Welcome To Crete Chapter 11

Welcome To Crete Chapter 11

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam walks Fay home


Adam rose off his stool to take a crate of beer off Ruth who was struggling to carry it down the bar.
"I guess that we'll be going soon. Will you be all right Ruth? Would you like me to see you home?" Adam asked as they moved behind the bar and he put the crate down.
"No, I'll be fine. I only live upstairs but thanks for the offer," she replied. 
Fay watched as Adam began to empty the bottles of beer from the crate into the fridges for Ruth. 
He was quite a gentleman really. Maybe she had misjudged him. 
Her eyes followed his movements behind the bar and slowly rose to his face... his hair... his shoulders... his hands. 
Stop it! He was her boss! 
"Come on Sal, I think Ruth wants to close," Fay called to her as Pat and Sal fell about laughing a few stools further away from them.
"Ahh, just one more Sambuca," Sal pleaded.
"No Sal," she glanced at Ruth who was looking tired and ready for bed. "Take no notice of her Ruth; we can't possibly drink any more anyway."
"Speak for yourself. We could always go down town. How about it girls?" Sal piped up.
"God no! I'm going home to bed," Fay said, looking at Sal in disbelief.
"Come on, I'll go with you Sal," Pat offered.
"Way hay!" Sal cheered, throwing her arms around Pat. 
Adam stood up then and put his arm on Fay's shoulder. "Come on, I'd better be getting you home."
Fay frowned at him. "Where do you live anyway?"
"Not far from the Krista crossroads."
"Well then it's out of your way, look I'll be fine. I'll walk down with the girls and then I haven't got far to go from there,"  she replied.
"Oh no you don't, I'm getting you home safely. I'm not having any more hiccups today!" he said firmly.
"Adam, it's really not necessary."
"No arguing!" he insisted.
She sighed. "Okay, thanks." 
That was sweet of him. Or was it? Maybe he had an ulterior motive. 
She turned to Sal and Pat then who were finishing off their drinks. "Come on you two, we'll walk down with you." She said goodbye to Ruth and got up to leave. 
"Hey, have you changed your mind then? Are you coming with us after all?" Sal smiled.
Fay opened the door but stopped and looked over her shoulder at Sal. "No Sal, I just want to get to bed now." Adam couldn't help but smiling at the mention of the word 'bed' as an image popped into his head of climbing into bed with her and peeling off every item of her clothing. He followed her out of the door and focused his eyes on her behind in the tight, black trousers.
"I'll help you get to bed," he mumbled under his breath.
She turned with a frown and her eyes narrowed at him. "You'd better behave yourself Adam Ford!"
"Yes Mam." He answered, putting his hands inches from her behind as she turned around. Sal giggled and Fay swung her head back around, at which point Adam dropped his hands and looked at her innocently. 
They strolled towards the town with Sal and Pat in front chatting away, and Fay and Adam behind. When the fresh air hit her she began to feel the effects of the alcohol more and she was glad that they had left when they did. As they walked Adam's hand moved to the back of her neck to stroke the skin there. Then his fingers were in her hair, then on the skin of her shoulder. Her body started to tingle and she tried to move away a couple of times but he simply pulled her back towards him. 
Heaven help her! She wished she had drunk less Sambuca then. Focus Fay, focus! 
Then his hand became bolder and ran from her shoulder, past her arm to the side of her body.
"Adam." There was a warning in her voice.
He laughed and moved his hand back to her shoulder. 
That wasn't much better. She wished he'd keep his hands still. Sexy hands. What was she thinking? Oh but they were. No! She shouldn't put 'Adam' and 'sexy' in the same sentence for goodness sake! It was just the alcohol that was making her think like that anyway. 
Before long they had reached the centre of the town where they said goodnight to Pat and Sal, and then continued on to Fay's apartment.
"So do I get a coffee tonight then Fay?"  Adam asked.

"Hmm, not the most original line. The problem is what usually goes with the coffee," she replied suspiciously.
"Why Fay Thompson, I don't know what's running through that naughty, little mind of yours but I only was only thinking of a hot drink!"  he teased.

"Like hell you were!" she replied. 
Outside her apartment they stopped and she moved away from his arm to face him.
"Well thanks for walking me home."
"It's my pleasure Fay."
"Night then," she said casually as she turned to walk away.
"Fay wait." He reached out and caught her hand gently.
"Adam?" The warning was back in her voice. He took her other hand then and they stood in front of each other, with his smoldering eyes searching her wary ones.
"What are we doing?" she asked after a few minutes of silence.
"I just want to remember what you look like," he smiled warmly.
"Adam, I'm going to see you tomorrow. Surely you can't have that short a memory!"
He laughed. "No, I meant what you look like at this moment." 
He was looking at her like that again. It made her want to run away, and not run away at the same time.
Hell, he didn't want to let her go. What was wrong with him? 
He struggled to think of a way to prolong the moment but eventually gave up and leant forward to whisper into her ear,
"Sweet dreams Fay." Then he turned his head, kissed her on the cheek and walked away.



© 2011 Repgreece

Author's Note

This is the end of Part 2, any ideas as to why Adam ended up in jail?

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AW, it's nice to see he stayed a gentleman and I think fay would have had those thoughts even if she wasn't tipsy. ^^
PS- i think he was in jail for stalking that guy that grabbed Fay in the cave. he probabl;y new who he was.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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