Welcome To Crete Chapter 3

Welcome To Crete Chapter 3

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay is tricked


Fay decided to take the long route back to her apartment, which gave her a chance to walk along the sea front. She wasn't particularly in the mood to work and wouldn't have minded staying to enjoy another drink or two with her friends. 

On second thoughts though, the way the conversation was going some innuendo about what had happened earlier was bound to have slipped out. 
I bet he'd be thrilled to know that they were talking about him. He obviously thought he could buy them all drinks and have them falling at his feet! 
She sighed and turned to look at the view as she passed the marina. The rows of sailing boats swayed with the movement of the water and she noticed the mountains in the distance beginning to turn their usual smoky pink colour, veiled by the haze from the day's heat. She never tired of looking at the views there, they seemed to have a calming effect on her and they were often a source of inspiration for her writing. 
On arriving home she made herself a mug of tea and sat at her computer to finish the review. She had written most of it and only had the last few paragraphs to finish. However, just as she began the next paragraph the phone on her desk beeped. She looked at it in surprise and picked it up to read the message. 
Hi, I believe that you write reviews here in Agios Nikolaos and you were recommended to me. I may have some work for you if you are interested. My name is Adam Ford and my office is on the sea front, next to The Sunrise hotel. Pass by at 7 o clock and I'll explain more. 
Wow! that couldn't have come at a better time, she could do with some more work. 
She looked at her watch, 6 o clock. 
Not much notice though! 
Glancing back at the screen, she calculated how long it would take her to finish the review and get changed to be there in time. She decided to work on the review for another half an hour and then stop, be it finished or not. This new work could be a godsend and she wanted to make the right impression; turning up late would not be a good start. 
As she had suspected, after half an hour she still hadn't finished the review. She decided to finish it when she got back so she tidied her desk and headed for the bedroom to change her clothes. Opening the wardrobe, she pulled out the only suitable top that didn't need ironing. It was a thin, airy white blouse and she coupled it with a black, knee length skirt. She moved to the mirror to survey the results and inspect the transparency of the blouse. 
Well, it looked quite conservative. What could he expect with such short notice anyway? 
Then as an after thought she decided to scrape her hair back off her face; she had always thought that it gave her a more efficient look. She twisted the loose blonde curls at the back of her head and secured them with a clip. Vaguely satisfied with her appearance she grabbed her phone, bag and keys and left the apartment. 
She arrived at the office with minutes to spare, curious as to what exactly the job would entail but nonetheless excited about its prospects. The door was closed so she peered into the office but saw no evidence of life. Strange, she had expected somebody to be there. Looking at her watch she wondered if she had got the time right so she searched in her bag for her phone to check the message again.

"Hi, you lost something?" came a voice from behind her. She spun around but frowned when she saw who it was.

"What are you doing here?" she asked frostily. Icy, blue eyes met amused brown ones.

"Not pleased to see me then?" he grinned.

A sudden uneasy feeling came over her then. "Why are you here?" she repeated.


He ignored her question again and glanced down at her. "You've changed your clothes, very efficient looking."

She folded her arms. "Well, if there's nothing in particular you wanted..." He went into his pocket and took out a key.

"Excuse me," he said, his eyes gesturing towards the door she was blocking. She moved aside anxiously and watched with apprehension as she began to fear the worst. 
Damn, don't say it's him! Please not him! 
He unlocked the door and turned to her. "Are you coming in then or are you just going to stand there staring?" 
More to the point, could she work with this man anyway? 
She gave him a small smile and walked past him into the office, hovering around the front desk.

He held out his hand to her. "Adam Ford."

She shook his hand. "Fay Thompson."

"So I've heard. I wanted to talk to you earlier but you seemed in a rush to leave the bar."

"Err, yes. I had an appointment." She lied, biting her lip.

He watched her thoughtfully and then moved around the desk to take a seat, motioning for her to do the same.

"I hear that you write reviews for brochures et cetera and I am looking for someone to help me with an advertising campaign, and perhaps to help put together some trips for tourists. Would you be interested?" he asked. 
Yes, she'd be interested! It sounded like regular work. 
She took time to look as if she was considering the proposition. "Perhaps."

He crossed his arms on the desk and grinned at her, his eyes scrutinizing her face.

"I've read some of your reviews and I'm impressed but I'd like to pay you extra if you would work on these tours with me as well," he added, trying to tempt her further.

"What kind of tours are we talking about?" she questioned, remaining non-committal.

"That would be left up to you, although I would want to oversee them of course."

"Of course," she smiled. 
Hmm, he obviously liked to stay in control. 
"Are you free tomorrow?" he queried. 
He didn't beat about the bush either! 
"I think so. I'll check my diary," she replied snootily. He broke into laughter then and she looked at him in confusion. "What?" she frowned. He was beginning to annoy her.

"Well if you find that you are free, once you have checked your diary," he emphasised with amusement, "I'd like to get a sense of this side of the island. If you could come up with some ideas for possible trips we can take a look around. You have my number so perhaps you could let me know tonight?"

"That is assuming that I decide to take the work on, and after we have discussed terms et cetera," she came back.

He held her challenging look. "Let me know if you are free tomorrow and we will discuss terms."

"Fine, I'll do that," she confirmed. 
He knew that she'd say yes. Damn! 
"Okay, I'll wait to hear from you," he said, rising out of his seat.


She stood up and they shook hands again before she left. His eyes followed her until she had exited the building and disappeared down the street. He laughed. 
"Well she's got spirit; I'll give her that!"

© 2011 Repgreece

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Hm, i wonder why she was frazzled about metting him...I'd love to see how their metting goes.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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