Welcome To Crete Chapter 7

Welcome To Crete Chapter 7

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay has a weak moment


Adam got into the car and started the engine saying, "You know Fay, this is getting to be a habit with you."
"What is?" she frowned.
"You running away from me," he replied.
She ignored his comment. "Shall we go then?"
"By all means," he said backing out onto the highway. 
They left the beach behind and headed for Sisi once more in the hope of finding the cave that they had missed. Fay directed him, despite her earlier resolution not to, and they followed the signs carefully to eventually pull up outside the pathway that led to the Milatos cave. The path was cut into the side of a mountain and was edged with a rough wooden barrier. Below them was a deep valley, from which soared a second rocky mountain adjacent to them. 
"It's only a short walk to the cave but what I like about this walk is the way that you feel completely encompassed by the mountains," she said, glancing around.
"Hmm, if the walk isn't too strenuous then it would give people a chance to see the mountains without having to take part in a hike," he said thoughtfully.
"Exactly," she replied with a smile. 
After about ten minutes they had reached the mouth of the cave. It had a wide but very low entrance and as they peered into it Fay suddenly remembered how dark the first section of the cave was.
"If you go in there's a church at the back," she said, motioning for him to enter.
He gave her a look of doubt. "Ladies first."
"I've seen it before, go ahead," she urged.
He laughed knowingly. "You're the guide, after you."
She hesitated. "Did I happen to mention that there may be a few bats?"
"No, you didn't happen to mention that," he laughed.
"Not afraid of bats are you?" she challenged.
"No, but you obviously are," he chuckled, taking hold of her hand, ducking and moving forward into the darkness. She resisted slightly so he moved her in front of him and took hold of her waist, nudging her forward. The cave was so low in the first section that they had to crouch and Fay strained to find some light as she shuffled forward.
"Adam, you know bats..."
"They have good sonar don't they?"
"Which means that they are going to avoid us right?"
"Whatever you say Fay," he grinned. 
Suddenly a breeze blew through the cave and moved Fay's hair. She was so tense that her first thought was of bats and she shrieked, standing up suddenly and cracking her head on the ceiling of the cave.
"Awch, awch, awch!" She sat down on the floor, holding her throbbing head.
"What's happening? What have you done?" Adam said in panic.
"Bloody bats! Just forgot and stood up," she groaned.
"There are no bats, you're obsessed with bats! Come on get up," he said laughing. 
She got up and at last they could see light, and the tiny church alter at the back. The light was coming from a hole in the cave at one side which looked out over the mountain next to them, and now they were able to stand.
"How's your head?" he asked.
"Sore," she answered wryly.
"Let's see," he said, putting his hands around her face and tilting her head forward.
She backed away from him. "It's fine."
"You're not going to pass out on me are you?"
She frowned "No, don't be silly."
"Good, because I'd find it hard to carry you back through there," he said, glancing back into the darkness.
She smirked. "Don't worry, you won't have to carry me!"
He grinned. "So what's with the church then?"
"Well, this cave was used in the time of the Turkish invasion, the local people hid in here to avoid getting captured. They held out for some time but I believe that they were betrayed and the Turks found them. There was a lot of slaughter, the children were sold into slavery and the priests were burnt alive," she explained.
"Oh, not a happy ending then?"
"No, these are some of their bones," she said, pointing to the bones that were encased in glass by the alter. "They have a ceremony here once a year to commemorate the dead."
He nodded and she moved to the hole which looked out onto the mountain. He followed, stopping behind her.
"I came here with a friend once and we noticed some goats on the mountain. It's hard to imagine how they don't fall off, it's pretty steep," she observed.
"Goats well equipped for heights, that's why they call them mountain goats Fay," he teased.
"Very funny, but if you think about it hooves must be quite slippery, you'd think they'd have more grippy feet."
He laughed loudly then. "I can see you've given it much thought."
She smiled backwards at him and then turned back to the view. He suddenly put his hands on her waist behind her, bringing his face close to hers.
"Can't seem to see any goats out there," he commented.
"That's because they're disguised," she said without thinking.
"Disguised." He pretended to look amazed.
"You know what I mean, camouflaged," she corrected. He turned to look at the profile of her face. 
Wow, she was really very beautiful. 
"So why do the goats need to be camouflaged then Fay?" he asked. She paused, trying to come up with an answer that fitted her knowledge on all the other subjects that day.
"Err, well, to protect themselves from..." She faltered.
"From?" he questioned.
"Err...mountain lions?" she said eventually without conviction. He howled with laughter and she laughed with him.
"See many mountain lions in these parts then do you Fay?"
"Well, not so much," she chuckled.
"You can hear the goats though, they have bells so that the owners can find them."
"Shh, listen," he said suddenly, putting his cheek next to hers.
"What?" she asked.
He whispered into her ear. "Could be goats or...ghosts."
She laughed and turned her head. "There are no ghosts silly!" His face was inches from hers and her smile slowly fell away as his eyes moved to her lips. She could feel heat begin to creep into her face and she was suddenly unable to move or think clearly. 
God she was tempting! 
"I think we should go," she said suddenly.
His eyes searched hers. "Oh.... why?"  he questioned.

She shook her head abruptly and moved around him. "There's nothing else to see here."
"Hmm." He watched her for a while and then glanced over at the darkness through which they had passed to enter.
"Do you think I can get you back through there without you causing yourself any more bodily injury?"
She was already at the edge of the darkness. "It's not so bad going back," she said matter of factly, disappearing from his sight. 

© 2011 Repgreece

Author's Note

So we are back to the beginning and the end of section one. What do you think happened to Fay when she left the cave?

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I think she will get lost....just an assumption. LOl, that was funny how she reacted when she thought there was bats! :P

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