Welcome To Crete Chapter 12

Welcome To Crete Chapter 12

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam and Fay argue


"Adam! What the hell do you mean you're in jail? Why?" Fay asked in shock.
"I can't tell you now, but I do need a lift. I've got no money on me or anything, sorry to have to ask you," he replied.
"Are you in town?"
"No, Neapoli."
"Neapoli! My God, what have you done to be taken there? Never mind, I'll come right away," she said, slamming down the reciever. 
It took Fay about fifteen minutes to get to Neapoli and she was surprised to see Adam standing, waiting for her at the side of the highway outside the jail. She pulled the car up, turned it around and then let him in.
"So what's this all about?" she asked immediately. She turned to look at him then but recoiled at what she saw and her mouth fell open in shock. "Adam, what happened to you?" His face was black and blue with bruises.
"Let's go, I'll tell you on the way," he said abruptly, feeling such humiliation at having her see him that way. He looked livid with anger and sat glaring straight ahead out of the window.
"Adam, are you okay? Who did this to you?" she asked with concern.
"Can we just go," he grated, irrationally taking his frustrations and humiliation out on her. She looked at him quizzically, started the engine and drove off back up the highway. 
She left it for about five minutes but then she began to get slightly annoyed at the silence and his reluctance to tell her what had happened. She had driven out all this way in the early hours of the morning after all. She deserved an explanation.
"Are you going to tell me what happened to you or not?" she said suddenly.
He continued to glare out of the window. "Some police came to my house to arrest me. I couldn't understand all they said but it had something to do with that homicidal maniac that jumped onto our car roof today."
"What!" she said in disbelief, "didn't you explain to them what he did?"
"They weren't much in the mood for explanations," he replied bitterly.
"Are you telling me that the police did that to you?" she asked in disbelief.
"Well, apparently I resisted arrest. Here turn left," he said, directing her.
"So it was that man at the cave who got the police to arrest you?" she pushed.
"Left again and it's at the bottom of the road. Seems like it."
She pulled up outside his house, turned the engine off and faced him with an anxious look.
"Adam, what the bloody hell is going on?"
He replied with a cutting tone. "You keep asking me that and I've already told you I don't bloody well know!" 
He got out of the car suddenly and strode to his front door. At that moment she saw red, stormed over to his house and followed him in, shouting after him.
"Now wait just a bloody minute, I've just come out in the middle of the night to pick you up from jail. How dare you speak to me like that!" 
He went into the kitchen and reached on top of the fridge for a bottle of whiskey, from which he poured himself a drink and slammed the bottle down on the counter top.
"Hey I didn't want to phone you, I had no other way of getting home!" he shouted at her.
Her voice rose to match his as she replied sarcastically, "Gee, well thanks Fay for the help. Don't mention it Adam!" She could see the fury rising in his face but she didn't care, she was just as furious. He turned his back to her and went into the freezer to get some ice for his face. "Adam! So you're just going to ignore me then?" Silence. She grabbed a handful of his shirt arm and pulled to get his attention.
"Don't push me Fay," he warned.
"Or you'll do what?" she challenged. His eyes flashed to her lips then and her eyes widened in shock. She suddenly let go of his arm, pushing it roughly away but she regretted it immediately. His control snapped and he grabbed her by the arms, turning her around and pinning her against the fridge.
"Let go of me you b*****d!" she screamed into his face.
"You've been begging to be kissed all night!" he growled back at her.
Anger overwhelmed her then and she freed an arm, raising it up to slap him across the face. Her fury suddenly ebbed away though and was replaced with remorse.
"God I'm sorry, Adam your face."
He reacted by raking his hands down her body and jolting her hard against him, however the look she gave him made him stop suddenly and he paused. They glared into each other's eyes for a few, long, angry moments and then he abruptly let her go.
"This is all getting out of hand," he admitted.
"Two bloody right it is!" She was still reeling with outrage over the way he had touched her. He laughed then with sarcasm.
"Okay darling I may have deserved the slap but you've got more sexual tension in there than you know what to do with," he threw at her, looking her up and down.
"I'm not staying to listen to this garbage." With that she turned and stormed towards the door.
He shouted after her, "Don't forget about work tomorrow."
"Go to hell!" she spat back at him as she left. 
He went into the freezer again and took out some ice, which he placed on his face with a grimace. Okay, so he may have stepped over the mark but he'd been through hell and... well he couldn't afford to feel bad about Fay now, he had more urgent things to worry about. He went over to pick up the telephone and made an international phone call.
"Tom, I need you to do something for me. I need some background information on a man called Dimitris Vertis. Get back to me as soon as you can on this. Adam."


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i wonder what dimitris wanted from hima nd why he wanted adam arrested when he was the one who attacked him.LOl again with the anger equals passion thing!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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