Welcome To Crete Chapter 24

Welcome To Crete Chapter 24

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam wins Fay over again

"So who was the phone call from then Adam?" Sal asked, taking a bite out of a chunk of cheese.
"It was my business partner in the U.K, well I've known him for years so you could say that we're old friends. He's flying over tonight as a matter of fact, he was phoning me from the airport."
They all looked intrigued.
"So what's his name and is he single?" Sal said enthusiastically.
"Don't hold back Sal!" Fay laughed.
"His name is Tom and yes he is single, never found anyone who could pin him down for long enough."
Sal grinned. "Is he good looking?"
"I don't really know, haven't ever thought of him like that but I have heard women say so I guess."
Sal's grin widened.
"Be careful with him though, he's a wolf in sheep's clothing as far as women are concerned."
"Arr, really?" she looked disappointed.
"Well put it this way, I wouldn't let my little sister near him."
Ann looked up then with interest. "I didn't know you had one."
He nodded. "Yes, I've got three."
"Three sisters! Oh my gosh, what was that like?" Ann asked.
Fay picked up her wine glass again then and began to sip from it, listening to him intently.
"Pretty damn frustrating in the morning trying to get into the bathroom before going to school, that's for sure!" he laughed.
They chuckled.
"How old are they? What are their names?" Ann inquired enthusiastically.
"Well my older sister is called Gillian and she is thirty three, then my two younger sisters are Emily, who is twenty eight and Katy who is twenty two."
"Do you get on with them well?" Ann asked.
"I sometimes argue with my older sister, she thinks I should be a bit more practical like her but we make up pretty soon afterwards. My youngest sister can wrap me around her little finger and she knows it, and Emily... we are very close, always have been."
"Ahh, that's nice," Ann sighed.

Sal suddenly pushed her glass away from her then. "I'm feeling dizzy, what's wrong with me?"
Fay looked at her and giggled. "You're drunk Sal."
She giggled back. "So are you."
"I am not," she said indignantly, "I've only had," she held up her hand and counted her fingers, "three."
Pat, Ruth and Ann fell about laughing.
"Yes, that's right actually she has had three...three carafes!" Pat howled.
Fay reached across and slapped her on the arm. "Nobody can drink three carafes, that's impossible silly."
"Looks like we're setting a new record!" Pat boasted, patting Fay on her hand.

Sal abruptly stood up then. "I'm going swimming to sober up."
Fay reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her back into her seat. "No you're not! You'll probably get swept away or something and then we'll never see you again. Besides, the water will be freezing at this time of year."
"Oh I don't know, it wasn't that bad when we went to the beach Fay," Adam interjected mischievously.
The girls all turned their heads to Fay with questioning looks.
"I never went swimming!" she exclaimed defensively.
"I might have known it, you're such a stick in the mud sometimes Fay," Sal turned to Adam, "I knew she'd never have gone swimming with you."
"In that case," he said standing up and grabbing Fay's arm, "we'd better put that right then hadn't we."
"Adam! Adam, what are you doing?" Fay shouted in panic.
She looked up at him in horror as he scooped one arm around her waist and the other under her knees, lifting her off the chair and heading towards the beach. She glanced back at the girls imploringly but they simply cheered and waved.

"Adam, please don't tell me that you're going to do what I think you're going to do."
"What's that?"
"Throw me in the sea."
"Right first time," he said grinning down at her.
"Adam! Don't be ridiculous, come on put me down."
He continued to grin, ignoring her and getting ever closer to the water.
"Why are you doing this?" she asked.
"Oh, this is payback for cheating me out of a kiss earlier!" he replied.
"Look, you can't drop me in the sea with these clothes on!"
His grin widened. "Well I can soon put that right too."
Her eyes widened. "Okay, okay clothes are good!"
He laughed at her look of panic. "Anyway, the girls are saying that you are a stick in the mud, you aren't going to let them get away with that are you?"
"Err, yes I was actually."
"Well it's a good job that I'm here to rectify that then and save your reputation."
"You'll be the death of my reputation Adam Ford!" she said looking at the sea nervously.

They had got to the edge of the water by then and she turned to him beseechingly. "Please put me down now."
"Oh I'll put you down, don't worry," he said heading into the waves.
He stopped then and looked down at her. "Ready?"
"No!" she shouted as she felt his arms loosen, "I take it all back!"
He paused then. "Take what back?"
"Whatever it is that's making you do this."
He thought for a moment. "Okay, I wont drop you in if you repeat after me... I will never again..."
She frowned but then felt his arms slip. "Okay, okay," she rolled her eyes, "I will never again..."
"Say that I won't ever..."
He glared.
"Say that I won't ever..."
"Sleep with Adam."
"No way!"
He let her drop enough then to feel the water on her shorts.
"Say it then."
She sighed.
"Go on, say it," he urged.
"Sleep with Adam," she said reluctantly.
He looked at her smugly.
"But you know I will," she laughed, and then regretted it as he let her go.

She fell into the water but reached up for him in alarm. "Adam! There's seaweed, I hate seaweed!" She grabbed his arm and tried to scramble back up his body in terror.
He looked at her with bewilderment. "What's wrong? It's only a bit of seaweed."
"No it's not, there's lots, it's all over the bottom!" she whimpered, as her hands slipped and she fell back in. Her head went under the water then and she came up coughing and splashing around in panic.
"Oh good god!" Seeing that her fear was genuine he reached out for her then, scooping her back into his arms under the water. "Calm down! Look the seaweed can't get you now. I'll get eaten alive by it instead!" he teased.
She shivered and trembled in his arms.
"Seaweed and bats, I'll have to remember that. You're not too keen on them are you?"
"No, don't like them," she said pouting and resting her head on his chest for comfort.
He looked down at her with a smile. "You're a funny one Fay. You'd take on the world to defend something that you believe in but a bit of seaweed and a few bats and you go to pieces!"
"Lots of seaweed," she corrected.
"Okay, lots of seaweed," he whispered, putting his cheek on top of her head and closing his eyes.

It was that shampoo again. It reminded him of Fay now.

What spray did he use? It smelt nice.

She sighed and felt completely lethargic all of a sudden as the waves lapped around them and his body warmed her. She put an open hand out flat on his wet shirt and felt his heart beating beneath it. Then she walked her fingers up his chest to where his shirt fell open.

What was she doing? She'd had way too much wine and she didn't even care!

She moved her head up slightly and nuzzled into his skin where her fingers were to check if he smelt as nice there too. He did.
He opened his eyes. "Yes."
"You're nice. Can you go back to being nasty Adam please? It would make things a lot easier for me," she said, trailing her fingers through a few hairs on his chest.

He closed his eyes again, taking in a deep breath as his body started to react to her. "This is very dangerous ground for us you know Fay," he said as he gently let her go. She slid to stand opposite him with the water up to their waists. She put her hands on his arms to steady herself in the water and he felt her legs brush against his.

God, she looked so innocent. She probably didn't even know what she was doing to him right now.

Then she ran her hands up his arms and moved closer to him.

Or maybe she did!.

He watched as water droplets glistened on the wet curls of her hair or fell onto her shoulders and neck. His eyes moved down to the wet material of her top, which clung to her and revealed the outline of her bra underneath.

He had to control it this time.

He put a hand on her waist and very slowly edged her towards him, bringing her face in line with his. She had a look of expectation as she waited to see what he would do next. His hand moved around to her back and he urged her even closer so that their mouths were inches apart. He stopped there for a while and she eventually closed her eyes, feeling completely strung with anticipation. Then she felt the slightest of touches on her lips for a moment but opened her eyes in confusion when the sensation went. For a moment she wondered if she had imagined it but then he moved to her again and his lips hovered by hers, sometimes touching them minutely, sometimes within a millimetre from them, depending on how the water moved their bodies. She could feel his warm breath by her mouth and she longed for him to take her lips with his. She opened her mouth slightly, inviting him to kiss her but he kept still, willing her to kiss him. The moments passed as they both stood there, aching for each other. Eventually he gave her soft smile and put his mouth to her ear whispering, "Sometime soon eh Fay." Then he took her in his arms again and carried her back onto the shore.

She felt bereft suddenly and looked up at him with a mixture of frustration and bewilderment.
"Come on," he said, taking her hand, "we'd better get you home before you freeze in those wet clothes."

They walked across the stretch of sand together and climbed up onto the concrete platform that lead back to the café.
"Right girls, I'm getting this one home. Do any of you need a lift?"
"I'd better get back to the bar soon." Ruth glanced at her watch.
"I'll come with you Ruth, you two joining us?" Sal asked, looking over at Pat and Ann hopefully.
"Come on then." Pat stood up and linked arms with Sal, glancing back at Ann.
"I've got to go home I'm afraid, Dimitris is babysitting Amy and there's only so long he can cope with her! I would appreciate that lift though Adam."
Fay looked up then suddenly. "The bill, we haven't paid!"
"Don't panic, we paid it when you were swimming. Settle it with us later Fay. You look shattered, get some rest." Ruth advised as she rose to leave.

They parted ways and Adam stood in between Ann and Fay, putting his arms around their shoulders. "My two favourite workers, what would I do without you two, eh?" he smiled, kissing them on their cheeks in turn. He bent his head then to whisper into Ann's ear, "Of course this one over here," his eyes gestured towards Fay, "is doing funny little things to my heart, although I don't think she realizes it."
Ann smiled and squeezed his hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

© 2011 Repgreece

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