Welcome To Crete Chapter 8

Welcome To Crete Chapter 8

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay and Adam have a fright


Just as Adam was beginning to give up hope of ever finding Fay again alive, a shout came from further down the path and he sped towards it, crashing into her as he ran around a corner. He held her arms in a vice like grip and looked at her. 
"Are you all right? What the bloody hell happened?" He could feel her shaking violently and her face was completely drained of colour.
She grabbed him by the arm and began to run, pulling him behind her. "We've got to get out of here Adam, now!"
"What are you talking about? Stop a minute," he said, resisting her.
She turned to him and screamed, "Don't stop we've got to get to the car, now!" 
She began running again and he followed her with confusion. She was so desperate to get to the car that she stumbled on the uneven ground. He caught her just before she hit the path.
"Fay, what is it that has frightened you so much? For God sake tell me!" he appealed.
She stood up again and went to resume running but he caught hold of her. She looked up at him and he could tell from the look on her face that she was fighting back her emotions.
"Please Adam, let's just get to the car," she begged. He hesitated for a second but on contemplating her face he suddenly took hold of her hand and ran. 
They reached the car and got in. She locked her door and then leant across to lock his.
"Now will you tell me what happened?" he asked. She put her hands over her face and tried to slow down her breathing. Then a sudden ear-piercing crack filled the car and the window next to Fay smashed, showering glass onto her lap. Adam shot out a hand, grabbing her around the shoulder and pulling her to him. He put his arm over her head to protect her and turned around to see where the object had been thrown from. Seconds later there was a huge thud on the roof and the whole car shook. Still holding on to Fay with one arm, he slotted the key into the ignition and started up the car. There was another loud crack behind them and the back window smashed, at which point he slammed his foot on the accelerator and sped away. A final thud could be heard from the roof and Fay sat up then, looking behind her to see a man fly off the car and land on the road. They belted down the highway and she brushed the pieces of glass off her lap.
"Be careful, Fay are you alright?" he asked with concern. She nodded, not trusting herself to speak. 
After about twenty minutes Adam spotted a taverna which was set slightly off the main road so he turned the car and pulled up into the driveway.
"Come on, I could do with a drink. Here get out of this side sweetheart or you'll cut yourself on the glass," he said, holding out his hand to help her over. 
They walked across the driveway, and into the taverna. There was a very old looking couple sitting at a table, but apart from that the taverna seemed to be empty.
"Are you open?" Adam asked. The old man gave them a look of miscomprehension but got up and went over to a nearby counter top, picking up a jug of something and motioning for them to sit. He placed the jug on the table and went to get two glasses. Fay looked into the jug and saw that it was filled with red wine.
"Looks like we're getting wine to drink then," she said with a small, shaky laugh.
"That'll do," he said, filling their glasses and then turning to her anxiously.
"Fay, are you all right?" he asked again.
"Yes, I'm fine," she assured him. 
He studied her as she picked the wine glass up with a shaky hand. She wasn't fine at all, she was fighting back the tears and he knew it. Her eyes shimmered with emotion but flicked away from his awkwardly a few times as if she were uncomfortable with him seeing her inner feelings displayed so openly. Her determination to remain strong however only tugged at his heartstrings further because if there was one thing he'd learnt about her, it was that, for some reason he'd yet to fathom out, she fiercely guarded her ability to stay in control. He wanted to be her strength then, he wanted her to trust him with that. He felt suddenly closer to her and naturally yearned to make that closeness physical. He hesitated though, unsure of what her reaction would be, but finally settled for reaching out across the table and taking her hand in his. 
"What happened to you out there?" he asked softly, his eyes full of concern and feeling. 
She swallowed in an attempt to stop the tears that were threatening. "Someone grabbed me." She breathed in deeply, finding it hard to continue and he stroked her hand with his thumb. It felt small and fragile in his, her skin smooth and soft. "I heard you shouting but I couldn't scream because he had his hand over my mouth," she finished weakly. Anger suddenly filled him as a mental picture appeared in his head. 
He would find the b******s that did that and string them up! 
"He thought you were my boyfriend and he said to tell you to mind your back or you'd end up with a bullet in it. But Adam, he knew your name."
He frowned then. "Could he have heard us talking?"
"I don't think so, he seemed to be wanting to get at you personally," she explained.
He looked bewildered. "Look Fay, I don't know anyone here. I only arrived last week."
"How did he know you then?" she asked.
"I've absolutely no idea?" 
He'd put her in danger and he didn't even damn well know why! 
He had the strongest urge then to take her in his arms and never let anyone come near her again. Why he felt like that he didn't know, he barely knew this woman and his instincts told him that she'd reject his closeness. She'd been doing that all day. 
"Did he hurt you?" he asked hesitantly. She shook her head but then looked down as to her horror she realized that she wasn't going to be able to hold back the tears in her eyes. He held onto her hand, fighting back the urge to bridge the gap between them. She hung her head as the tears began to fall and that broke his resolve. 
Ah to hell with this! 
He stood up abruptly and pulled her out of her chair suddenly towards him, putting his arms around her and holding her closely. He anticipated the rejection, her pushing him away, but to his surprise she leant into him and rested her head on his shoulder as she sobbed. He wrapped his arms more tightly around her, she felt fragile and soft against him and he could feel her trembling as she cried. 
There was more to this woman than he'd imagined and this small change in her attitude towards him, her allowing this brief but significant physical contact between them, made him impatient for more. He couldn't figure out how or why but within the space of just one day he'd found some kind of intangible connection with her. He looked down at her and lifted one hand to place it gently on her head. 
"It's okay now sweetheart, you're safe now," he whispered, stroking her hair.


© 2011 Repgreece

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OMG! Things just got intresting! I wonder why the mystery guy threatned them...but it might be bad for me to say, but i',m glad it happened because it brought them closer together.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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