Escape from the doctor

Escape from the doctor

A Story by Kyle Sky

dr smile is a character of insanity and murder, but as you may read the story, you my feel pitty for him


In the year 1983, four teens decided to sleep in an old abandoned hospital outside their town for fun. But what they will experience in that hospital will change or even take their lives for the worst.

One of the teens was named Josh. Josh was a handsome black haired 15 year old teen. His eyes showed that he was good willed and had a strong heart. It also told that his life was with little hardship but satisfaction to the lives he lived .he lived a very normal life. He always wanted to find adventure and fun. These he did with his small group of friends. He had no affection for any girl except one of his friends named Jane.

Jane is a black haired beauty who, like Josh, had a strong heart and good will. Her face showed signs of fatigue, ambition and happiness throughout her life. She was the leader of their small group because of her desire to achieve and gentle kindness which affected her friends’ positive thinking towards her.

The other two companions were Cole and Brent. Cole and Brent were strong young men who were active when it came to sports. Besides that, they had nothing else in common. Cole was a tall lean and blonde youth who had a face of an older person. He had weak legs but had strength of gorilla in his hairless arms. Brent was a small strong black haired ruffian. He was strong in both his arms and legs and was very mischievous. He even was the one who suggested the sleep over in the hospital.

They all lived in a small town in California. And although it was small it was like a city of lights during the night at the same time.

This group of teens ventured into the hospital with Jane obviously leading them into the crumbling old building at the time of 9:00. They were all fearless children.

The Hospital looked strongly terrifying on the outside and much horrid on the inside. The inside, fortunately for them, had no odor of any sort but was built like a labyrinth. Nothing was in the rooms except for giant cobwebs covering the walls.  Most of the lights were dull and were always blinking. The only lights open were those in the hallways and that of the room they were to stay in. There was nothing to be heard except the wind blowing against the curtains through the broken glass.

They passed through the stairs until they reached the top floor. They did so for the elevator did not work. They went to the room just on top of the hospital’s entrance.

They set there sleeping bags and enjoyed their time. They told scary stories, played board games, and dared each other to go into one of the abandoned rooms. They did this until midnight, the time which they planned to sleep.

Josh slept comfortably until a sudden slam was heard from a distant. Then he asked frightened, “Jane, are you awake?”

Jane answered, “Yeah, I’m awake. Did that slamming sound wake you too? It woke me.”

“Yeah, it woke me. Hey, where is Brent” Asked Josh

“I don’t know but if I do he would in big trouble. I said that no one will leave this room without my permission even if meant waking me up.” Jane answered angrily.

As she finished saying this, Cole rose from his Bed. “What’s with all the noise?” He asked as he rubbed his eyes.

“Brent’s not here.” answered Josh.

 Cole stood up and said, “If Brent is not here he is surely doing something mischievous. We should go find him and make sure he doesn’t get into trouble” then he stretched his arms and put his shoes.

Jane and Josh did the same and went out with Cole to find Brent. Josh told Cole that the heard a slamming sound coming from the left wing of the building and that Brent may be there.

 They walked slowly through the hallway. They tried not to be distracted but the still silence terrified them. The lights flickered from time to time and that increased their fright. The doors around them were half open, seeming like someone or something as about to jump out. The doors creaked every time they took a step forward. The hallway grew narrower as they walked.

Then suddenly, they heard a loud scream coming from the door at the edge of the hallway. Each one of them was shocked by the sudden noise that broke the previous silence. They all paused as their minds drifted into thoughts of fear. They stood there for a few seconds before they returned to their senses. They walked rapidly but silently towards the door.

They only had one question in their minds as they walked towards the door. That thought was “What exactly was going on?”

When they reached the door they all looked at each other with a face that said “Who will open the door?” Jane gave a look that she will open the door. Josh however felt her discomfort at the task.

Jane reached for the door knob with her shivering hand. As she grabbed the door knob, they saw a shadow beneath the door. They all paused. They heard footsteps going towards them as the shadow stretched across the floor. They all looked at each other once more but now with a look of fear and suspense. Then the footsteps stopped as the shadow reached its limit across the hall. Then the shadow withdrew with the footsteps back into the depths of the room. Then they heard a door slam.

They all sighed with relief. Then they all went to the room with the same thought in their heads “what exactly was going on.”

The room they entered was very clean and there were several things inside. A neat and fixed bed in the room indicated that someone probably lived in it. The closet in the room was big as the bed and was dustless.

 They saw, as they entered the room, a body with its hands pinned to the wall. Blood steamed down the arms and dripped down to the floor from the elbows. A puddle of blood surrounded the body. The skin of the arms was pale white. The head was covered with a sac but the clothes showed that it belonged to Brent.

“I’m sure that couldn’t be Brent. It’s probably just a practical joke.” Josh said while trying to smile but the sight shook his expression.

“Y… Yeah, may… Maybe you’re right. Let’s check the head to know what he used for the b… body” She stammered with fright, trying to assure herself that there was nothing to worry about.

Cole agreed to see the head but wouldn’t agree to remove the sac. Josh agreed to the task at hand, but only because he didn’t want Jane to do it.

Each one of them were ready to see the face, whether it was Brent’s or not. But when Josh removed the sac they were not prepared to see what was done to Brent’s face. It was Brent’s face for sure but his mouth was sewed into a stretched smile. There was blood dripping from the points were the thick string passed. It was more terrifying than described because the placement shown upon the face.

They all fell pale with fear when they saw such a face. Jane nearly fainted but wanted to be strong. Josh’s hands and knees were shaking. Cole held his hair firmly. When Cole looked upon the others, a fearful face was held on his head and his hair was grizzled into a blaze.

They have never felt such a combined feeling of fear and sadness before in their lives.

There was a slight pause when they looked at each other. Then, Josh said with a blaze of fear and anger in his eyes “We need to call the police. Our friend is dead and the footsteps we heard must’ve belonged to the killer.”

“I’ll get a phone” Cole said, as he came back to his senses by what Josh said. Then he went out of the room silently and fast.

When Cole left, Jane asked “Who on earth would do this and why?”

Josh replied “I don’t know and I don’t like it. This guy killed Brent. What more if he caught Cole.”

Then a sudden chill passed them at this thought.

They ran out of the door to find Cole. But as they opened the door, they saw a man coming out of the room were Cole was to get his phone. Then, they noticed that he was dragging their friend, Cole. They couldn’t see the face of the man because he was facing away from them as he was dragging Cole. They only saw that he was wearing a doctor’s coat and there seemed to be signs of stitches at the back of his head.

They instantly went back into the room. They noticed the other door, so they ran towards it and tried to open it. Unfortunately for them, it was locked from the outside. Then Jane noticed the closet.

“The closet!!”  Jane said quickly.

Josh followed Jane and they quickly went into the old wooden closet. They shut the closet quietly as the door opened.

Jane looked through the small space in between the closet doors to see what was happening. Due to the position of the light, she wasn’t able to see the man’s face. She only saw a figure wearing a doctor’s cloak, and their friend being dragged. She noticed that Cole’s eyes and chest were still moving, which meant that he was still alive.

She whispered to Josh about this important fact.

“We should jump at him while we have the chance” Jane whispered with a flare of excitement and anger upon her eyes.

Josh took a peak outside and observed that what she said was right but in the process, he observed something else. “We won’t be able to do that. He has two knives in his pocket and two needles in the other. If he took down Brent and Cole without a scratch from them, what more if we tried. Cole and Brent were active and more aggressive than us.’ Josh whispered with a sense of caution in his voice.

Jane had to consider the reasoning of josh. She felt disappointed but admired Josh for his observation and caution. She looked at him with both disappointment and admiration.

Josh noticed how Jane reacted to what he said. He was flattered but didn’t want to show it.

Josh imagined himself and Jane locked up in a closet like that but never imaged it would be in such a terrible situation as they are in now. He sighed at the thought of this.

They both looked out the closet to see what was happening. They saw the figure placed Cole in the bed and paced around the room. Cole’s eyes followed the figure’s movements.

 “I don’t understand. Why is it that everyone I meet never feels happy.” He said with a light and breathing voice. “When I met your friend over there, he seemed sad. When I asked him what was wrong he attacked me. I stopped him, calmed him down, and asked him what was wrong. He answered that he would rather be pinned to a wall than to live with his parents. I did him a favor by ending his sufferings with a smile in his face. You seemed scared when I saw you. Then you attacked me with a pair of scissors you took from our bag when I asked what was wrong.”

Then, the figure paused for a while.

“Just like mother… ”He whispered to himself with an expression of grief in his voice. Then he said “I’ll do you a favor and put you out of your suffering, a treatment that I use in most of my case. I’m sorry, though, that I had to inject you with this anesthetic, but maybe it’s best for you.”

After saying this, he took a clean blade, a needle and thick thread out of his pocket. Jane and Josh felt a shiver down their heart when they saw this. They tried to move but they were paralyzed with fear of what the figure was about to do.

With the needle, he sewed Cole’s mouth into a smile like what had happened to Brent. Josh and Jane tried to look away but they still couldn’t move. They were forced to watch as the figure did his work.

Then he grabbed a blade from his pocket and raised it above Cole and said “I hope you’ll be happy.” Then, he struck Cole in the throat.

Jane gasped at the sight of the murder. Josh then came back to his senses and urged Jane to keep quiet. But, it was too late for the figure had heard her gasp.

The figure moved slowly towards the closet while holding the bloody blade.

As it moved closer, Jane and Josh were able to see its face. But what they saw was not what they were expecting to see. The face was covered tightly with a rag cloth. There were stitches positioned to force a smile onto the figure’s mouth. The eyes passing through the holes of the mask were divulged and had a sense of madness. The mask stretched over until the back of the head. A stitch crossed the right eye, over the head and back until it reached its beginning point.

They breathed heavily as the face drew nearer. Their faces were as pale as snow and covered with cold dripping sweat. Their hands were shivering and their bodies felt weak. Their fear was unlike anything they’ve felt before.

As the hand of the masked man reached the closet’s handle, Josh whispered “When the door op… opens, run for the door.

            Jane nodded with her eyes still fixed on the figure’s face.

The closet opened and they both knocked down the cloaked man and ran towards the door. They tried to open the door but it was the locked door they had ran to.

The doctor was still on the ground, nodding his head out of dizziness. Then he looked at the two teens with his ferocious wide eyes. Josh grabbed Jane’s arm and ran for the other door once he saw the doctor regaining his strength. They reached the door and as they opened it, the doctor grabbed Jane’s leg in anger. Jane fell and screamed at the top of her lungs as she struggled to escape.

Josh only stood there motionless in panic. He didn’t know what to do.

“Josh! Help!” Jane screamed and as Josh heard her, he instantly picked up the blade dropped by the doctor and stabbed him at the shoulder with it.

Jane was free of the doctor’s grip. She and Josh ran out the room and slammed the door behind them. Then they ran across the hallway to the stairway but in a slower manner than usual.

 Their strength was failing them. Their vision was blurry and their legs were turning numb. Their breathing was heavy. Their faces were covered with cold, dripping sweat. All they could think about is what would happen if they were caught by the insane masked killing doctor that was behind them.

The door behind them opened and the doctor slowly walked behind them with his hands behind his back and blood dripping from his shoulder. There was sorrowful laugh that echoed through the hallway. All these factors added fright into the young teens.

But even with their fright, Josh and Jane wouldn’t let go of each other. They cared more about saving each other than saving themselves. Once and a while as they walked, they looked at each other with a face that said “I won’t let you go. I won’t let you get hurt.”

Josh and Jane finally reached the door that led to the stairs. They tried to open it but their shivering pale hands couldn’t grip the door knob. They glimpsed at the bleeding doctor behind them at every second while trying to open the door. Then as the doctor was a step close t them, Jane ad Josh finally were able to open the door.

They rushed as fast as they can down the stairs to the ground floor. Then, they ran out of the hospital.

 As they looked back at the hospital one last time, they saw the doctor standing on the balcony of the hospital looking at them. As the moon faced the hospital, they saw, clearly as ever, the face of the doctor staring down at them.

 Then, they kept running until they had reached the police station.

The police station was very quiet at most times because there were barely any incidents that ever happened in their small town. They were only fourteen police officers in that town and a small tactical force squad of six. But when Jane and Josh came in, there was a big surprise.

Josh and Jane told what had happened in the hospital. Then, they were brought to a nearby clinic because of their fatigue.

The police went out at once to check the hospital. They thought that if it was a prank, those two children would be in big trouble. Yet those children seemed more serious about something than anyone they have ever known and if they were telling the truth, the police would have real problem in their hands

They came to find that what those children said were partially true. They found the dead bodies, two small blades, and a needle but they couldn’t find the suspect.

The next day Josh’s family and Jane’s family moved out of that small town as the families of the two dead children were mourning. Their families feared that their children were not safe in that small quiet town.

They moved to Miami because of the safety that that city brought to them. There were many crowds, and a good police force in Miami.

Three years have passed and no incident occurred to Josh and Jane and they have completely forgotten of what had happened in that hospital. They spent most of their time together in the beaches of Miami. During those three years which have passed, Jane and Josh have grown fond of each other and have now gotten into a romantic relationship. They have now graduated high school and decided to go to the same college and were spending a good summer.

One day, they both received a letter from each other to meet at a small café by the beaches. When they reached the café, they asked each other about the letters they have received. But neither of them knew about the letters. They didn’t even send those letters. They wondered about this when a waitress came to them.

“Excuse me, but are you two lovebirds Jane and Josh” Asked the waitress.

Jane and Josh looked at each other in surprise and confusion. Then Josh replied to the waitress “Yes we are.”

“There is a table waiting for you.” She said as she pointed to the vacant table with a great view of the beach and a bouquet of roses on top.

Jane and Josh didn’t understand what was happening. They just followed the waitress to the table. The waitress served them coffee to each of them and assured them that it was paid. They tried to ask who was the one who set this all up but the waitress just said that the person who paid for it left a letter attached to the bouquet.

Jane noticed the letter, picked it up and read it aloud for Josh to listen.

The letter was written in great cursive and written like this:


Dear friends,

I am really sorry for what I did to your friends, Cole and Brent I believe are their names, but I believe they were not happy and I hoped to relieve them of their unhappiness. I was about to do the same to you but you escaped. I tried to find you two after you disappeared from that hospital o finish what I was to do in that hospital. But When I did find you, I saw that you were already happy.

 I had no need to do anything to you. I hope you stay happy. I may not be happy but I hope you stay happy as you are now. I hope you enjoy the roses. It is for your future happiness.

You are the only ones I found happy.

Thank you

Yours Truly,

Dr. Smile


When Jane finished reading the letter, they both fell pale with the memory of their experience in that old and horrid hospital, that dark and silent hallway, the corpse of their friends and the smiling devious face of the doctor.

While Josh was deep in thought about what to do about the letter, Jane read the letter once again. She smiled and said “Josh, I don’t think we need to worry to about anything. Here, read and understand the letter.”

Josh took the letter and read it. “But why?” He asked in a full fit of confusion. He understood the part that said that the doctor wouldn’t hurt them but he didn’t understand why.

Jane only said “Trust me.”

Josh smiled and said “Ok.” He knew that Jane had a perfect reason for saying that and if she wouldn’t make it a big problem then he wouldn’t do so too.

Josh’s mind then drifted to other matters.

While Josh looked out the window in deep thought, Jane was happily enjoying her time. She now understands a portion of the man known as Dr. Smile’s mind. She now felt pity instead of horror towards Dr. Smile because she knew that he didn’t understand emotions or feelings and that he only wants to give what he doesn’t have, which is happiness. She now knew that the death of his friends were only misunderstandings.

She wanted to find and help the doctor with his trouble but didn’t want to risk the trouble of finding him and him possibly trying to hurt her. Only Jane understood the reason of Dr Smile’s killings.

Jane and Josh were the only two people who gained freedom from the Doctor Smile.

© 2012 Kyle Sky

Author's Note

Kyle Sky
tell me if there are errors. and plese no bad commets, this is my first story posted

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Add a picture. Also, work on your pacing. I feel the story could be a lot creepier if you took the time to describe the setting, the doctor himself, etc. Other wise, still a good job. Just needs a little sprucing up.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Kyle Sky

9 Years Ago

Thanks, I'll be sure to take your advice.
This is epicness! Okay, the phrasing of several of the sentences are a little off, but that's the only error I found. This is great. The detail and flow of the story is wonderful. I love the suspence and how you describe the chacters and explain what's going on. I love this. :))

Posted 9 Years Ago

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