Welcome To Crete Chapter 15

Welcome To Crete Chapter 15

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam Drops in to see Fay


On entering her apartment, Fay went straight into her bedroom and stripped off her clothes to change into something more comfortable to sit around in. She was hot and sticky from all the trudging up and down streets, so she put on a pair of mini, grey shorts and a strappy top. After placing some pasta on the hob to boil, she poured herself a large glass of cold lemonade and collapsed on the sofa. She closed her eyes for what seemed to be a second, but woke up to the pasta boiling over and the doorbell ringing. Jumping up, she ran to take the pasta off the ring and made for the door.

“Did you get me anything?” she said as she opened the door.

“What did you want?” Adam said, running his eyes over her.

Woa, legs! Bloody hell, looks like I came just at the right time!

“Oh it’s you. I thought it was Sal.”

Where is he looking behind those sunglasses? I can imagine. Damn I can’t change now either or it will look as if I’m bothered.

“I thought I was going to telephone you,” she pointed out.

“Well, I had some free time so I thought I’d see if you were in. Are you going to let me past the front door?” he asked.

“Hmm, come in,” she said reluctantly, feeling as if she should still be at least a little annoyed with him on principle.

She opened the door wider and he strolled past, looking down at her legs on the way in.

“Do you want a drink?” she shouted over to him as he sat down on the sofa.

“That would be good, something cold.”

She poured him a glass of lemonade and went to the sofa, handing it over.

“Found Sal an apartment yet?” he asked. She stood to the side of him, looking down with a frown. He turned. “Fay?” Moving forward, she sat down on the coffee table in front of him and reached to remove his sunglasses. She grimaced at his bruised face and gave him such a look of concern that he reached across and took her hand. “Hey, it’s okay, I’ll live.” She suddenly felt guilt wash over her at the thought of slapping him on his already bruised face.

“Did I make it worse?” she said, looking to the floor.

“No, you’re not that good,” he laughed. She traced the bottom of the sofa with her foot. He suddenly moved his hand and caught her under the chin, lifting her face to look at him. “Hey, it’s forgotten now right?” She felt strangely emotional then as she looked into his face and their eyes met. There was a long silence and then she suddenly backed away and stood up.

“Sure.” She said trying to sound casual but failing.

He drank half of his lemonade and stood up then suddenly. “Look, how about I take you to a taverna or something? We can get some food, talk over the trips and leave the heavy paperwork for tomorrow.”

“Err, well I had already put something on to cook,” she said turning to look at the hob.

“What?” he asked.

She moved across the room to inspect the contents of the pan. The pasta had completely stuck to the bottom and what was left on the top looked waterlogged and congealed.

“Mm, not looking too appetizing that Fay,” he joked.

She jumped, unaware that he had come up behind her. He reached in front of her and took the pan out of her hand. Her hair moved as his cheek was so close, and she could feel her back against his chest as he leant forward to put the pan on the side. He looked down at her neck and shoulders and the tumble of blonde curls that lay around them.

I could just kiss her there now. Not a good idea I guess though. Still…

He took a hand and gently swept the curls aside, not entirely decided on what he was going to do next. She turned around with a questioning look but realized that it was a bad move when she saw how close his face was and noticed the look in his eyes. She could feel his warm breath on her cheek he was that close, but she had suddenly lost track of the conversation and couldn’t think of how to break the tense silence and move away.

Go on then Fay, move away or I’ll end up kissing you.

Oh hell, say something Adam.

The silence stretched on. Suddenly the doorbell rang and they both jumped guiltily, moving apart.

“That’ll be Sal,” she said running to the door.

“Here, a huge bar of chocolate each!” Sal said, handing her a bar as she walked in.
“Oh, hi Adam.”

“Hello Sal. So that’s what you were waiting for, chocolate,” he smiled at Fay.

“Yep, it was to make us feel better considering our failed attempt at finding Sal somewhere to live today.”

“I see, no luck then?”

“No, but we’ll find somewhere eventually,” Fay replied positively. He looked over at her with a smile and she smiled back. There was a small silence then and Sal looked from one to the other with a grin.

“Are you going to the office now Fay?” Sal asked.

She jumped slightly and turned to look at Sal as though she had forgotten she was there.

“Oh, err…”

“No, I’m taking her for food. Thought we’d leave the office work for tomorrow eh Fay.” Adam answered for her.

“I guess so.” She shrugged at Sal whose grin widened. “Oh, I’ll just run and get changed.” Fay said suddenly, putting the chocolate bar down on the side.

Adam’s eyes flicked over her again. “Why? You can go like that.”

She looked down at her skimpy shorts and top. “No I don’t think so.”

“Why not?” he said, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t wear this particular outfit outside of the apartment,” she answered wryly.

He crossed his arms and leant back on the counter top, surveying her with those disturbingly inquisitive eyes. “Well, I think you should, I like it.”

She looked at him warily. “Hmm, there’s not a lot of it.”

He laughed. “That’s what I like about it!”

She gave him a wary smile. “I’m sure it is! I’m going to change.” She walked past him and his eyes followed her, scanning her up and down until she disappeared out of sight.

Come back gorgeous legs, when am I going to see you again?

© 2011 Repgreece

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LOl, the last line was funny!
I could just kiss her there now. Not a good idea I guess though. Still…-I could kiss her there,but it doesn't seem like a good idea...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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