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Welcome To Crete Chapter 26

Welcome To Crete Chapter 26

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay is left alone in Adam's house


Two days later

Fay ran out into the corridor behind the bar and pushed open the back door, cautiously scanning the car park and eventually tearing out of the exit. She bolted around the building to the busy Street at the front of the bar. Before she got to the corner however she felt a hand on her arm again so she screamed as loud as she could and struggled so desperately that she lost her balance and fell to her knees as the hand let her go.

"Fay, what is it? What the hell are you doing?" she lifted her head to see Tom looking down at her.
"Tom! Tom! Did you see him? The man who had a knife," she squealed as he pulled her up off the floor.
"What man? Fay are you okay?" he said with concern.
Tears streamed down her face and she shook violently with shock. "He was trying to take me..." she put her hands over her face and the rest of her words were muffled.
Tom put his arms around her and tried to calm her down. "Shall we get the police? Come on, let's go back into the bar and sort this out."
She looked terrified at the thought of going back into the building and she broke away from him, running down the busy street. She couldn't think properly or take in what had happened to her but at that moment all she wanted was the safety of her home. He made after her.
"Look, I'll get you home if that's where you want to go but I'm not letting you walk alone," he said, catching up with her and slowing her down.
She continued walking with terror in her tear stained face.

Two days earlier

Fay was lying on the beach, looking up into the clear blue sky. Tim was lying next to her. She felt his hand on her arm and she turned to look at him.

Why was he wearing no clothes?

"Tim, put some clothes on!"
"Why? I've just been for a swim silly, I've got to dry off."
"Well I can't wait for you, I've got to go."
"Didn't you get my text message?"
"What text message?"
"About our date tonight."
"No, I'm not going on a date with you Tim."
"Oh yes you are madam or I'll throw you in the sea."
"Tim someone's coming, get some clothes on quick!"
"Are you blushing Fay? You're so sexy when you blush!"
Tim rolled over and appeared above her, silhouetted against the sun.
"I want to kiss you right now, right here."
He bent his head closer, putting his hands in her hair as his face came into focus.
"Oh my god! It's not Tim!" she said aloud.

Someone was stroking her hair.
"Come on, wake up sleepyhead," a voice coaxed.
She groaned and turned her head toward the voice. She felt fingers stroke her cheek, neck and hair; she was tingling and warm.
"What are you dreaming about?"
She rolled over onto her stomach, hugging the pillow and burying her face into it. She heard laughter.
"Come on, open those eyes."
A hand stroked her hair away from her face. Her eyelids felt so heavy.
"If you don't open them soon I'm going to kiss you," the voice warned.
She buried her head deeper into the pillow.
"Or I might get into bed with you," it warned again.
She turned away from the noise.
"I'll get you naked." The voice got louder.
"And kiss you all over." The voice was right by her ear.

She jumped, opened her eyes and swung her head around suddenly, coming nose to nose with Adam.
"Morning sweetheart, you finally awake?" he said with a grin.
"Adam!" she exclaimed, struggling to sit up in the bed.
He was lying next to her dressed in jeans and a shirt, leaning on his elbow and looking at her intently.
"Yes it's me, were you expecting someone else?" he asked, looking up at her dazed expression.
"What?" she felt disorientated.
"Who was it anyway?" He sat up next to her and leant his back against the headboard.
"What do you mean 'who was it'?" she frowned.
"You said, 'oh my god, it's not Tim,' so who was it then?" His eyes scrutinized her flustered face.
"Err... nobody, it was just a dream." She ran a hand through her hair and rested her head back against the wall.
"Yes but who was in the dream?" he pushed.
"Adam," she turned to him with exasperation, "was there something you wanted? You shouldn't be in here anyway, I could have been..." she faltered and he rose an interested eyebrow.
"Could have been what?"
She shook her head as if to clear it. "Never mind, do we have to go now? What time is it?"

He got off the bed then and glanced at his watch. "It's ten to nine, and no you've got another hour or so. I'm going to meet Tom now, there is hot water for you to have a shower and your clothes are dry. See you in a while." He moved towards the door then but paused when he got there and turned back to look at her with a smile tugging at his lips. "By the way, you look good in my bed Fay. Especially when you're dreaming about me!" he finished quickly, disappearing into the lounge.
"You wish Adam Ford!" she shouted, throwing a pillow across the room and hitting the door as he closed it.

She waited until she heard the front door close and then sprang out of bed, heading for the lounge.

Her bag, damn, she forgot to ask him where it was. She needed to phone Sal. O well, he said use the apartment as if it were her own.

She sat on the arm of the sofa, reached for his phone, which was perched on a bookcase, and dialled Sal's mobile.
"Hello," Sal answered groggily.
"Sal, it's Fay."
"Fay, where on earth have you been?" she asked.
"It's okay, I'm at Adam's apartment. And before you jump to the wrong conclusions I fell asleep in his car after the meze and he brought me back here, but he slept on the sofa," Fay stressed.
"Oh, so where did you sleep?" Sal asked with intrigue.
"In his bed."

That sounded bad.

"Ah, I see."
"No you don't see Sal, he slept on the sofa I told you."
"Sure, because he knew that you wouldn't let him in there with you," she replied, "but I bet he loved it that you slept in his bed."
"It's just a bed Sal," she frowned.
Sal laughed. "No it's not just a bed, it's sexy Adam's bed. The same sexy Adam who's been trying to get you into his bed from the first moment he met you."
"Don't be ridiculous," she scoffed, "that's not true."
"Oh yes it is," Sal argued, "I was there, remember?"
"Well anyway, he's gone to meet his business partner and then he's bringing me back there so I can change. We're going to be working after that. I just thought I'd let you know."
"Okay thanks...hold on, so you're there alone in his apartment," she queried.
"Yes, why?"
Fay could hear the smile in Sal's voice as she spoke, "A perfect opportunity to find stuff out."
"Sal, I'm not a spy," Fay said incredulously.
Sal laughed. "You just don't know a good opportunity when you see it."
"I'll see you in a bit." She tutted and hung up.

Placing the phone back on the bookcase, she noticed a couple of framed photographs on the top shelf.

She was not looking at them; she was not a spy.

She stood up then but her eyes swung to the top shelf again.

That must be his family.

It was a picture of Adam wearing a thick, black coat, boots and jeans covered with mud. He was standing in a field, leaning against a tree, surrounded by whom she assumed to be his parents and three sisters. His father was an older version of himself and his sisters had the same dark hair and brown eyes as Adam. She smiled and turned her attention to the other photograph on the shelf. It had obviously been taken in a pub. Adam was sitting on a bar stool with a bottle of beer in his hand. On his one side there stood a blonde haired man wearing a suit and on his other, a woman with long, bleached blonde hair holding a champagne glass. The man and woman were clinking glasses above Adam's head. She shrugged.

Must be his friends.

She looked around the room and began to smile to herself.

Good opportunity eh, what would Sal look at next then?

She glanced down at the books on the shelves.

John Grisham, John Grisham, John Grisham, obviously a John Grisham fan. Dan Brown, blardy blardy blah... Living and working in the E.U, very organized Adam. Business development, Economic Change, boring! Okay, what next?

She moved towards the television and noticed a row of DVD's.

Right there had to be something of interest there.

She grinned.

Perhaps something he shouldn't be watching. Star Wars, Troy, Battlestar Galactica, The interpreter, Eyes Wide Shut, The Peacemaker...Hold on, those three all have Nicole Kidman in them. Oh, so he had a crush on Nicole Kidman then did he? God, he even had them organised together! An American Gangster...mmm. Okay now she was bored.

She swung her head around then as another idea hit her.

Music. Let's see if the guy had taste.

She found his stereo and CD collection, running her eyes along the row of CD cases.

Simple Minds, Pet Shop Boys, an eighties fan. Classical Legends!! Let's Get Classical!! Let's not! Genesis, not bad. Bon Jovi, thank god, showing some taste at last. U2, fab! "There's hope for you yet Adam! "

She glanced around her for more inspiration but gave up.

Well from that she concluded...he was pretty much a normal guy. Hmm, bit disappointing. Half expected something to put her off him. He kept the place tidy, good choice in home furnishings. No sordid little secrets there. Or maybe...maybe he had a cleaner...and his apartment was normally a horrendous mess. Oh yes, and she cleared away his sleazy magazines and hid his indecent DVD collection! Ha! She had him sussed!

She threw herself on the sofa and burst out laughing.

What the hell was she doing?

She looked up guiltily.

She had better get showered and dressed.

She went into the laundry room and collected her clothes off the stand. Then she froze, remembering that she still had no idea where her bra was. She searched the room but the only clothes that were there were her shorts and top.

Bloody great! Where on earth could she have taken it off anyway? It had to be in the bedroom.

She ran back into the bedroom, threw the sheets off the bed and searched underneath it, nothing.

Fine, it was bloody nowhere then!

She shrugged, turned and made her way into the bathroom. It felt strange taking her clothes off and getting into his shower. The shower doors were made of glass and the bathroom door had no lock on it so she prayed that Adam wouldn't come back early. The water was lovely and hot and she held her head upwards, letting the stream of water fall over her face and hair. She searched around the cubical then for shampoo but found none. Then she noticed a mirrored cabinet above the sink and opened the shower door, climbing out and tip toeing across the slippery black tiles. She searched through the after shaves, sprays and bottles in the cabinet and eventually found a bottle of shampoo, which matched one of the aftershave bottles.

Ooh, very posh Mr Ford!

She got back into the shower and used the shampoo to wash her hair. As soon as she began to lather it into her scalp she recognised the smell.

Oh god, it was almost like he was there with her! She wished he was. Hell, where did that thought come from? She had to stop that, being there didn't help. God but they were all right, he was gorgeous and sexy. Maybe she could just have a bit of a fling with him. What was she thinking? It would be great though; he was so good in that department. So far anyway. Nah, he was probably really bad actually in bed. Oh god, she bet he wasn't. Okay, think about something else. Think about shopping or ...him kissing me. No! Think about something, his hands all over me. No! No!

She slumped back against the shower wall and looked to the ceiling as the steam in the shower built up and made his scent even more intense.

Okay, she could do this. Come on; think of something really boring, like...Bingo!
She burst out laughing.

Bingo! Bloody hell she was losing the plot! Hey, that worked!

She smiled to herself, got out of the shower, wrapped herself in a towel and giggled all the way back to the bedroom.

"Hey, what are you laughing at in there?" Adam knocked on the door loudly.
She nearly jumped out of her skin.
"Oh, you're back. I didn't hear you come in."
"I've only just walked through the door. So what's so funny?" He stood behind the door with a quizzical look.
"Oh nothing, I'll be out in a minute. By the way, do you know where I left my bag yesterday?"
"Yes, it's in the car," he shouted.

Thank god for that.

"There is a slight change of plan Fay. Tom is buying us breakfast, well we have to eat anyway and he offered so I said yes," he reasoned.
"But I've never even met him," she said, wondering why he would offer to buy a complete stranger breakfast.
"You will," came the simple reply.
She quickly changed, made the bed and hung the towel on the radiator to dry.

"Okay, I'm ready," she said walking into the lounge.
He put an arm around her shoulder and led her towards the front door.
"So, aren't you going to tell me why you were laughing?"
She looked sideways at him. "Adam, a girl has to have some secrets."

© 2011 Repgreece

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LOl, u really got into her head as s he was trying to keep her mind off of adam.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on May 28, 2011
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