Off the Cretan track chapter 34

Off the Cretan track chapter 34

A Chapter by Repgreece

Oh what a bit of lotion can do!


Sal was in seventh heaven. Sandra and Phil had gone for a swim, Karen and crazy hippie Bob had gone for a wander to 'bond with the place', whatever that meant, and so she had time to herself. She was lying on her stomach with the sun's rays warming her back, melting away every last residue of tension in her body and lulling her into a dreamlike state. She was drifting away in the calming to and fro of the soft waves that were lapping the shore. Bliss.




She was barely aware of the sound.




There it was again though, dragging her out of her semi consciousness.


"Sal, are you awake?"


Okay, she could no longer ignore that. Groaning with protest, she opened her drowsy eyes to see Nick towering above her. Then she was suddenly, and quite abruptly, awake.


Oh my God, she'd forgotten to meet him... yet again!


Jumping up in a panic, she momentarily forgot that she had untied the string on the back of her bikini to prevent tan lines, and she spent the next few seconds floundering about on the sand, trying desperately to catch the ties of her bikini before the whole top of it revealed too much! She wasn't so worried about the other people on the beach; she often sunbathed topless, however, the thought of bearing all in front of Nick was beyond embarrassing for her. Finally, she contented herself with simply holding the two triangles of material over herself, having failed miserably at finding, and tying, the string ends together at her back.


Nick watched her with affectionate amusement. Poor Sal; she always got herself into such a pickle.


"What's the panic Sal?" he laughed.


"What time is it? I fell asleep. So sorry Nick," she grimaced.


"Calm down; we were quicker than I'd thought, so I found you here," he explained, leaning across her, opening her beach bag and fumbling in it. She watched with bewilderment, kneeling on the sand, still holding her bikini top over her modesty. Finally, he found what he'd been searching for and pulled out a bottle of sun tan lotion. "Here, lie back down, and I'll put some lotion on you; you're burning," he said.


She hesitated, eyeing the bottle of lotion suspiciously.


"Come on Sal," Nick said incredulously, "I put lotion on you the very first day we met; you weren't shy then," he teased, kneeling down next to her. She tutted and lay back down on her towel, on her stomach, carefully slipping her hands away so that the bikini top remained in the correct place underneath her. "Oh, but I forgot; you don't remember that, do you?" he whispered into her ear.


She turned her head to look up at him. "Of course I do silly. It's just that...well, I forgot momentarily."


"Hmm." He didn't sound convinced.


Unscrewing the top off the lotion, he poured some of it onto Sal's back and began to smooth it over her skin. He was immediately transferred back to a year ago, as though he had wanted to rub lotion on her just to experience it again, and remember how it had been that first time when he had met her. This time however, he had access to more skin, and the boldness which familiarity with her allowed him.


She had winced slightly when the lotion had hit her; it must have been cold. And then his hands had begun to spread the moisture out, over a small area at first, but then gradually over the whole of her back. As soon as he had started to work the lotion in, he noticed how tense she was, her muscles resisting his movements. Wanting to make her relax, he teased out the tension with the expertise of a proper masseur. He had never taken instruction on it before, but, with the help of his female cousins, who he had always turned to for advice on how to impress the ladies, he had become quite skilled at massage.


Soon she began to relax; he could tell from the feel of her muscles and the way her breathing had slowed and become more regular. It was then that he began to cover a wider area of her body. Kneeling in front of her head, he pushed his hands down the entire length of her back, letting his thumbs catch and tease the remaining tension at the base, as they massaged in small circles, before he returned his hands to her shoulders and repeated the process.


"Oh God," came a muffled expletive from Sal's downturned head. "You're good at that," she said, unable to stop herself. "How did you learn how to do that?" she asked.


He buzzed with excitement at the sound of her obvious pleasure, as though he knew he was about to win top prize for something and was just waiting for the confirmation. He was good, and he knew it... and now she knew it too.


"You just seemed all tensed up, so I thought I'd help you out," he replied modestly, going in for the kill with tiny feathery thumb movements all the way down both of her sides. He knew exactly what he was doing.


She moaned and buried her head in her towel. "Nick," Came an even more muffled voice, which was fortunate or it would have sounded something more like a screech. "You're very good at this," she repeated, almost in a panic, taking hold of the corner of her towel and hanging onto it for dear life. "Or is it just me? Is it supposed to feel..." she moaned again as he ran his hands back up her back, " this?"


Oh Lord, Nick was a dark horse. He clearly had hidden talents...goodness knows what else he could do with those hands of his!


Damn he was good. He really had got her going, and it was the best aphrodisiac he'd ever experienced. It was only a pity they were in public or he could really go to town, but he was vaguely aware that some people nearby had already heard Sal's moans and were watching them dubiously.


"Of course it is," he whispered close to her ear, as matter of factly as he could manage, considering the circumstances. "You just have such very sensitive skin Sal," he said, in an even softer voice, the s's seducing her ears.


His eyes, which were focused on Sal's ear, flicked upwards then and caught sight of the view down her back, his hands on her... on Sal... all over her back... sliding over her smooth tanned skin, glistening with oil. Damn it, he could so easily kiss her there right at that moment. He could almost see himself running a row of tiny kisses down her back where his hands had been. Imagine what a reaction that would evoke from her!


Ah hell, it was too much for Nick, and now he was in trouble again, as he so often was with Sal around. Only being in that kind of trouble on the beach, when he wasn't wearing very much, could prove to be embarrassing. There was only one thing for it: the next best thing to a cold shower.


Sal was close to bursting. She prayed that he'd stop soon for fear that she'd jump on him right there and then and rip all his clothes off.


"You want to go for a swim?" he asked.


She exhaled suddenly. "Yes," she said, jumping up with decidedly jelly-like legs and fastening her bikini with shaking hands as she sprinted to the relative safety of the sea.

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Added on July 17, 2012
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Off The Cretan Track