Welcome To Crete Chapter 9

Welcome To Crete Chapter 9

A Chapter by Repgreece

Section 2, flash forward and then flashback to Fay and Adam arriving back in Agios Nikolaos.

Section 2
Later that evening
The shrill sound of the telephone reverberated around the dark room and cut into Fay's sub-consciousness. She sat up abruptly in the darkness and struggled for a few moments to clear her head. Realising what was causing the noise, she reached out blindly towards her bedside table, her eyes still closed. Her hand hovered over the items on the tabletop, seeking the telephone handset among the cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, and the glass of water she had placed there before she had gone to bed. Barely preventing the glass from spilling its contents, she eventually found the telephone and punched the button with her forefinger in desperation to stop its grating noise. 
"Hello," she managed to mutter in a muffled voice.
"Fay, it's Adam."
Her eyes flew open then and she reached out to flick the switch next to her bed, flooding the room with light. It was unclear at that point which was more startling to her, the sudden brilliance radiating from the light bulb overhead or the sound of Adam's voice on the other end of the telephone.
"Adam! What on earth are you doing phoning me at this time of night?" she asked.
"I know, I realise that it's late but there was nobody else I could call. I need a lift home," he informed her.
A frown crossed her face and was quickly accompanied with a look of outrage.
"What! You wake me up at this time to..."
He cut into her outburst and stopped her dead in her tracks.
"I'm in jail Fay, I'll explain when you get here." 

Earlier that afternoon 

Fay and Adam drove back to Agios Nikolaos in companionable silence, both running the events of the day through their minds. He pulled up outside her apartment and turned off the engine.
"I'll get to the bottom of this you know, I hope it hasn't put you off working with me because I'd really like you to continue."
She sighed. "No, it hasn't put me off."
He smiled. "Good."
She looked out of the window at her apartment. "Oh no, I promised I'd go to The Wheelhouse tonight with Sal."
"Hey, there's no sense in staying in and dwelling on what happened, it could do you good to get out," he smiled.
"Yes well, I don't think I'm going to have much choice in the matter," she chuckled.
Adam was relieved to see that Fay looked considerably better than she had an hour ago. Now at least she had some colour in her cheeks.
"I'll have to get my car sorted out tomorrow and I'll go to the police station too but I'll phone you and if you can pop into the office we can discuss the paperwork. I'll pay you for your time of course."
"Okay, that's fine," she nodded. There was a silence then and his eyes flitted over her face. She gazed back at him and their eyes locked. She suddenly realised that she was holding her breath and she looked down with a small laugh.
"Err, I need to get out that side."
"Oh yeah, of course," he said, getting out of the car and leaning over to help her. She took his hand and he pulled her across and then up towards him, using a little more force than was necessary so that they were inches apart by the time she was out. She avoided eye contact with him, not daring to look into his face. He looked down at her intently and slowly moved his hands to her waist. 
Move, she should move now! 
She could feel his fingers softly stroking her lower back through the material of the t-shirt she was wearing. 
Should he try to kiss her? Probably not a good idea. Damn but he really wanted to kiss her right then. 
She turned around suddenly. "My jumper, I almost forgot," she said reaching back into the car for it. When she looked up at him to say goodbye he was grinning at her as a picture of her taking it off flashed through his mind. She gave him a wry smile, said goodbye and made for her apartment. 
When she got in Sal had the music on full blast and was dancing around the room like a woman possessed.
"Hi!" Fay shouted, "having fun?"
Sal was not in the least bit put off by her presence and continued to jump around to the music. "Ready for a session tonight gal?" Sal shouted back.
Fay laughed. "Oh go on then." She went to the stereo and turned the music down to a reasonable level and eventually Sal stopped.
"Soooo, how was your date with the good looking guy then?" Sal grinned.
Fay shook her head. "It wasn't a date and you know it, and it went...okay."
"What happened to your jumper?" Sal enquired.
"Nothing, it just got hot that's all," Fay replied, hoping that Sal wouldn't ask more.
Sal's eyes widened. "Oooh, got hot and sticky with the gorgeous guy eh Fay."
Fay looked annoyed. "Stop it or you'll be going out on your own tonight."
"Touchy, touchy," Sal teased, sliding backwards over the arm of the sofa and lying down, looking up at the ceiling. "I wonder if you got touchy, touchy with him today."
Fay glared in her direction and decided not to say any more on the subject to encourage her.
"Come on then if you want to go out, let's get ready."
Sal jumped up then. "Do you think he'll be out tonight?"
Fay frowned. "No... I don't think so anyway," she added.
"So he might be. We'll have to make sure you look gorgeous then to knock him off his feet," Sal grinned.
"Look, I'm not dressing up just for him, and he probably won't be there anyway."
Sal ignored her comment, skipping excitedly into Fay's bedroom and shouting out, "Let me choose your clothes."
"Whatever you want Sal," Fay replied, rolling her eyes. She knew better than to argue with her when she was in that kind of mood. 
Sal picked out a pair of tight, black trousers and a black, basque style, strapless top.
"You'll look fab in this," she said triumphantly.
"Okay, I'll put it on," Fay sighed. 
She showered and changed into the clothes and Sal fussed over her makeup. Standing in front of the mirror she inspected her reflection with a frown. 
She looked as though she'd dressed for seduction. 
"Here, put this on and these shoes," Sal said, handing her a black, velvet choker and a pair of black, high-heeled stilettos. She sighed and put them on.
"There, he'll be putty in your hands looking like that!" Sal exclaimed.
Fay tutted. "I don't want him to be putty in my hands, and I told you, he probably won't even be there."
"Bet you anything he is," Sal countered.
"Come on Miss Mischief, and don't go embarrassing me Sal, I work for him remember." 

© 2011 Repgreece

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LOl, u gotta love sal and she reminds me of my best friend! Except for the finding outfits and asking about guys thing, but dancing around like a woman possesd. That's definitly her! ^^

Posted 10 Years Ago

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