Welcome To Crete Chapter 19

Welcome To Crete Chapter 19

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay finds out something that Adam would rather she didn't


The next morning Fay left the flat early and went for a drive to avoid any questions from Sal. Parking by a deserted beach, she took a long stroll to clear her head and lay down on the sand staring up at the sky. She closed her eyes and tried to empty her head of thoughts as she listened to the calming sound of the waves and felt the sun warm her skin.

After a while she felt better and got up to leave the beach, driving to the office feeling more confident about facing Adam.

When she walked into the office Adam was making coffee and she was surprised, and pleased, to see Ann seated at one of the three desks.
"Hello Ann, I didn't know you worked here," Fay said warmly.
"Yes love, started last week. I'm surprised I haven't seen you sooner. Adam said that you were working for him," Ann replied.
"Oh I'm glad you're working here, I'll get to see more of you now," Fay said with a smile. Fantastic, someone she could talk to who would deflect from the so far disasterous interaction between herself and Adam.

"Would you like a coffee Fay," Adam asked. Her heart thudded at the sudden sound of his voice but she took a calming breath and put on an air of cool confidence. "No, I'm fine thanks. So what's on the agenda for today then?" she asked.
"Here, take this desk," he said gesturing to the desk next to Ann, "I need you to write up some details on those trips we discussed. Also, I was wondering if you speak any Greek."
"I speak a bit, why?"
"I've got to get some tax and IKA forms sorted out, do you think you could come with me to the offices? I may need some help if they don't speak any English."
"I'll come with you but my Greek isn't that good, I don't know enough to discuss all the specifics for those types of forms."
"That's okay, any help will do." He looked pleased.

She sat down at the desk and turned to the computer to begin typing up the trip details. It wasn't long after she had begun that she got lost in her work. She enjoyed writing about the trips and it came easily to her. The office was mostly quiet, apart from when the odd phone call came through on Ann or Adam's phone. After a couple of hours she had covered almost all of the details on the places they had visited a couple of days before. She was just finishing the last trip when she became aware of somebody entering the office. She looked up and frowned when she saw Jen enter. Jen stormed past Fay and Ann's desks and stopped in front of Adam, throwing something at him.
"Here, you left this at my place last night," she snarled.
Adam's face dropped and turned considerably paler as he picked up the watch that she had thrown into his lap. Jennifer did a sudden about turn then and stormed back out of the office, pausing briefly as she passed Fay to give her an angry glare.

Oh, she might have known it! So he got someone into bed in the end last night then! God Jennifer, why her? And what was she angry with Fay for anyway? Who cares, they were welcome to each other!

Adam stood up and strode into the adjacent storage room giving Ann the opportunity to speak to Fay.
"Looks like Jen's not happy with Adam," she whispered.
"I wonder why," Fay whispered back.

Adam came back into the room then and Ann quickly went back to her work. Fay looked across to his desk at him but he failed to look up as he busied himself with a printer. She watched him for a while and then went into her bag, taking out her mobile phone and typing in a message.

Do you know why Jen and Adam fell out?

Seconds later Ann's phone beeped and she picked it up to read the message. Seconds after that Fay's phone beeped and Adam looked up then, his eyes flitting from Ann to Fay suspiciously. Fay simply smiled at him and read the message.

Let him ask them to stop. He wouldn't because he was probably too embarrassed. Good!

Well you know me, not one for gossip, but I passed Susie by the hotel earlier and apparently Jen is fuming with Adam.

Ann was not the best person for details!

Okay, okay, I got that but why? Fay typed back.

Fay glanced across at Ann quizzically and waited until Adam had left the room again before sending the message.

I don't know if I should tell you this, Adam can't find out it came from me.

Fay looked at the message and groaned, typing in another reply.

Come on, come on, spit it out before Adam busts us.

The message was sent and was quickly replied.

Well Susie said that Adam got extremely drunk last night and ended up going back to Jen's place.

Fay was getting increasingly impatient with Ann's replies as she typed in yet another message to her.

I gathered that but why is she so angry with him? Was it just a one-night stand, is that why she's angry?

She hoped that her prompting would make Ann say more.

Not exactly, you aren't going to believe this but Jen told Susie that he had called out some other woman's name when they were in the throws of passion! Can you believe it?

Fay's heart began to race and she took a few moments to think of her next reply.

Oh my god!! How many women has he got on the go then?? And whose name did he call out? Anyone we know?

Fay prayed that Adam wouldn't come back into the room before she got to find out.

Oh yes it's definitely someone we know.

Her hand began to shake as she typed in the reply.

No way!! Who??

Fay pressed the button to read Ann's response.

You Fay! He called out your name! He's been watching you all afternoon too!

She read the message just as Adam re-entered the room and she almost dropped her phone with shock. He noticed her astounded look and froze. Their eyes locked and suddenly her face flooded with colour. Then both at the same time they abruptly turned away from each other and made a pretence at being busy with their work.

© 2011 Repgreece

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Welcome To Crete