Welcome To Crete Chapter 25

Welcome To Crete Chapter 25

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay has memory loss


Fay stood shivering with cold as she waited for Adam to let her into his car. Her head was aching, she felt drowsy from the alcohol and all she wanted at that moment was to be tucked up in a nice warm, comfortable bed.

"Here, this should warm you up," he said, placing a soft, fleece type blanket around her shoulders. She clung onto it gratefully and climbed into the front of his car, sliding down in the leather seat and tucking the blanket around her.

Later that night

Fay had fallen into a deep sleep and the events that followed had disappeared alarmingly from her memory, leaving her at a loss to explain why she had woken up in Adam's bed.

Oh hell, what was she wearing?

With trepidation she lifted up the sheets and glanced down.

His shirt! This was getting worse by the minute...and no bra!!

She swung out of the bed then in panic and her feet hit the unfamiliarity of the cold, white tiled floor. Swinging her head around, she frantically scanned the room for her clothes but saw no evidence of them. Uncertain of what to do next she dived back onto the bed and sat there with the sheets pulled up over her.

She wouldn't have slept with him; surely to god she wouldn't have, would she?

She held the sheets away from her face slightly then and looked at them with anguish, taunted by his scent. Her face filled with heat at the thought of being naked in front of him, even worse in the drunken, impetuous state she was in that day!

What did she do now? Where on earth was he? He could be out there.

She glanced nervously at the bedroom door.

This was ridiculous; she had to do something. What time was it anyway?

She picked up his watch, the watch that he'd left at Jen's place!

Eleven thirty. What time did they leave? Six, seven? She'd been asleep all that time? Well she couldn't stay there; she had to get home.

She took a deep breath, gingerly got out of the bed again and made for the door.

Just pray he was not there; if he wasn't there she would just find her clothes and go.

She wasn't that lucky. She opened the bedroom door and saw him sitting on the sofa with his back to her. He had his feet up on the glass coffee table and was reading a paperback book. He turned suddenly when the door screeched a little and she jumped nervously.
"Hello sweetheart, sleep well?" he enquired, putting his arm over the back of the sofa and smiling at her.

"Err, yes." She ran a hand through her tousled hair.

How was she supposed to answer that?

"Seemed to have slept a long time actually." She tested the water.
"Yes, you were exhausted after all the fun and games," he grinned.

Fun and games, what was that supposed to mean?

"Well I guess I should be getting back now so..." She put an arm around her own waist and fiddled with one of the buttons on his shirt.

Clothes Adam?

He watched as the arm around her waist pulled the fabric closer to her body and his eyes followed the movement of her hand by her chest. She gave an exasperated sigh.
"Well I can't go like this, can I?" She gestured to the shirt.
"Why do you want to go now anyway?" he frowned.
"I need to get back," she said with uncertainty, wondering why she was there in the first place.
He put his book down and turned further around on the sofa to face her.
"You were okay with staying earlier." His voice had a hint of annoyance in it.

Oh god, she didn't want to hear that!

"Well now I've come to my senses so if I could please have my clothes back I'll get out of your way." She put her hands on her hips as she felt herself becoming irritated with him.
His eyes shot to the opening of the shirt and noticing this didn't improve her mood.
"Adam, can I just have my bloody clothes back!"
He narrowed his eyes at her. "I'm not sure that they are dry yet," he challenged.
"That's okay," she said with a sarcastic smile, "I'll take them anyway."
"How will you get back? I can't drive you now, I've had some whiskey," he said, throwing obstacles in her way.
"No problem, I'll get a taxi."
"I doubt if you will get one to come out here at this time of night." He turned around then, picked up his book and continued to read.

She had suddenly had enough; she stormed around the sofa and stood in front of him with her arms crossed.
"Where the hell are my clothes?"
His eyes moved up from his book and roved over her body, making her incensed with anger. She searched around the lounge and noticed a balcony door.

A washing line, he must have one on his balcony.

His eyes casually moved back to his book and, as she was about to move, he answered her. "They're in the laundry room, next to the kitchen."
"Thank you," she mocked, storming across the lounge to the kitchen.

She found the clothes, strode back through the lounge and into his bedroom, slamming the door behind her. He watched her go with a frown.

What had brought all that on? Bloody women!

She quickly took his shirt off and changed into her damp clothes but to her consternation she still hadn't found her bra.

Oh to hell with it, she just wanted to get home!

When she went back into the lounge he was on the telephone but he took the receiver away from his ear as she walked into the room. "There doesn't seem to be any answer from the taxi rank in town, as I suspected." He put the phone down and shrugged.

He was so bloody smug!

"Fine, I'll walk!" she shouted, doing an about turn and storming out of the front door.

She had no clue where her bag was so she had no money and no phone, but all she knew was that she was getting home if it killed her. The spare key would be under the mat and she would find her bag tomorrow. Everything would seem better tomorrow. She put her arms around herself, more for comfort than to keep herself warm as she was so angry and upset that she couldn't feel the cold.

She could hear Adam calling behind her but she couldn't bear to talk to him anymore at that point so she ignored him and continued walking. Then his voice got louder and she could hear his rapid footsteps so she sped up. The footsteps got faster so she began to run.
"Fay what the bloody hell do you think you are doing!" He ran after her. "Fay!" He growled when he finally reached her, grabbing her by the arm and swinging her around.
"Let go of me! I told you, I'm going home!" she yelled, struggling to get away from him.
"Are you out of your mind? You're half dressed in wet clothes and you want to walk miles across Agios Nicholas at this time of night!" He held firmly onto her arm.
"Look, I don't know what happened earlier but I sure as hell am not staying with you tonight!"
"Hold on a minute," he said with puzzlement, "what do you mean, 'what happened earlier?'"
She went silent then, searching his eyes for answers.
He sighed. "What exactly has that overactive mind of yours been coming up with?"
She looked to the floor.
"Fay?" He lifted her face up to his and she looked at him indignantly.
"I don't know, you tell me." She bit her lip nervously and he laughed.
"Well I'd love to say that we got up to all sorts but you were asleep for most of the time..." he rolled his eyes, "and even I'm not that much of a b*****d to take advantage of you! Is that what you really thought?" His voice became more serious then.
"I didn't know what to think, I woke up in your bed for god sake!"
"Surely to god you know me better than that." His eyes scanned her face as she fell silent. "Look you can't go home like this, I won't let you," he said, turning her back towards his apartment, "as we had agreed earlier, I'm sleeping on the sofa tonight."
She looked sideways at him dubiously, "We agreed that?"
"Yes we did." He ushered her up the steps and back to his front door.
"Yes but Adam you're my boss, it's not exactly the done thing."
She looked doubtfully at him and he laughed. "It's not the same out here," he walked her back into the lounge, closing the door behind them, "besides, we're friends."
She looked surprised. "We are?"
"Yes, we are," he said with a smile.

She stood in the middle of his lounge, suddenly feeling the coldness of her damp clothes penetrating her body.
"I'll find you something to wear, you look freezing in those clothes," he observed, disappearing into his bedroom and coming back with a grey sweatshirt which he handed to her.
She eyed it with a frown. "Haven't you got any jogging bottoms or something that I can wear too?"
He laughed. "Fay, I've seen you in less than this," her eyes widened, "They would be too big on you anyway, just put this on."

She took the sweatshirt and moved into the bedroom to change, looking back at him and wondering how much less than the sweatshirt he had seen her in. She was actually quite glad when she did finally change; her clothes had stuck to her body and chilled her skin underneath. She slipped on the sweatshirt and inspected her reflection in the wardrobe doors. Luckily the top was big enough to cover her modesty but it still exposed a lot of leg underneath and it felt so odd wearing his clothes. She hesitantly walked back into the lounge and took a seat on the opposite end of the beige, corner sofa from where he had sat.

"I'm making you a hot mug of coffee," he shouted from the kitchen, "it should make you feel better."

Why was he going to so much trouble? And was he willing to spend the night on the sofa for her, why?

"Here," he offered, passing her the mug.
"Thanks," she smiled. She warmed her hands on the outside of the mug as she held it and took a sip of the piping hot coffee. "Hey, what's in this," she frowned as she noticed another taste in the liquid. He looked sheepish, sitting down on the sofa and switching on the plasma television with the remote control to cause a diversion.
"It's just a bit of brandy, it will warm you up and help you sleep."
She looked at him suspiciously. "Adam."
"Hmm." He kept his eyes on the television.
"So nothing at all happened between us this evening then?" She pulled her legs up underneath her and waited anxiously for confirmation.
He turned to look at her, smiling slowly.

Oh no, perhaps she shouldn't have asked.

"No, you told me in no uncertain terms that I was sleeping on the sofa and you were taking my room," he grinned.
Her mouth fell open in shock. "I did? That was very assuming of me."
His grin widened. "Yes, I rather like assuming Fay though."
She laughed.
He smiled and turned his attention back to the television. "I've got to meet up with Tom early tomorrow morning but you can lie in. Treat the place like your own, and I'll be back afterwards to give you a lift to your apartment. Then we can go and check out those trips we talked about."

He seemed to have everything planned. She was not sure she liked that. They had spent so much time together too and she only met him four days ago! It felt like forever!

"Okay," she shrugged casually, "but look if you have to be up early we should go to bed now."
He swung his head to her. "Wow, you changed your mind quickly! Come on then, let's go!"
She closed her eyes briefly. "Very funny, you know what I mean."
He grinned. "You got me all excited then."
"Hmm, I can see."
His eyes widened.
"I mean I can tell," she corrected and then blushed, "or whatever, stop it." She sunk down in her seat and hid behind her coffee mug.
He laughed. "I love it when you get all hot and flustered," he said cheekily. He had a picture in his head then of reaching over, putting her coffee mug down, lifting off his sweatshirt and carrying her into his bedroom.

He bet she'd blush a lot more if he did that!

"Come on then, we had better get some sleep," he said finally, getting up and holding out his hand to her. She frowned but he was standing in her way so she took his hand and he pulled her up, catching her around the waist.
"Ha! Gotcha."
"Adam," she said with a warning.
He linked his hands behind her back to stop her from escaping and his eyes moved slowly up her body, until they met her face and focused on her lips.
"You said you were going to be a gentleman." She looked at him warily and he gave a wicked laugh.
"Oh no, I never said I was a gentleman." His eyes remained on her lips.
"Adam!" She felt her face begin to heat up again.
He grinned. "It's okay, I'm just imagining it for now."
"For now?"
He continued to grin but failed to answer her.

She was so damn sexy when she blushed, especially when he got close to her and he knew that she was aroused.

She suddenly reached behind her, unlinking his hands and heading for his bedroom. He followed and she stopped at the door, turning to him with a frown.
"Okay, I'm going," he laughed but added, "now don't be having fantasies about me in my bed will you Fay."
She tutted and he turned, but he glanced back at her before she shut the door.
"Of course if you do, and you want me to fulfill a sudden womanly need, you know where I am."
She growled and slammed the door behind her.

© 2011 Repgreece

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