a cosmic union.

a cosmic union.

A Poem by renea hanna.

the inevitable love poem about the perfect harmony of two bodies and the natural course of events for such beings.


i remember walking across your eyelids
on tip toe while you dreamt
i remember lingering there on your lips
dipping the tips of my feet into pools of your tears.

i’ve saved every note on every
piece of paper you left me
and the remnants of your words
appear on my bathroom mirror
after every shower when i’m
standing naked and thinking of you

and every time we make a toast with our friends
yours is the last glass i clink so that
the hint of your kiss can slip onto my lips

i like to number the joints in each of your fingers
finding space for mine to slip in between
slipping my tongue into the corners of your lips
finding places where i fit on every last inch of your body
like my palms behind your knees
my thumb in that space between your eye and your nose
you know, where the end of your eyebrow goes

i like to skitter across the small of your back
up your spine and ’round your neck
stopping to slip my thanks into your ear like
a whisper with a tag that says "pull me"
just so you’ll know, i’ve been there

and they say a star burns much hotter
than anything here on earth
but i prefer the heat of your hands
to any cosmic beast of fire that lay
millions of miles away as you lay here by my side
cooling the flush of my skin with 
wind from your eyelashes

and the place where my leg meets my hip
is my favorite place for you to rest your hand
or your face in between my breasts breathing
breaths of contentment
pretending our flesh and words are enough to describe
what it means when two souls collide

this was meant to be enjoyed
this place where you and i join
this place where i become you and you become me
this place that, once we’ve left it, we’ll spend
our last sunlit skies trying to find again

to think that once upon a time
we were isolated in space
floating like a planet without an orbit
like a star without a place to shoot to
two singular and solitary beings
beams of energy shooting from our hands and our feet
only to be swallowed up by the dark matter
stretching between each celestial body

and just as the big-bang of the beginning brought
our whole world into being
so too did the day we met
two satellites sparking off the surface
of one another

we were meant for this
bliss in the blue oblivion of the sky and
the sun warmed sufaces of our skins 
trailing our kisses like footprints in the sand

you are the land and i am the water
crashing into every last crevice of your being
leaving bits of me on you and taking
bits of you with me
little pieces, glimpses of what our time
together has done
of what the tide can do to the shore
when the moon says to

it’s as simple as you and i
passing time beside one another
two leaves falling from the same tree
together until the wind sends us dancing
in different directions

© 2008 renea hanna.

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This is amazing and beautiful, I didn't realize that anyone else considered all of these tiny details. I'm definitely going to show this to my significant other!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on July 27, 2008