Welcome To Crete Chapter 23

Welcome To Crete Chapter 23

A Chapter by Repgreece

The girls tease Fay

"Err..." Fay grimaced at the sight of Adam. "They made me do it! Can I come out now," she called.
"Okay, we'll let you off," Sal replied.

Adam grinned at Fay and held out his hand, helping her up. They took a seat and she frowned at him.
"Where did you come from anyway?"
"Err, Fay you've got a message on your phone," Sal said, passing it to her by way of an explanation.
She looked quizzical and read the message.

Ooh, very keen all of a sudden! I'll be down right away.

She looked up from her phone with a shocked expression before glaring at the girls.
Adam watched and then broke the silence. "So what are you lot up to then?"
"We're playing truth or dare," Sal supplied.
Adam looked interested. "I see, so what question did Fay fail to answer?"
Fay's eyes widened and she kicked Sal under the table as she went to answer him.
"Would you do us a favour and order another carafe of wine Adam? Just put it on our tab," Fay said, handing him the empty carafe and making an attempt at changing the conversation.

She didn't want him to know. He would find out later.

He smiled, took the carafe and made for the café.

As soon as he was out of sight Fay dived on the mobile phone he had left on the table and searched through his messages. The girls looked sheepish. She found one sent by her phone and opened it.

I'm at Thea; it's by the beach near the marina. Would love it if you joined me. I'll be waiting for you. Fay.

She put the phone back on the table and growled at them. "You're all dead!"
Ruth suddenly reached out for the phone again then and went back into the messages. "I wonder what other messages he's got."
"Ruth! You can't do that, put it down before he comes back!" Fay said in a panic. She went to grab the phone but Ruth held it out of her reach.
"Oh my, there's one here from Jen the little hussie," she exclaimed.
"No way, read it out quick," Ann urged.
"You're not going to believe this, it says 'sorry about earlier. For what it's worth you were fantastic last night. Why don't you forget Fay and come around here so we can properly make up.'"
Fay put her hand over her face, saying in a muffled voice, "Please put the phone down," she took her hand away and added, "and if anyone embarrasses me I'm going to be really, really angry, got it?"

Adam came back to the table soon afterwards and put the carafe down, taking a seat next to Fay.
Fay contemplated what to say to him. "You'll have to excuse the girls, they have had rather a lot of wine and they've started playing silly games, you know stealing each others phones and sending strange messages."

He should get the message from that.

Adam looked at her wryly. "Fay, it's okay, I knew the message wasn't sent by you."
Her reply was instinctive. "Too right it wasn't!" She paused then with a frown. "How did you know anyway?"
"Well A you wouldn't have invited me out in the first place and B, if you did, you sure as hell wouldn't have been that enthusiastic about it!"
"Hey, I can be enthusiastic about things!" she defended herself.
He looked unconvinced. "Go on then Fay, be enthusiastic."
She looked startled. "About what?"
The girls looked on with excitement.
"About him, go on Fay, tell him something that you like about him," Sal cut in.
Fay's frown deepened. "Do I have to?"
"That's not very enthusiastic at all!" Ruth exclaimed.
"Okay, okay." She turned to look at him and his eyes searched hers with interest. "Err..." She struggled to get the words out.
"I think I should be mortally wounded that you have to think so hard," Adam exclaimed.
"Well...you have quite nice eyes I guess," she finished quickly.
A smile crept across his face and his eyes clung to hers. She kept his gaze for as long as she could but then caved in at his scrutiny and looked to her wine glass, picking it up and taking a gulp. He laughed and continued watching her.

Pat suddenly looked up then as a thought hit her. "Right one more truth or dare but this time it's for Adam, since he joined us late."
Fay looked mortified.
"Go on then, but whatever question you ask I warn you I'll answer it because I'm not sitting under the table!" Adam replied.

Oh no Pat, please don't say anything embarrassing!

"Who was the first girl you kissed? We also want specifics."
He smiled, ready with an answer. "Okay, her name was Millie and she had long, blonde hair which she wore in a pony tail. She used to walk past the window of my form room a lot and she was always wearing a gym skirt because she played netball for the school team. I used to find ways of bumping into her but I didn't speak to her for months because I couldn't work up the courage..."
Fay's eyes softened as she listened to him. "That's a surprise, you're certainly not shy with women now!" she said.
"Well I was then, especially with her. So one day I was sitting on the grass by the school field and she was yards away chatting with a friend when she suddenly came up to me and sat down. I couldn't believe my luck! She said that she had noticed me around, she asked my name and we chatted for some time. Then she lay down on the grass next to me and I bent over and kissed her."
The girls were watching him, engrossed.
"Wow, that's so sweet!" Ann said, looking all misty eyed at him.
"Well yes it was fantastic to start with but then it all went a bit wrong."
Ann's face dropped. "Oh no, why?"
"I got a bit carried away and she ended up slapping me around the face and storming off," he explained. They all laughed. "You'd have thought I'd have learnt a lesson from that day but I still get women slapping me across the face," he said, glancing sideways at Fay.
She smiled and looked to the floor.

"Hey, we need another carafe!" Sal observed.
"Good grief that went quickly!" Fay said with surprise.
"Go on Fay, go and get one," Ruth urged.
"It can't be my turn again!"
"Yes, it is, isn't it girls," Sal said, looking around the table for confirmation.
They all nodded and Fay looked confused but the wine was making it difficult for her to think back.
"I don't think I'll make it over there," she said laughing, "Someone else go."
"No, we won't it's your turn," Sal insisted, wondering what plan Ruth had come up with now.
"Ah, come on. Adam will you go for me?" she said with a hopeful expression.
"Sorry, you're on your own." He seemed amused.
She looked at him with puppy dog eyes. "Oh go on, please."
He shook his head.
She thought for a moment. "I'll wear my gym skirt for you."
His eyebrows shot up. "You have one?"
"Well no but..."
"No deal then." He folded his arms.
She thought again. "I'll be ever so, ever so grateful."
She had his attention. "Hmm, how grateful?"
She sighed. "Err, well...I'll give you a kiss," she said, feeling impetuous.
He shot out of his chair. "I'll be right back!"
"On the cheek!" she shouted after him.

He looked back and rolled his eyes at her. "Guess I'll have too take what I can get!"

"He's gorgeous! I don't know how you can resist him Fay," Pat said, watching him go.
"I've got a lot of willpower," Fay replied.
"You must have. At least kiss him on the lips," Pat appealed to her.
"I will not!"
"I know I would," Sal said.
"Well you can Sal but I'm not, he's my boss remember and I have to face him every day at work!" Fay exclaimed.

Adam came back, put the carafe down and pointed to his cheek. Fay bit her lip and slowly leant over to him. She was inches from his cheek when he suddenly turned his head, bringing his lips in front of hers. She stopped just in time and pulled her head back.
"Hey that's cheating." She moved her head quickly then and briefly kissed his cheek.
"Kill joy!" Sal shouted out. Sal grinned then and turned to Adam. "I'd be ever so, ever so grateful if you'd refill my glass for me Adam," she said, making fun of Fay who narrowed her eyes at her.
"How grateful?" he asked again.
"I'll give you a kiss," she grinned.
"On the cheek?"
"Hell no!" she laughed.

He refilled Sal's glass and she leant over, kissing him quickly on the lips. All the girls cheered and Fay burst into laughter. Sal sat back in her chair and did an impression of a swoon and Adam looked over at Fay.
"See, why couldn't you do that?" he asked.
She suddenly felt mischievous. "You never know, one day I might surprise you," she replied.
He leant forward and whispered in her ear, fondling her hair as he did so. "I'll wait with bated breath. Only you won't get off as easily as Sal...once I get my lips on you." He watched the heat rise in her cheeks and smiled a long, knowing smile.

Suddenly Adam's phone rang and he looked towards it with surprise, picking it up and checking the number.
"I have to take this, I'll not be long though. Don't get up to too much mischief while I'm away girls," he said, standing up and walking away from the table towards the beach. As soon as he was out of earshot Ruth turned to Fay.
"So when are you going to admit that you are attracted to Adam then?" she asked.
Fay frowned. "Oh, leave me alone! I'm not admitting any such thing Ruth."
"Come on, what was all that that happened just now then?"
"What?" She feigned innocence.
"You know," Pat added, "you went bright red!"
"Hey he made me blush, it's not my fault!"
"Right, but there's only one reason why someone blushes like that," Ruth pointed out.
Fay laughed and put her head on the table, hiding her face and mumbling, "please don't tell me, I don't want to know."
They all grinned.
"You know Fay. Come on we want an admission," Ruth pushed.
"Go away, I'm not talking to you lot anymore if you're going to pick on me." She looked up and glanced nervously towards Adam who was standing looking out towards the beach. "Let's talk about something else."
Ruth shook her head. "No you don't get off that easily. What could have made her blush so much I wonder?" she asked the girls.
"I know, she was having sinful thoughts about him," Sal exclaimed.
"That's right, admit it Fay, that you were having sinful thoughts about kissing him and ripping his shirt off," Ruth grinned.
Fay laughed and shook her head at them.
"Oh my, she's blushing again!" Pat observed. "You were weren't you?"
Fay covered her face with her hands. "Stop it, stop it will you?"
"Not until you admit it," Ruth insisted.
Fay glared at them but blused furiously at the same time."You're evil, all of you!"
They watched her with expectation.
"Okay, okay...I might have been thinking something like that, satisfied now?"
"I knew it!" Ruth exclaimed.
"Please shut up about it now though," she implored them.
"Okay, we'll change the subject now, fill the glasses up Pat," Ruth said, reaching for her mobile phone under the table and surreptitiously typing in a message.

Adam finished the call and looked at his phone to see a waiting message there which he opened and read.

It's only because you're a nice guy that I'm telling you this but it's just taken us the past fifteen minutes to get Fay to admit that she was fantasising about kissing you and ripping your shirt off! Ruth

He grinned and laughed, looking back at them.

"I'm not having any more wine I need water," Fay said, covering her glass as Pat went to refill it.
They glared at her and she took her hand away but added, "I'll not drink it, I'm getting water."
"Yes, yes, whatever you say Fay."

Adam sat back at the table then, fixing his eyes on Fay with a grin. She looked at him suspiciously. "What?"
He shook his head. Then he turned to Ruth. "So what did she really say then?"
Fay looked at Ruth with a frown.
Ruth replied, "Fay, I thought you said that you were going to get some water."
Fay narrowed her eyes. "No, I'm okay for a bit."
"No, I really think you will want to get some water right now," Ruth insisted.
Fay looked torn.

What had they been saying? This was a nightmare! Okay but he didn't believe them anyway so let them have their fun; she didn't need to hear it.

"Fine, I'll go and get some water," she grated out, getting up and glaring at Ruth over her shoulder.

As soon as Fay was gone, Ruth addressed Adam. "Okay, she didn't say that exactly but she did say, and quote, 'I might have been thinking something like that.' That's as good as a confession from Fay!"
He looked surprised and smiled slowly. "Good work girls, now the question is, how are you going to get her to actually do it?"
Ruth laughed. "We're not miracle workers! You could try supplying her with another ten glasses of wine, but then she'd probably just collapse on the floor before she got around to ripping your shirt off. She's a bit stubborn is that one."

Tell me about it!

When Fay returned to the table she was wearing a frown and she took her seat, crossing her arms and looking at Ruth with annoyance. Ruth grimaced and turned to chat to the other girls. Adam watched Fay and after a while he sighed, grabbed hold of her chair and turned it around to face him. She turned to him in shock as he bent closer to talk to her, resting his arms on her legs.
"Hey madam, where's that smile gone? Look, I know what's between us anyway; I'm not blind! And I also know how you feel about that at the moment. I got that message loud and clear, so I'll not push it Fay. Just relax."
She looked uncertain.
"Come on I want to see a smile."
Slowly, of its own accord a smile crept across her face. He smiled in response, winked, briefly touched her cheek and then moved back.

© 2011 Repgreece

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