Welcome To Crete Chapter 21

Welcome To Crete Chapter 21

A Chapter by Repgreece

The girls are upto their tricks


Fay and Adam walked out of the tax office into the sunshine and Fay turned to Adam.
"Well, if there's nothing else you want me to do today I think I'll walk home from here."

He could think of something else they could do that day!

"No there's nothing else, but I'll give you a lift home though if you like," he offered.
"That's okay, I'll enjoy the walk. Do you need me at work tomorrow?" she asked.
"I have someone visiting me in the morning but I thought we could go and see some more places for trips in the afternoon, about two o clock?"
"Okay," she replied.
"I'll phone you tomorrow to confirm though," he added.
"No problem. See you tomorrow," she said as she walked away.

When she got back to her apartment she opened the door and expected to see Sal flaked out on the sofa but instead she got a note on the kitchen worktop.

Gone to 'Thea' for a meze, join us down there.

She'd only just got back! She would go later if they were still there.

Fay lay down on the sofa and turned the television on. There were the usual daytime Greek soaps on but she flicked channels in the vague hope of finding something decent to watch. Throwing the remote control down in disgust she lay there and her mind started to wander. She jumped up suddenly then and went to take a shower and change.

She was not sitting there all day thinking about him!

She changed into a pair of beige shorts and a strappy black top, grabbed her shades and bag and left the flat.

Turning out of her road she made her way down the hill where she eventually reached the row of taxis that always parked leading into the town centre. The road there was quite narrow and she had to weave around the taxis as the pavement suddenly became impossibly steep and uneven to walk on. A couple of the cars had the drivers sitting inside and they watched as she passed them. Then she reached the end of the row and she suddenly regretted walking that way as a whole group of taxi drivers were gossiping near to the first car in the row. She kept her eyes straight ahead but wasn't surprised when she began to hear comments being thrown in her direction. She started to walk faster but the comments became louder until she reached another road to cross and had to wait for a car to pass, at which point the men began to whistle and applaud her.

Why did men feel the need to do that? Did they really think that she was impressed?

Eventually she got across the road and made for the high street with the faint sound of shouting still audible behind her.

"Hi Fay, where you off to?" came a voice out of nowhere.
She looked up to see Penny from the pastry shop leaning on the counter which looked out onto the street.
"Hello, how are you? Just going to meet my friend Sal, she's moved over here to live now," Fay smiled up at penny.
"I haven't met her have I?" Penny asked.
"No I don't think so but I'm sure you will. I'll tell her to drop by and sample some of your lovely pastries," Fay said as she began to walk away.
"Cheers darling, bye," Penny called after her.
Fay waved over her shoulder and headed for the coast road.

At last she approached 'Thea' and she saw Sal sitting in a group.
Sal looked up and waved when she saw her. "You took ages!"
"Well I had to change and I got harassed by the taxi drivers on the way too. See what I went through to get down here," Fay exclaimed, noticing the jugs of wine and snacks on the table.
"Never mind, come here and sit next to me," Pat said, "Pass her some wine Ann."
Pat pulled a chair up for Fay and Ann poured her a glass of wine from the large carafe in the middle of the table.
"Cheers girls," Fay said, holding up her glass.
"Everyone has to clink or it's bad luck," Sal piped up.
"You and your superstitions Sal," Fay tutted.
They all clinked.

Pat sat back in her chair and lifted her face to the sun. "I love this time of year, the tourists will be here soon too and all the bars and shops will open, I can't wait."
"Yeah, it's weird though because at the end of the season everyone can't wait for the quietness of the winter and now we're all looking forward to the chaos of the summer again," Fay pointed out as she took a sip of her wine. She frowned and held up her glass to look at its contents. "Wow, that's a bit potent!"
"It's the good old village wine. Cheep as chips but you may have to fish out the odd fly or two," Ruth said as Fay took another sip.
"Err," Fay cringed, looking down into her glass with trepidation.
"See anything?" Ruth asked. They all peered into Fay's glass.
"No, thank god."
"There's still time... and more wine," Pat pointed out.
"Ah well, it all adds to the taste," Ruth laughed, taking a sip from her glass.

"So what's the latest gossip then girls?" Ruth asked with excitement.
"No gossip Pat," Fay said absent mindedly as she relaxed in her seat.
"That's not what I've heard Fay." Ruth winked at her from across the table.
"What exactly do you mean by that?" Fay said tensing.
Ruth grinned. "Isn't there a budding romance going on somewhere?"
Fay made a pretence at innocence. "I don't know, is there?"
"I think there is," Ruth nodded.

Oh no, here we go!

"Really, and who might this romance be between?"
Ruth looked smugly at Fay. "Well I think it involves a certain newcomer to town."
"Yes, and?" Fay pushed her.
"And a woman that works with him."
She gave a fake look of surprise. "Ann, are you involved in a romance with Adam?"
Ann's eyes widened. "No I'm not! You cheeky madam, you know what she means."
Fay sighed and spoke firmly. "Look, let me make this very clear to everyone here, and you can pass this information on to anyone who has been misinformed, me and Adam are not romantically involved, okay?"
Ruth didn't look convinced. "I think she protests too much, what do you think girls?"
There were general nods of agreement.
"I've seen the way he was looking at you in the office," Ann said.
"Yes, and I've seen the way you both looked at each other in the bar," Ruth pointed out.
"I've seen that too in her apartment," Sal added.
"There you go that's three people who have picked up on the sizzling atmosphere between you two," Ruth concluded. Fay gave them a haughty look and turned her head away to look at the beach next to them.
"You know what your problem is Fay?" Ruth began.
She turned back. "No Ruth, what is my problem?"
"You always go for the safe men."
"Yes, the men you can either take or leave, those you aren't that bothered about. But then someone like Adam comes along who sends your emotions into chaos and you run like the wind."
"That's very philosophical of you Ruth," Fay laughed.
She gave a satisfied smile. "Yes, I surprise myself sometimes."
Sal looked up suddenly then. "Why don't we invite him down?"
"No!" Fay exclaimed.
Ruth, Ann and Pat grinned.
"Why not Fay? If like you say there's nothing between you, then why are you bothered?" Sal put to her.
Fay wracked her brains to come up with an excuse. "I'm not, it's just that he's probably busy."
Sal was not put off. "Well why don't you send him a message and find out?"
"I'm not inviting him down and that's that, now can we change the subject?"
"Oh stop being so touchy and have some more wine," Pat said, refilling her glass.

Several glasses of wine later and the carafe was empty.
"Fay, go and order some more wine will you?" Ruth asked.
Fay sighed and got up reluctantly. "Okay, I guess it's my turn."
She walked across the road to the café's inside and Ruth sat up suddenly in her seat.
"Here Pat, pass me Fay's bag quickly will you?"
"Oooh, what are you up to? You know Fay will kill you," she said, passing it over.
"It's for her own good." Ruth fished in her bag, pulled out Fay's mobile phone, typed in a quick message, sent it and put the phone back. "Here, the bag quick before she comes out."
"Did you just invite Adam?" Sal asked with excitement.
"No, Fay did," Ruth said laughing.
"Boy, you're going to be in trouble!"

© 2011 Repgreece

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LOL, u gotta love friends! I can already see fay will be mad when she gets back and see adam coming up to them. lol, They're might b some problems latewr when he finds out she really didn't send this msg.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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