Welcome To Crete Chapter 27

Welcome To Crete Chapter 27

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam teases Fay


When they got back to her apartment there was no sign of Sal.
"She must still be in bed. I'll just go say hi and get changed, then we can go," Fay said, heading for the spare room.
"No problem. Mind if I make myself a coffee?" Adam asked, strolling towards the kitchen.
"Help yourself."

Fay walked into the spare room to find Sal fast asleep, tangled up in the bed sheets.
"Wake up Sal," she shouted, "I'm back."
Sal groaned and put her head up. "Why are you so loud?" She held her head and watched as Fay sat on the bed next to her.
"Hangover Sal?"
"Hmm, didn't leave the bar until five in the morning." She sat up in bed and stretched.
"So, did you find anything interesting in Adam's apartment," she whispered.
Fay smiled. "He listens to classical music...oh and he's got a thing for Nicole Kidman."
"Is that all?" Sal sounded disappointed.
"Afraid so, no deep, dark secrets. He's out there anyway, I'm just going to get changed." Fay jumped up then and bounded into her room, closing the door behind her.

Sal grabbed her dressing gown and joined Adam in the lounge; he was sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper.
"Hi Adam, how are you on this wonderful, sunny morning?" she said enthusiastically, looking out of the balcony window but then wincing as the sun hit her face.
Adam laughed, "A bit too sunny for you eh Sal."
"Hmm, know any hangover cures?" she asked hopefully.
"Hair of the dog." He didn't look convinced at his own answer.
"Err, it would probably kill me!"

She moved away from the window and walked over to the stereo with a grin.
"Want some music on? What about classical music, do you like that?" she asked.
He glanced at her quizzically. "Sure, whatever."
She moved towards the DVD's on the shelf under the television.
"Or how about a DVD? I think Fay has Cold Mountain somewhere, or even The Interpreter."
He narrowed his eyes at her. "Now Fay wouldn't have been checking out my music and DVD collections would she?" he asked suspiciously.
Sal giggled and held up her hands. "In truth, I did put her up to it."
"Oh, I see, so what else did she check out in my apartment then?" he queried.
She whispered, looking nervously towards the bedroom door, "Well, I think she was looking to find some of your deep, dark secrets but she found nothing," she finished with a shrug.
"Ahh, who would have thought it? Little Miss prim and proper sneaking around in my apartment."
Sal looked worried then. "It never came from me though, okay?"

"What are you two whispering about?" Fay emerged from the bedroom looking the epitome of cool, dressed in black trousers, a black top, light beige leather jacket and sunglasses.

Oh hell, Tom was going to be all over her.

"Nothing, are you off now then?" Sal said, trying to divert the conversation.
"Yes, the spare key is under the door. See you later," she waved as they exited the apartment.


"So where are we having breakfast?" Fay asked when they got into the car.
" Just round the corner at his hotel, 'The Apollo'." He started up the engine and pulled out onto the road.

Did he know that Jen worked there?

"So madam, did you have fun going through my music and DVD's?" he asked with a knowing smile.
Fay's eyes widened and she swung her head around to him. "Err, I don't know what you mean," she replied innocently.
"Hmm." He was unconvinced.
She turned to look out of the window to hide a smile and then a thought hit her.
"Do you have a cleaner?" She continued to look out of the window.
"Yes, why?"
Stifling a laugh she just managed to get out, "No reason, just wondering."

As the car entered the grounds of the hotel he looked sideways at her in confusion. "You don't approve of me having a cleaner?"
She bit her lip in an attempt not to laugh. "No, she keeps it very clean. Everything tidied away," she added and then couldn't help the laughter that slipped out.

He parked the car in the car park and turned to her then. "Come on, what's going through that head of yours?" he said, crossing his arms.
Her face looked more serious then. "Nothing, let's go."
She moved to get out but he reached over and locked the door. "Not so fast, not until I know what you've been laughing about at all morning."
Her smile faded. "Oh no, that was something else."
"Oh, so there are two hilarious things. Let's start with what was so funny about me having a cleaner."
She racked her brain to think of something. "Err... just thought it weird that's all."
"No, I don't buy that. Come on, out with it." He leant closer to her, putting his arm on the back of her seat.
She looked nervous. "No, really that was it."
"Tell me the truth Fay."
She leant away from him. "I am."
"Your nose will start growing in a minute. Tell me or I'll be forced to tickle it out of those sensitive sides of yours."
Her eyes widened. "That really, really was it Adam," she said in desperation as he moved closer.
"Not good enough." He dug his fingers into her sides and she squealed, frantically trying to get his hands to stop. "Had enough? Come on tell me." He lifted his hands away for a moment and she sat there gasping for breath but failed to answer.
He went towards her again but she shouted out, "Stop, okay, okay!"
"Go on then." He waited.
"Well I was thinking that she might have tidied away stuff," she said, praying that he wasn't going to ask what.
"That's not what made you laugh." There was a silence. "Right." He reached towards her again and continued the onslaught until she begged him to stop. "The only way I'll stop is if you tell me."
She looked at him desperately. "Oh god, okay." She paused and he waited. "I expected to see..." she struggled to get the words out.
"To see?"
"I was imagining her tiding away..."
"Tiding away what?" he grinned. She sighed and looked away from him out of the window as her skin began to glow red in embarrassment. He turned her head back to him with a hand under her chin. "Tiding away what?" he repeated. She gave him a pained look. "Hmm?" he lifted an eyebrow. "Shall we go back to the tickling?"
"Oh good god no, all right." She quickly turned her head away again and said, "tidying away naughty stuff."
He howled with laughter. "You thought that my cleaner tidies away that!"
She looked indignant. "Well no, I didn't really think that. It just crossed my mind."
He scrutinized her face. "I haven't got any naughty stuff, well not that naughty anyway," he added with a laugh. "I wonder if you've got any naughty stuff in your apartment Fay."
"No I have not!" she said looking horrified.
He grinned at the look on her face. "What so you have never seen any naughty stuff before then?"
Her eyes widened at his line of questioning. "No!"
He continued to grin. "Come on Fay, you're a single woman and you never seem to sleep with anyone, you're not a bloody nun!"
"What are you getting at?" she frowned.
His grin widened. "Are you telling me that the only naked men you've ever seen are the ones that you have slept with, which seem to be none existent at the moment?"
She paused. "This is a completely outrageous conversation."
"Only because you've got a hang up about sex."
"I have not!" She crossed her arms in a defensive way and he looked amused.
"Yes you have, you are obsessed with the idea of men having sexual urges and yet you deny that you have any."
"I don't."
His eyes widened. "Oh so now you are admitting that you do?"
She sighed. "As I said, this is not the kind of conversation we should be having."
"Go on, admit that you have sexual urges. Hell I've seen them," he added.
"I'm getting out of this car now." She turned, unlocked the door and got out, saying over her shoulder, "You are an extremely unprofessional boss."
He howled with laughter at her prudish tone and called after her as she walked away. "Just to show you how much I value you in my team, I'd be willing to help you out with some of those uncontrollable urges you have Fay."

© 2011 Repgreece

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