Welcome To Crete Chapter 18

Welcome To Crete Chapter 18

A Chapter by Repgreece

Tensions are rising


Fay pushed her way through the crowds to the quieter end of the bar to give herself time to collect her thoughts.

She needed a drink, where was Ruth? Oh what the hell, she'd write it down.

Making her way around the bar, she went to grab a beer but then changed her mind and poured herself a large vodka and coke instead. She sat down on a bar stool and took a big gulp of her drink.

What was happening to her? This was getting out of control; she had to pull it together!

She was still tingling from Adam's touch and finding it hard to get enough air into her lungs. She took another gulp of her drink.

Okay so she was attracted to him, she couldn't really kid herself otherwise now, but it was a dangerous out of control attraction. He was not the kind of man you would want to get out of control with. Good god, he was trying his very best to charm her into his bed and it was bloody well working! He seemed so sweet though sometimes. Where the hell did that thought come from? she was spending too much time listening to Sal. Oh hell, she didn't know, maybe he was an okay kind of guy...or maybe he wasn't.

She ran her hands through her hair, pulling out the band. She was suddenly tired out with thinking so much.

"Hello sweetheart, what's up?"
She jumped and looked up to see Bill standing next to her. "Hi Bill, where have you been?"
"So did you murder the competition then?" he said, changing the subject. As he asked the question she noticed Adam approaching behind him.

Oh god, how would she deal with this?

"Yes, we thrashed them," she answered.
"Good girl," Bill said, putting an arm around her waist. Adam sat down the other side of her, a couple of bar stools away. She avoided looking over at him although she was painfully aware that he was there watching her.
"So, where have you been tonight then Bill?" she asked, trying to keep the conversation going.
He looked at her guiltily. "Watching football."
She pretended to look shocked. "You'd better start avoiding Ruth now then."
"Do you think I'll be in trouble?" he asked.
She laughed. "Trouble doesn't even begin to describe it."
He looked anxious.
"Tell you what, if she asks I'll say you were here at this end of the bar all along," she said with a wink.
"You're an angel Fay," he exclaimed, kissing her on the cheek.

How come he never got a reaction like that from her? She was so warm towards her friends. And why the hell was she constantly running away from him when they obviously had so much chemistry between them, and sending messages to Tim 'whatever his name was' who she felt nothing for? Women, he'd never understand them!

He watched her smiling and laughing with Bill.

She was such an enigma, and such a mixture of everything. Innocent and sweet, stubborn and strong willed and so bloody sexy sometimes. Sexy and passionate; god who'd have thought it? If she just let herself go once in a while. And now she was sitting over there trying her best to ignore him. Oh to hell with this!

Adam suddenly stood up, strode towards Fay and grabbed her hand, pulling her off her bar stool.
"Come on, they're playing team games over there and you're my partner remember?" he said, dragging her down the bar.
"But I was talking to Bill," she protested.
"He'll survive."

As they approached the pool table everyone cheered when they saw her and Susie bounded over, pushing a bottle of beer into her hand and patting her on the back.
"Well done champion!"
She laughed. "Thanks."
"You two want a game after us?" Susie offered.
"Sure," Adam replied, and then leant over to Fay. "I'll even let you win if you promise to be nice to me."
"Would I be anything else?" she replied innocently.
He leant closer, stroking her shoulder and whispering, "I might test that out later."
Her expression turned wary. "Hey, don't look like that," he said.
"Like what?" she asked.
"You're frowning," he said, demonstrating, "You'll get wrinkles, and then I'll have to find someone else to chase after."
"Well there are plenty of women in here for you to choose from," she came back.
"Wow, you really know how to put a man down don't you?" he said more seriously. "You're exceptionally skilled at it, do you practice that a lot?" She looked uncomfortable so he gave her a smile and put his mouth near to her ear. "Well it doesn't matter anyway because I'll not be put off that easily. You can run as fast as you like Fay, I'll just run faster."
She frowned again. "Adam..."

He suddenly stood up then and went to get a drink to avoid her rebuff. When he came back she was about to begin a game of pool with Sal.
"Oh no you don't, she promised me the next game," he said, taking the pool cue off Sal and glaring at Fay. She glared back, rolled her eyes at him and took the first shot. She continued potting balls until she looked up to see Jennifer standing behind Adam with her hands on his arms, at which point she missed the ball she was aiming for.

She'd had enough!

She walked over to them and handed Jennifer the cue. "Here, you finish the game, I've played enough pool for today."

What the hell was wrong with her now? Bloody hell, he was trying his best. How much more obvious did he have to be about how she made him feel? She couldn't deny there was something between them now, not after what happened earlier. God he was so frustrated! Why did he want her so bloody much? He didn't normally have that much trouble with women. Maybe that was it, maybe it was all about the challenge. No but he genuinely liked her at times. Damn it, she couldn't just leave him like that tonight!

Fay stormed towards the exit and had just got through the door when she felt a sharp tug on her arm. She spun around to see Adam scowling down at her.
"Where the hell do you think you're going?"
"Home, why?"
"My question exactly, what about our game of pool?"
"I never promised you a game of pool, I'm tired and I'm going home to bed."
"You so good at telling lies you'll convince yourself in a minute. So why leave in the middle of a game?"
She struggled to think of a reply.
"Go on, I'll give you some time to make up an answer," he said sarcastically.

Who the hell did he think he was?

"I don't have to explain myself to you."
"Oh yes you do, I'm your boss."
She laughed bitterly. "Oh I see, so that means that I have to go to bed with you does it?"
"Whatever you want Fay."

He was not getting her into bed; he was a complete b*****d!

She gritted her teeth with anger. "Well I don't want that okay!" she emphasized in his face. He paused, looking her up and down which made her growl and turn to walk away.
"Oh yes you do!" he said, suddenly grabbing her arm again and pulling her back to him. "I've had enough of you running away from me madam." He put one hand on her back and the other behind her head, pulling it to him. She turned her head, avoiding his mouth and pushing him away.
"Listen to me will you, I don't want to go to bed with you!"

That was not the impression he got earlier! What now suddenly he wasn't good enough for her?

"What about when I do this," he said, grabbing her from behind and forcing her against him, "and this," he said, running hot kisses down her neck. "You were loving every minute of it in there," he growled into her ear. She struggled to get away from him in panic at the rising sensations she was feeling. She had to put him off somehow.
"Oh really, you make me sick! I couldn't wait to get away from you Adam!"
He laughed loudly. "Oh, I've heard it all now! You want me to prove you wrong right here?"

How dare he! He had absolutely no right to be treating her like this!

She went to pull his hands away from behind her but he caught both of her wrists, holding them behind her back. She struggled in earnest then, crying out, "When will you get it into your head that I will never, ever sleep with you Adam!"
He looked down at her body as she stood there helplessly trapped against him. "Well, I've got nothing to lose now then have I?" With that he bent his head and pressed hard kisses across her shoulder, collarbone and downwards towards the opening of her shirt.
"Get off me!" she shouted.

Not until she admited what was between them. He was going to make her want him as much as he wanted her.

He ignored her plea but his kisses suddenly became lighter then as he moved to the edge of her bra, teasing her skin there. He could feel her breathing change and her blush spread down her body, even as far as where his lips were. He breathed in her perfume, which seemed to get more noticeable with the sudden heat of her body.
"You've been driving me crazy all night in these clothes. I couldn't keep my eyes off you."

She closed her eyes.

No, no, this couldn't be happening again! Don't give in to him. She didn't want him. She was angry with him. He was only saying all of that because he wanted sex.

"Let go of me or I'll scream," she finally warned.
He moved to the other side of her bra and continued the onslaught with his mouth there, murmuring into her skin, "You'll find it hard to scream with my lips on yours."
The thought of it suddenly excited him more and he began to nudge the edge of her bra aside with his mouth. Her breathing became ragged then and she was utterly distraught at her own inability to pull away from him.
"Please Adam, please stop." Her voice began to crack and she trembled with fear for her lack of control.

God no! She wanted him! She couldn't think!

"Adam, no. Please... please..." She could feel him edging further into her bra and she bent her head, her hair tumbling down over them. "No..." she whimpered. Suddenly she began to sob, overcome with emotion and fear. He cursed loudly then and pulled his head up to look at her face. She turned her head away, filled with humiliation and angry with herself for appearing to be so weak in front of him.

He spoke more gently after a few moments. "Don't turn away, look at me Fay," he said.. She focused on the floor, trying to stop the flow of tears. He took her face in his hands and lifted it up to look at him, wiping away her tears with his thumbs.
"I'm so, so sorry sweetheart. I didn't want it to be like this with us." She turned her eyes away from him and he began to feel panic then. Had he pushed her too far this time? Would she ever forgive him? "Fay... Fay, I'm sorry..." He put his head next to hers. "I just want to hold you, and kiss you Fay. Stop shaking. I'd never hurt you. I just want to make love to you."

When she heard that she suddenly pushed herself away. "It's never going to happen Adam," she said in a whisper, walking away from him.

He stood there for some time watching her walk around the corner and staying for a while longer, staring at the empty road. Then he raked his hand through his hair and turned towards the bar.

She was an idiot! How could she let him get to her like that? And to break out in tears too! There was no way this was happening again! No more socialising with him for a start, that's when things went wrong. From now on it was simply going to be a working relationship. She was not giving up the work though; she needed it. And anyway why should she?

As Fay stormed down the road her phone suddenly beeped. She took it out and read the message.

Fay, it's Adam. Will you let me know when you get home please? I just need to know that you got home safely.

She may, She may not. Let him suffer!

She contemplated her phone then and sent a message to Sal explaining that she was tired and that she would leave the key under the mat for her.

When she arrived home she went straight to bed. She was just falling asleep when her phone rang. She picked it up and checked the number. It was Adam's. She thought about not answering it but then reconsidered and took the call.
"Fay, it's Adam.
"Yes I'd gathered that, what do you want? I was almost asleep."
"Look I've already said sorry, would you like me to apologize again?"
"No, don't worry. It's forgotten."
"Right." He didn't sound convinced.
"Well I just wanted to check you'd got home okay."
"Yes I'm fine thanks."
"We should get some paperwork done tomorrow," he said, testing the water.
"Sure, what time would you like me in the office?"
"Oh, err... let's say sometime in the early afternoon." He sounded surprised.
"Fine, I'll be in for one. Bye."

She hung up and he looked at his mobile phone with a frown.

He didn't know which was worse, her being angry with him or that aloof act!

He put his phone away and ordered another whiskey in an attempt to drown out his thoughts.

© 2011 Repgreece

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