because Ebony told him, Kims not like that. She respects him.
He leaves and say's his farewells to Ebony's MOM. While he's leavening Dave is coming in. Him and Dave, get's into a nice 

positive altercation and then Randal leaves. 
Randal hops in his mustang and goes home. 
It's now Friday o'clock.
7 P.M and the girls, goes down stairs to have dinner they all sit at the kitchen table together and have discussions and 

The stay in the kitchen for like 30 to 45 min. Then the girls all took showers and got ready to go to this teen club called 

Choices. Choices always kept the music popping and the conversation good - they didn’t allow alcohol in there but they let us 

smoke weed. 

As the girls was waved up and down with the metal detector wand and was walking in. Ebony told her friends; " Go grab a 

table." And then she went surfing the club room. She then ran into the vision of the Edgewood females. She just ignored them 

like they wasn’t there. As the music blazed so loud - echo reflex.
Ebony grabs three, DR. Peppers and three bags of regular Lays chips and goes to the table. Where her two friends was. " Ok I'm 

back." as she set the product down and then, sits down. " Guess who I seen up in here, the Edge Wood girls - 

Cara,Tameka,Felicia and Rosetta. Ok like totally."
As she sipped her pop and looked around the room. 

As the song changed to another song. Felicia stepped to the circle table and said. " What's up - the girls just looked at her. 

" So I heard, that yall are interested in competing, not competing but joining. I was wondering do yall believe that some bad 

people could be forgiving." - its depending said Ebony. 
 It's depending on, if we can trust them. Then again it may can be some other way's to test the waters, so it's just 

depending." " Ok look why don’t we squash, the beef right here today, because it's wasting our f*****g time and life, it's 

other s**t we can do - I mean together? Said Felicia . - " I don't mean to ponder on yall brains but some b*****s do have they 

lifestyles in a f*****g way that they can do s**t - I don’t mean like do dumb s**t - I mean have, clout and know insiders, if 

you know what I mean. Said Felicia.
" Well Felicia, I know what you want from me but I don’t know how I can take it. Said Kim - Felicia stated. " Take it easy." - 

as every one looked a little stuck - Kim paused for a second, then she said. "ok."
Ebony was so alluded, she decided to get up and dance - men was coming back to back grabbing her and dancing with her - 

putting they dicks on her booty - they didn’t even have to know her - that’s normal in teen clubs.
She usually had at least three dudes that freaked her each song.

So now back at the table, Alicia was still talking to Kim, more so over Able. Able, I'm not lesbian you know" - what you say, 

" Said Kim. Like moving in toward her - she whispered in her ear - I said. " I'm not a lesbian." - Kim like nodded her head 

and Moved her hair. Felicia started talking again somehow and Kim was like. " Can we talk about this later." And Felicia 

agreed, as she went to the dance floor and started dancing like Ebony.
Then The Remix to black Streets: Booty call, which is called the booty call stump, came on ( ♫ Aint no call like the booty 

call cause the booty call just don’t stop, one more time. ♫ ) They played that s**t like, three times, back to back. As the 

crowd changed into speculation and then many other changed into doing the dance, while the others speculated. 
Kim was kind of, uncomfortable being there, she's not like a club going freak - To be a true dance floor rep - real reps stay 

on the dance floor from ( 9PM until 2 AM) Breaks on eating and taking pictures - that’s about it.
- she stays at the tables and walk around way to much.

And takes pictures - yes she's a picture taker. Though she's not a party wrecker, she know how to get in the grove. So she's 

really an alright etiquette - able was just in there, higher than hell, she was smacked and just trying to maintain as she 

danced alone, with hundreds surrounding her and doing they on thang like. Then the club turned into female speculation - where 

all the girls know, what time it is when this kind of song is played - all the females, they all scatter into speculation. And 

all the dudes start pushing each other, very hard and strong threw the whole entire 5 min song.
Then they played the slow jams dancing song. Where some men and girls turn into speculation or what not - and the females and 

males dance real sexual to slow songs.
That’s they club aspects. 

Oh yea and usually they teen clubs get shut down if that happens. 

When the Club let out, every body in they cars and going to they cars back to back banging music and burning rubber, showing 

out - at the end of all they teen clubs. Rather shut down or not. 
So they get they groove on chill out and kick it off up in Choices. Then Ebony drove them both to they houses, at like 3:oo 

clock in the mourning. Then Ebony went home alone. She had a very extravagant day - though Ron was not helping - she was going 

to think about it over night - while she was sleep.
She wanted to be the resurrected enemy of herself. 

The penalty for sin is deaf. 
The penalty for lying was succubus. 

How much, she was intrigued to the pallet that she was becoming ; that she was waiting for the fork lift to come & take her 

from the old warehouse, to where she needed to be, was all a misconception.
She slept like a f*****g baby, just to wake up sick and twisted. The first thing she did Saturday morning was get at Melvin 

the director who usually gives her 3,000 for sex, yes that’s correct, for sex. She never really loved the men - she loved 

money and dick. But she never really truly, let these people call her on the phone or visit her house.
She was strictly an outgoing hoe. But she only usually fucked with them on the set. Then one day one of the men tried to sale 

her short by asking her did she wanna go to the movies. She said some s**t like. " Is that where we f*****g next or 

 He said. " No just on friend bases. 
She said. " Naw, I'm just on f*****g base's -
 so I moved in with the n***a in his imagination - 
he paid good, so I kept sucking his dick - & f*****g him - come to find out - no real hoe can just f**k a man for money at 

least ten separated days and not love that muthafucka - I don’t mean fall in love - I mean respect and cherish. How ever I was 

a stingy hoe - He begged and begged - little did he know he already had everything that he needed in her - most men if not all 

if they get at a b***h they must want some p***y - it's simple and it's f*****g natural. But some humans don’t know how to 

handle this naturality. So what they do as these kind of females - when a dude get's at them, they blow and don’t go - that’s 

the fear in sexual naturality.
The fear of being human in general - worried to much about physical features and what people really are. That’s also a natural 

fear for most -when it comes to attraction. _ how ever Ebony was down to earth, hell she was in the f*****g soil - and water 

just always poor's - she's always wet.
 The situation was not really about - who was cool and who wasn’t - the situation was not even really about Ebony or any one 

else being jealous. The situation was not about people riding in cars and having other females that’s with them not like 

others. The Situation was also not about mothers teaching others how to smoke weed or have sex. The f*****g situation was not 

f*****g about being at clubs and forgiving certain humans… It's A stronger concept in this chapter?
Chapter 2. I’m Black

It was shocking what she said to me, her being white and me being black. She was beautiful in my eyes. Her long golden brown 

hair with her all blue Bikinis on. I just happened to be at the park on this day. And Avril Said with her pretty voice. "what 

do I have to do to be around a n***a like you, I have seen you around and I want to be your friend?"
Ebony was feeling meticulous she was feeling very statistical about Avril. She felt with a noxious emotion, I can probably 

conflict into her mind diligent enough where she excepts everything I tell her. Ebony's mental contradiction was self relient, 

though Avril's alliance was justification in difference.
Ebony stated. " well see I don’t' know if you can hang right with what type of person I am, I could jeopardize your life or 

anything, whats your name?"
" My name is Avirl" That’s a interesting name, do you do any singing." Yea I sing sometimes." Well let me hear something." Ok 

said Avril.

♫ " Seeing you from this angel go me thinking about you ---- emotions overflowing like coasters, got me wet inside of me --- I 

can't hide. Divided by trust and divided by lust ---- I'm freaky --- Doing you, though I'm doing you comfortable. ♫ 
Ebony said. You have a nice voice, I like too sing and rap sometimes though I'm a little to hood; to be a professional singer. 

I love having sex and I love everything about sex. 
So my proposition for you is how tru will you be to me." Avrils was feeling hollow ,she raged in her mind for the duplicated 

second of annunciation. 
She was reflected threw her feminism sense, though she symmetrically sensed that Ebony was a lot deeper than just listening to 

a white b***h sing and then congratulating her. 
The weapon of Avrils Remorse allowed her to say. " I'm not a well behaving person, I don't know if I can be controlled; if you 

tell me to smack a b***h, then I smack a b***h, I don't know if I can be 
controlled to just smack a b***h, I have too hate the b***h with a passion.
Avril was susceptible to the analogy that Ebony some how used, She was using her feeling's sarcastic. The oppressive dilution 

that she excepted was aggressive, she felt tenuous to the fact 
that in order to ride with a black b***h then I must have to act black.

Her conclusive behavior to what she felt, was roasting like a worm on the concrete in the sun. Her phobia of being like the 

only white girl this close to Ebony made her heart swell."
Ebony said. " yea I was right you're not ready." " I just wanna be your friend." " look Avril don't be so upset." You don't 

have to do all this dressing up just because the way my face and body look, trust me Ebony I know how my face and body look. 
It's just your to pressed on controlling people that only what to be your friend, not your robotic slave." Ok -- you see your 

but I'm different also, when the two differences connect we have found a new foundation or some s**t like that.

That’s when Allen came over and said. " Hey Ebony." Ebonys feelings were obvious, she like the brownskinned black man. The 

astute game she was illicit too, was her own sexual demeanor.
She grasped the air for words as she fucked with her self, trying to hide the fact that she would F**k Allen right here at 

this f*****g park on the f*****g picknick table and not care. But she was allude to accept his presence.
Hey Allen she stated as Allen had both of his hands pressed on the table. Allen said so what is your sexy a*s doing here and 

your friend over there she is jamming." That’s Avril I just met her and she's on a different level."
 A different level is that right, what kind of level are you on said Allen.

" The kind of level that makes love to suck black n****s dicks, I love black men and I wanna suck your dick." Damn she is very 

aggressive said Allen looking @Ebony. " I like that. " Yea she surprised me with this type of behavior, way to go Avril.
" She get's a - B in my f*****g, f**k book, however I cant get into to much right now you see my girl and daughter is over 

there, but Ebony knows how we do maybe we can all get together and kick." Yea that sounds good. Said Avril " Yea Allen I'll 

hit you back
 up later tell Ebby I said hi." Yea I'll tell my girl you said hi. Bye, bye, you sexy things. 
As he smiled they smiled and he walked away. 

Avirl said. " He is way to cute, my fault I mean he is way to sexy - substituting sex for cute is not my cup of Lipton ice 

tee, That’s when Avrils phone range. She looked at the caller ID and the caller ID Said Booby. 
She answered the phone. Where you at b***h, I've been looking for you for like two hours off up in Unity. " I'm at Brookville 

park with Ebony and I haven't even seen no calls from you." That’s because I didn’t call, I went too Unity school and you 
wasn't there , you know that this is a school day." Yea and I'm also in the 12'th grade." I'm in Mr Yahmatsee class right now 

he's letting us have free time, from college biology."
 "I just had to get away that’s why I'm not at school today, I had a chocolate bug that I had to just fix, so I moved on up in 

the world and know I'm soaring." Your twisted." No I'm not, your twisted." That’s ok because sometimes it's alright to be 

" Have you met Ebony she's very popular in Hall wood." Yea I've heard of her some of the boys claiming that they done hit the 

p***y so I know what to expect, she's a hoe, sort of like you." As Avirl laughed into the phone and said sort of like me, 

Well I'm down for the cause, I ride and I do it all." That’s good, so what up can I speak to Ebony"?

 "yea" as Avril passed Ebony the Phone. Ebony said who is this, Avril said this dude named bobby that goes to my school, you 

don't know him. Ebony put her ear on the phone then Bobby spoke first and Asked Ebony: Why aint your a*s in school." 
Well that’s because I'm at the parking taking an off day." " I've seen you around but I just never got a chance to see you, 

but I always see them tight shorts and your sexy complexion. I know what type of girl you are." " Do you really, well tell me 

what kind of girl am I ? 
" The kind of b***h that is not of custom to virginity, you like sexual thing's and passion so says: Rell, O boy, Hollow, 

Steve, Tom, Jeff. 
" Ok I think that I have heard enough names laughed Ebony.

You gotta understand me Allen, these n****s and boys are only toys in my closet waiting to be profiled with joy. Some of them 

just like the way I look so that means that they have fucked me, if they can talk with they friends and say I'm a hoe, but on 

the other hand I do suck a lot of dicks and some n****s just can't f**k." 
" I bet I can, --- I think I can get you and if I want I can have you my baby momma and what ever else I want. Even just a 

f**k diabolically thinking. " That sounds intersting, though I think that I'm on the verge of something different."
Different like what?" I don't think that you would understand." I'm a understanding person if I try hard enough." " it's just 

that you cant see the hard side of me, you can only see the sexy part of me.
And I'm just in some trouble.

What kind of trouble" " it's something you don't understand about a dude name Ron Who just came into my life." Your man." " No 

more like a warrior, he's not my boyfriend but he is a boy and a friend but he's not my boyfriend. And he dosent stay In 

Valley View Heights." Ok I don't stay there neither, I live in Rochester
 View where all the reall players and hustlers be, we made Valley view what it is back in the day our f*****g ancestors ran 

Valley View then we immigrated 15 minutes away to Rochester and started running they s**t.
 It was a stretch but we worked." You silly said Ebony." Naw for real on a serious note when can we get together." I don't 

know --- why don't you ask Avril and see what she thinks about it." Is she running you. Said Bobby " That’s your friend that’s 

all I'm saying, Avril's not too sure what she wants."
Said. Ebony. Avril got the phone back. So are you threw trying to get into Ebony's mind." I'm already in her mind, I'm just 

trying to get in her body.

                                           Urban Secretes - Series 1: By RDV

200 Pages Each Novel - Supposedly scheduled to come out monthly - 
This Is A Preview of the chapters and story two in the first series - Above or numbered:

1. Scheme Girl Thug (Jan 2014)
2. Wild Ebony �"Feb 14
3. Sex @ the bar �" Mar 14
4. I’m The Best - Apr 14
5. Bordello Of Trust �" May 14
6. Principle Wallace �" Jun 14
7. Hesitant Lake �" Jul 14
8. Wet Moments �" Aug 14
9. My Soul �" Sep 14
10. The Boys �" Oct 14
11. Urban Secretes - Nov 14
12. Moments Of Joy �" Dec 14
13. Passion Of Deaf - Jan 15
14. The Late Night Dates �" Feb 15
15. Around My Heart �" Mar 15
16. Empty Comments �" Apr 15
17. World Rules �" May 15
18. Sudden Deaf �" Jun 15
19. I’m Like You �" Jul 15
20. Watasha & Harmony �" Aug 15 
1. Scheme Girl Thug (Jan 2014)

Chapter 1. At The Club
Chapter 2. The Altercation
Chapter 3. Breaking & Entering
Chapter 4. She Played The Game
Chapter 5. Brutal Words
Chapter 6. Jealousy & Music
Chapter 7. Toya
Chapter 8. Latonya
Chapter 9. Devene
Chapter 10. The Truth Is
Chapter 11. Other People
Chapter 12. Toya In The Hospital
Chapter 13. The Get Together
Chapter 14. Why Do I Care
Chapter 15. The Wilde Ride
Chapter 16. Deaf In The Family
Chapter 17. Changes
Chapter 18. Should I Stay True
Chapter 19. Party Shows
Chapter 20. The fatal Commencement
2. Wild Ebony �"Feb 14

Chapter 1. The Situation
Chapter 2. I’m Black
Chapter 3. Innocent Vibes
Chapter 4. I Respect You
Chapter 5. Ebony Falls In love
Chapter 6. The Reasturaunt
Chapter 7. Deja-Vu
Chapter 8. Passion
Chapter 9. In The Mood
Chapter 10. The Robbery
Chapter 11. Come Back 2 me
Chapter 12. A Sure Fire Thing
Chapter 13. It’s Hard 2 Believe
Chapter 14. Stand Up 4 Your Self
Chapter 15. Rules Are Changing
Chapter 16. I’m Not Normal
Chapter 17. Beg 4 Forgivness
Chapter 18. Ebonys So Bad
Chapter 19. Ego Aghaaa !!!
Chapter 20. The Dark

3. Sex @ the bar �" Mar 14

Chapter 1. The Gas Station
Chapter 2. My First Time
Chapter 3. Get The Chips
Chapter 4. Call Me Back
Chapter 5. I’m Not Thinking About Him
Chapter 6. Give Me Reason
Chapter 7. He Came By
Chapter 8. I’m Going Insane
Chapter 9. Portable Couchie
Chapter 10. Lessons & Choices
Chapter 11. Brave Cammy
Chapter 12. First Boundary
Chapter 13. Caught Resolution
Chapter 14. Best @ The Game
Chapter 15. Bridge Of Us
Chapter 16. The Burning
Chapter 17. Quit Playing
Chapter 18. Emotions
Chapter 19. Insurance Claim
Chapter 20. The Outcome

4. I’m The Best - Apr 14

Chapter 1. Fake Class S1
Chapter 2. Ruin Their Names
Chapter 3. Just Because 
Chapter 4. I’m Out Of This
Chapter 5. Quit F*****g With Me
Chapter 6. Tempted Too Kill
Chapter 7. I’m In Jail
Chapter 8. No Way Out
Chapter 9. Their All Together
Chapter 10. If I Die Then She Die
Chapter 11. Back To The Wall
Chapter 12. Wait 4 Me Tonight
Chapter 13. Brisk Of Air
Chapter 14. Wall Vaults
Chapter 15. Police Scam
Chapter 16. Introducing Deaf
Chapter 17. Bester Check Her
Chapter 18. I’m The Best 1
Chapter 19. I’m The Best 2
Chapter 20. I’m The Best 3

5. Bordello Of Trust �" May 14

Chapter 1. The Place
Chapter 2. I Want Out
Chapter 3. The Belief
Chapter 4. The Way 2 Success
Chapter 5. Who Am I Fooling
Chapter 6. I Can’t Escape
Chapter 7. The Reason I Trust
Chapter 8. Bordello
Chapter 9. In The Hour
Chapter 10. Wait 4 Me Their
Chapter 11. Scared Of Me 
Chapter 12. Still My Money
Chapter 13. Snitching On Bordello
Chapter 14. Immence Values
Chapter 15. Tortured Bodys
Chapter 16. The Calling
Chapter 17. Wild Thoughts
Chapter 18. Break Me In
Chapter 19. Cold Danger
Chapter 20. The Ending

6. Principle Wallace �" Jun 14

Chapter 1. Normal Ways
Chapter 2. Street Prophecy
Chapter 3. Out Look Memoir
Chapter 4. Safe Reasons
Chapter 5. Blood N Blood out
Chapter 6. Beast @ Crime
Chapter 7. Just In Time
Chapter 8. Cause Of The Mood
Chapter 9. Used 2 Be
Chapter 10. Common Call
Chapter 11. Brain Teaser
Chapter 12. Drugs In School
Chapter 13. Faced With Time
Chapter 14. Bring Back The Drugs
Chapter 15. Cost Of My Choice
Chapter 16. No More Games
Chapter 17. Never Found Out
Chapter 18. I Won’t More Money
Chapter 19. Not Working
Chapter 20. A Reason 4 Deaf

7. Hesitant Lake �" Jul 14

Chapter 1. All Together
Chapter 2. No Room Talk
Chapter 3. Ride Or Don’t Ride
Chapter 4. Nice 2 Kill You
Chapter 5. Missing Corpus
Chapter 6. Cold Emotions
Chapter 7. Rage As Animal
Chapter 8. All Too Easy
Chapter 9. Messed Up In The Head
Chapter 10. Ride 4 Me, I Ride With You
Chapter 11. Break up
Chapter 12. The fools Challenge
Chapter 13. Make Me Real
Chapter 14. Rest Assure
Chapter 15. Vice Lord
Chapter 16. Common sense
Chapter 17. The lake
Chapter 18. The Reason
Chapter 19. Body Visible
Chapter 20. Deaf

8. Wet Moments �" Aug 14

Chapter 1. The Car Wash
Chapter 2. For Real Money
Chapter 3. The Transfer
Chapter 4. Unimportant Things
Chapter 5. Beat The Brakes Off
Chapter 6. Back The Basics
Chapter 7. Days Of Honor
Chapter 8. I’m Still Here
Chapter 9. Waiting 4 you
Chapter 10. Courts
Chapter 11. Courts or something
Chapter 12. Yea Get That ! 
Chapter 13. Running The show
Chapter 14. He’s A Psycho
Chapter 15. Probably It Was
Chapter 16. Face The Facts
Chapter 17. More Problems
Chapter 18. Proper Songs
Chapter 19. No Talking 1
Chapter 20. No Talking 2

9. My Soul �" Sep 14

Chapter 1. I’m In
Chapter 2. Break Down
Chapter 3. The Pacific Coast
Chapter 4. Talk Too Them
Chapter 5. All Of This Mess
Chapter 6. Innocent Girls
Chapter 7. Right Befor
Chapter 8. Justice
Chapter 9. I’m Getting Even
Chapter 10. Bad Game
Chapter 11. Covered
Chapter 12. Right Befor My Eyes Close
Chapter 13. The Next Day
Chapter 14. Not Normal
Chapter 15. On Purpose
Chapter 16. On Doubt
Chapter 17. Toward Hope
Chapter 18. Enemys
Chapter 19. Forgive Me
Chapter 20. My Final Wish

10. The Boys �" Oct 14

Chapter 1. The boys
Chapter 2. Miles
Chapter 3. Pete
Chapter 4. Andrew
Chapter 5. Cole
Chapter 6. Swine
Chapter 7. Meka
Chapter 8. Trisha
Chapter 9. Kim
Chapter 10. Nautica
Chapter 11. Amber
Chapter 12. Kiesha
Chapter 13. Carla
Chapter 14. Na’keta
Chapter 15.Melissa
Chapter 16. Kary
Chapter 17. Caresha
Chapter 18. Sonya
Chapter 19. Pam
Chapter 20. Tracy

11. Urban Stories �" Nov 14

Chapter 1. Storys & Fibs
Chapter 2. The Winning Sections
Chapter 3. Other Than me
Chapter 4. Washed Up
Chapter 5. Turn Around
Chapter 6. The Wolf
Chapter 7. Game Play
Chapter 8. Vision Me
Chapter 9. Next
Chapter 10. Plus I’m Lying
Chapter 11. Push Threw The Crowd
Chapter 12. Back Down
Chapter 13. Messing Up
Chapter 14. Comments Galore
Chapter 15. From The Heart
Chapter 16. Ignorant
Chapter 17. Ignored
Chaper 18. Keep A Secrete
Chapter 19. It’s Coming Back 1
Chapter 20. It’s Coming Back 2

12. Moments Of Joy �" Dec 14

Chapter 1. January 2013
Chapter 2. Speed Demon
Chapter 3. Maxing Them Bars
Chapter 4. Coming 2 The Streets
Chapter 5. Now It’s Cape
Chapter 6. Duck 4 You Try
Chapter 7. Empty Rules
Chapter 8. Stashes
Chapter 9. I’m passé
Chapter 10. Dreams Of Deaf
Chapter 11. Out Numbered
Chapter 12. In Order
Chapter 13. From One 2 The Next
Chapter 14. I Believe In Stupid
Chapter 15. Break Away
Chapter 16. Prison
Chapter 17. Now & Agin
Chapter 18. In They Eyes
Chapter 19. I’m the Evil 1
Chapter 20. Cold Terror

13. Passion Of Deaf - Jan 15

Chapter 1. Mishaps Tragic World
Chapter 2. Tragic Worlds
Chapter 3. Enemy Lines
Chapter 4. Positive Drinks
Chapter 5. I’m Out of My Mind
Chapter 6. Create The Game
Chapter 7. Make It Happened
Chapter 8. Fools Are Living
Chapter 9. Open So Wide
Chapter 10. Freak Of Nature
Chapter 11. I Killed Him
Chapter 12. The Pressure
Chapter 13. Involved Cool
Chapter 14. Making Up Things
Chapter 15. Around The House
Chapter 16. Total Group
Chapter 17. In The Pages
Chapter 18. I’m Yours Forever
Chapter 19. Kill Him
Chapter 20. Don’t Stop
14. The Late Night Dates �" Feb 15

Chapter 1. My Emotions
Chapter 2. Called By The Guards
Chapter 3. I’m Running Away
Chapter 4. Just Can’t Stand
Chapter 5. My Rules Are Low
Chapter 6. Give Me Something
Chapter 7. What The F**k
Chapter 8. In The Way
Chapter 9. Fucked Up Ya Head
Chapter 10. Dark Woods
Chapter 11. Commotion
Chapter 12. The Party
Chapter 13. Nice Moves
Chapter 14. Vase Of Trouble
Chapter 15. Moods Changer
Chapter 16. I’m Going To Go
Chapter 17. Get Out Of The Way
Chapter 18. Reasons
Chapter 19. Trust
Chapter 20. I’m Special 

15. Around My Heart �" Mar 15

Chapter 1. Empty Room
Chapter 2. Back Too Reality
Chapter 3. Soul Strucking
Chapter 4. Back Game On
Chapter 5. Upset @ you
Chapter 6. Blast Of My A*s
Chapter 7. In The Mind
Chapter 8. Rude Of Me
Chapter 9. Not My Friend
Chapter 10. Friction
Chapter 11. Told The Soul
Chapter 12. I’m On A Level
Chapter 13. No More Grief
Chapter 14. I’m Not In
Chapter 15. Forget You
Chapter 16. Just Make Up
Chapter 17. Let Me Be
Chapter 18. I’m So Bad
Chapter 19. I’m Very Angry
Chapter 20. I’m Gone Die

16. Empty Comments �" Apr 15

Chapter 1. Empty Comments
Chapter 2. Fucked Up
Chapter 3. Messing With Me
Chapter 4. I know What I Did
Chapter 5. Around The Corner
Chapter 6. Max On Us
Chapter 7. Words Not In Use
Chapter 8. I’m Baffeled 
Chapter 9. You Fooled Me
Chapter 10. Posture
Chapter 11. Notices Are Changed
Chapter 12. Only I Could Move
Chapter 13. Watch The Water
Chapter 14. Equipped With Murder
Chapter 15. Never Tell A Soul
Chapter 16. Pressure On My Heart
Chapter 17. Justice 4 Nothing
Chapter 18. Quit Being
Chapter 19. I’m Creative
Chapter 20. The Outcome
17. World Rules �" May 15

Chapter 1. Friction Between Us
Chapter 2. Between The Sheets
Chapter 3. Traffic At Night
Chapter 4. Created Backwards
Chapter 5. B***h Get In Line
Chapter 6. Wait 4 Me
Chapter 7. Do As I Say
Chapter 8. Come 2 Think Of It
Chapter 9. Jezzè Bell
Chapter 10. Fruit Of The Loom
Chapter 11. He’s Back
Chapter 12. Culprit Brisk
Chapter 13. Stance Of Choice
Chapter 14. My Enemys Dead
Chapter 15. Brick Wall
Chapter 16. My Next Plan
Chapter 17. B***h Get In Line 2
Chapter 18. I’m Out Of This
Chapter 19. Ok
Chapter 20. You Better 

18. Sudden Deaf �" Jun 15

Chapter 1. How Could This
Chapter 2. I’m Different
Chapter 3. What Am I
Chapter 4. This Is Not Funny
Chapter 5. Told My Neighbor
Chapter 6. My Brisk Warning
Chapter 7. I Can’t Believe This
Chapter 8. Unhappy To Be
Chapter 9. The Funneral
Chapter 10.The Next Way
Chapter 11. Please Forgive Me
Chapter 12. Now That I have The Powerful Power
Chapter 13. What Is Going On
Chapter 14. So Soon So Late
Chapter 15. I’m Game If;You Are
Chapter 16. Reasons @ Go back
Chapter 17. Try To Stay Calm
Chapter 18. Rinse In The Craft
Chapter 19. My New Rules
Chapter 20. Push Of A Button

19. I’m Like You �" Jul 15

Chapter 1. The Meeting
Chapter 2. It’s Cool
Chapter 3. Don’t Be The Fool
Chapter 4. Unlike Me To Be
Chapter 5. Foolish Grounds
Chapter 6. Devilish Clouds
Chapter 7. Unloaded Breath
Chapter 8. Stay Away From Me
Chapter 9. I Hate You
Chapter 10. I’m Never Forgiving You
Chapter 11. That’s Weird
Chapter 12. Born 2 Die
Chapter 13. Aquitted Oh S**t Why
Chapter 14. Now My N****s Mad
Chapter 15. Found Of You Becky
Chapter 16. Found Of You Kiesha
Chapter 17. Let This Be A Warning
Chapter 18. I’m Gone Get You
Chapter 19. Beware Of Deaf
Chapter 20. I’m Finished

20. Watasha & Harmony �" Aug 15

Chapter 1. Lets Do It
Chapter 2. Kill Kill Kill
Chapter 3. I’m Trapped
Chapter 4. Dark Windows
Chapter 5. Foolish Grounds
Chapter 6. Devilish Grounds
Chapter 7. Unloaded Breath
Chapter 8. Impeccable B***h
Chapter 9. Release Me
Chapter 1o. Stop Playing
Chapter 11. In My Eyes
Chapter 12. Misspelling
Chapter 13. I’m Nasty
Chapter 14. You Did This
Chapter 15. I’m Fucked Up
Chapter 16. When I Say Come
Chapter 17. Take Me Out
Chapter 18. Watch How I Go
Chapter 19. Name For You
Chapter 20. The Ending Of Series One

Description Of Each Novel:

1. Scheme Girl Thug (Jan 2014)

Latonya is scheming on her best friends. 
Devene he’s packing gun’s,Fake’ness &
Her heart. Latonya is packing revenge deaf
And concealment. 

2. Wild Ebony �"Feb 14

Ebony is very egotistical,she’s a nympho,
   she get’s the info.The only problem is the upsetting part which
         just happened to be, when she met Ron.

3. Sex @ the bar �" Mar 14

She loved Ronald the bar owner.
Though his brother Kevin, was going 
Next On the whistle! …not only a stripping
Hore,but a f*****g s**t…

4. I’m The Best - Apr 14

Veronica do not like no other b***h looking 
and or acting better than her. She’s willing
to take it anywhere,for what she belives in.

5. Bordello Of Trust �" May 14

Escourts & Horehouses; was the only thing
That Rita understood and Knew. Yea, that was
until she was Involved in a car accident; 
& then she Became a negligence.

6. Principle Wallace �" Jun 14

Principle Wallace was more than just a principle.
He was A Drug Pusher. And The pushers was
His f*****g students. Not only that, theirs more.

7. Hesitant Lake �" Jul 14

The Urban Teens and colledge students are
All going to Hesitant Lake. The place where 
Virgins go to lose their virginity. That was until
Hesitant Lake turned into a seriel killer case.

8. Wet Moments �" Aug 14

Arnolds in his begging prime,he’s now the owner
Of a local Car Wash, However his fantasys are
Wetter than that. Oh Yea And his hellucinations are too.

9. My Soul �" Sep 14

Dave is running with a group of five. 
He thought that obeying the groups rules
Would be wise. Now Someone haves to die.

10. The Boys �" Oct 14

The boys are placing bets to play girls, 
the same girls to be exact. A story full of 
date rape, drugs and f*****g crime!

11. Urban Secretes - Nov 14

While Carnegga loves telling lies.
He never suspected that the lies that
He told would come true. That is until
They came back with a horrendous petulance.

12. Moments Of Joy �" Dec 14

Jordan is like a gangsta in prision. His Girl Nikki is a 
Hoe on the streets. Will Jordan Make it out to
See his girl. Will the hood b*****s live on the streets
To see Jordan.

13. Passion Of Deaf - Jan 15

A group takes Salm. Then Salms girl and some friends
Find out, and they seek out to find the killer.
They hood gets respect, the deaf and
the life �" invaluable choices that’s whats in retrospection.

14. The Late Night Dates �" Feb 15

Amber is taking all her friends boyfriends 
out on the low. Plus she’s also freaky and nasty
enough to take her moms and aunts men. Then 
all-of-a-sudden, s**t gets set up and now shes under

15. Around My Heart �" Mar 15

The reason, she thought that that the locket
Around her neck;in front of her heart was magical
Was the problem. The curses she caused on 
Her self, others and the sprit, was the answers.

16. Empty Comments �" Apr 15

When Sharon comes up missing, he was baffeled.
He could not understand why nobody had a positive
Comment. Though he was hiding a very deep real secret.

17. World Rules �" May 15

When Cartell, tell a b***h what to do she does it.
And if she dosen’t, well that’s a whole nother 
muthafuckin story.

18. Sudden Deaf �" Jun 15

When her sex life and sexual jobs becomes
To much; shes killed during a robbery @
The club where she works. She comes back to life 
As a ghost �" in a ghostly body she can’t escape.

19. I’m Like You �" Jul 15

Becky becomes to much like her friend.
 Then her friend wants space. Becky wants 
Her life or one other specific price. Friendship.

20. Watasha & Harmony �" Aug 15

Watsha & harmony are twins, not only that they 
Are independent professional thieves.

© 2013 regardless

Author's Note

Reviews is only a mere truthful conception, to how a writer really writes.
The truth to writing good, is actually being a good writer; that and marketing.

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Chapters 1-6 Chapters 1-6

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