Welcome To Crete Chapter 6

Welcome To Crete Chapter 6

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam teases Fay


By the time Adam found Fay she was already in the car waiting for him.
"Are you used to men chasing after you?" he asked with annoyance as he got into the car.
"Don't like women who take the lead then?" she countered.
He studied her for a while. "I'm not used to women running away from me."
"I bet you're not. So, do you want to see more now or not?" she asked with hostility.
"Oh I'd like to see more!" he exclaimed as his eyes travelled up her body, from her feet to her face.
She glared at him furiously. "You know Adam, I think us working together is going to be a mistake."
"Oh really, why is that?" he asked.
"Let's face it, we obviously don't get along so it's probably best that we call it a day now."
He relented somewhat. "Look Fay, I need someone with your knowledge and you could probably do with the work, so why don't you just calm down and tell me where we're going to next?"
She probably could do with the work; she hated to admit it, but she comforted herself in the fact that he needed her as much as she needed this job. She sighed loudly and crossed her arms.
"There's a village further along the main road, it sells handicrafts and things, it's got quite an impressive church," she said reluctantly and then added, "but half of the places won't be open now as it's a public holiday. We could have looked around," she gave up, "look, I don't know. Today hasn't turned out to be the best day. I had in mind to show you the cave and Sisi but you bloody well wouldn't turn around!"
He ran a hand through his hair. "Okay," he said with determination as he started up the car, "we'll find this damn cave if it kills us!" 
She couldn't help but chuckle then and she turned away, trying to hide it. 
God she was frustrating! She was like a damn schizophrenic! One minute shouting the odds at him, the next all innocence and light. Hell, even worse than that was this damn temptress woman he kept seeing glimpses of, a woman who has been known to grab hold of him at any given moment, a woman with such damn, bloody sexy underwear! 
He turned the car around and they made their way back along the highway.
"Do you think you can find it this time without me directing you?" she asked, glancing at his face but having to turn away again as she stifled a laugh.
"I'll find it, don't you worry your pretty little head," he replied, reaching the crossroads but having to hesitate.
"Straight on, right?" he said with uncertainty. She couldn't hold it in any more and she burst out laughing.
"Yes, straight on," she replied with tears of laughter in her eyes.
"Fay Thompson, are you laughing at me?"
"No, no, carry on," she said wiping the tears away with the back of her hand.
She turned to look out of the window and bit her finger in an attempt to stop herself from laughing again. He continued driving and rolled his eyes, but a huge smile spread across his face nonetheless.

After a while the road dipped and Adam looked out of the window to see that it followed closely to the sea. He noticed what looked like a row of sandy beaches below them which he hadn't seen on the way there.
"What are the beaches like around here?" he asked with interest.
"Lovely, actually some of the best in the Agios Nikolaos area."
"Could be included in the itinerary then?" he queried.
"I don't see why not."
He looked pleased. "Which is the best one? And don't tell me we've passed it."
"No, actually you are in luck. If you want to take a look I'll tell you when to stop," she said with a smirk. 
They pulled off the road onto a dirt track which stopped high on a cliff above the sea. She pointed out of the window at a long sandy beach that stretched before them.
"Istron bay, its got lovely clean water and natural sand," she announced.
"Natural?" he questioned.
"Yes, some of the town beaches don't. The council covers the pebbles with sand before the tourists arrive. Not quite the same," she explained. He got out of the car to admire the view at closer range and motioned for her to join him.
"So how busy does this beach get in the summer?" he asked.
"Quite busy but..." She caught him by the shoulder and turned him around in the opposite direction, urging him to walk forward. 
There she went again getting physical. Did she know she was playing with fire? 
He felt her hand on his back and her body close behind.
"...if we go just down here, there's a wonderful little secluded stretch of beach which few people ever find," she informed him. They walked in the opposite direction down a tiny path and soon he noticed a small area of sand adjacent to the larger beach, but hidden by an outcrop of rocks.
"You never fail to amaze me," he admitted.
"Great isn't it," She smiled. She grabbed his hand and pulled him down the path that led down the cliff to the beach. However, before long she had to let go as she felt her feet beginning to slip on the sand that covered the path.
"Careful here, the floor tends to give way under your feet," she warned him.
Inching her way down she gave up to momentum as she neared the bottom, running down the last stretch and laughing as she managed to stop herself just before the water's edge. He stood at the bottom of the slope watching her, amazed at her sudden change of mood. She noticed him looking at her and stopped abruptly, fixing a more serious expression on her face as he approached her.
"So I guess this would be somewhere different to take the tourists," she summed up.
"Hmm." He studied her face closely. 
There was that grin again. What was he thinking now? 
"Fancy a swim?" he said suddenly on impulse. 
She frowned. "Don't be ridiculous."
"Why is that ridiculous?" he asked.
She gave him a haughty look. "You know exactly why."
His grin widened. "No, explain to me Fay."
"You go for a swim if you want to but I'm not taking any more clothes off today," she replied.
He laughed and raised an eyebrow. "Today?"
"Or any other day!" she amended.
"Okay, but you're missing out," he said as he began stripping his clothes off. She looked at him in horror as she had assumed that he was joking about the swim. He got down to his briefs and she abruptly looked away, taking a seat on a rock and pretending to busy herself with her phone. She heard him laugh out loud then and she could just picture his smug expression. How on earth did she get herself into this? She waited for a while and then looked up to see him swimming out to sea, noticing his jeans and t-shirt on the sand. 
Thank god he'd kept his briefs on! She wouldn't have put it past him to have taken them off too the way he was going. How on earth was she going to survive working with him? He seemed to have sex constantly on the brain, and the way he looked at her sometimes! You'd have thought she was standing in front of him completely naked! The only way to deal with him was most definitely not to react to his suggestive comments. To just stay cool and aloof, that should take the wind out of his sails. 
She looked at the phone in her hand and decided to send Tim a text message. She had been out for a few dates with him and there was no harm in getting in contact again, if only to take her mind off this disturbing man. She typed a message into her phone. 
How's things with you Tim? I haven't seen you for a while, just thought I'd catch up. Fay 
She looked at the message, shrugged and sent it. 
What harm will it do? He seemed an okay kind of guy. 
"Not going to change your mind then?" came a voice from behind her. She jumped and looked up to see Adam approaching. 
Oh hell, how was she going to deal with this? He was dripping wet and god knows what he was showing! 
She kept her eyes on his face and tried to exude confidence. "No thank you, good swim?"
"Fantastic," he grinned.
She gave him a false smile. "Shall we go now?"
"Well in case you hadn't noticed, I'm a bit wet," he said, shaking the excess water off his hands. He paused and then a slow smile spread across his face. "Unless you don't mind me changing here." 
Should she call his bluff? Hell no! 
"Okay, we can wait until you dry off," she replied quickly.
He laughed. "I thought you'd say that."
He lay out on the sand by her feet and she glared at him, even though he was unaware of it. 
Bloody arrogant man he was! 
Suddenly her phone beeped and she reached for it, pushing the button and reading the message. 
I'm fine, and you? How would you like to meet up tonight? Tim. 
She suddenly regretted sending the message. Did she want to meet up with him? She'd make it another night. 
Sorry Tim, busy tonight. Let's make it another time. Speak soon. Fay. 
She was just about to send the message when the phone was unceremoniously snatched away from her.
"No mobile phones allowed, that's a disturbance of the peace," Adam stated. 
"Give me that back!" she shouted. He grinned and looked at the message. "I'm serious Adam, you are well out of order now! Give me the damn phone back!"
"So, Tim's got the brush off tonight. What's on the agenda for tonight then Fay?" he asked.
"Give me the phone!" she said, ignoring his question. She had emphasised each word and her expression told him not to push her any further.
"Here you go," he said, handing her back the phone and lying back on the sand with that smug look that she detested. She stood up then, aggravated beyond belief.
"I'll see you back at the car, when you can be bothered to join me."
As she made her way up the slope she could still hear him laughing in the most annoying, arrogant way.



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Lol, i like how she was flusterd by adam and to me he's acting a bit unprofessional since he's just working with her,but that just proves that he likes her. Lol, great chaoter1

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