Welcome To Crete Chapter 30

Welcome To Crete Chapter 30

A Chapter by Repgreece

The boat trip and a romantic phone call


"Okay, I phone the boat, the people there so now we go. I don't know, maybe we have problem with the sismos but we try. Come, come," Nikos said, ushering Fay and Adam out of the door and leading them across the square to the harbour, with Adam grinning at Fay all the way and Fay doing her best to ignore him.

The sea was calm enough for Nikos to take the boat out so they boarded and headed into the bay. It was a fairly large boat designed for tourist trips, with two decks of seats, some outside, some sheltered. There was also an inside area with a bar and some tables where people could eat. They stood on the top deck, at the side of the boat, to look at the view and Nikos pointed out the 'Sunken City' in the distance.

"You see 'Olous' over there?" Nikos asked.
"Oh yes, we walked that way earlier. I didn't know its name though. Adam and I were wondering why the city sank Nikos," she said, glancing at Adam with amusement.
"The Ottomans destroy it. Olous was an important city in ancient Creta, bring and take many exports. The fort on Spinalonga," he pointed in the opposite direction towards the island, "they build to protect Olous but the Turks come after and destroy Olous. Many people hide from the Turks on Spinalonga. And of course after the Turks leave, island become place for lepers only, first go there 1903 and stop 1957."

A shout suddenly came from below and Nikos moved towards the lower deck as Fay turned to Adam; "A lot of tourists visited last year with an interest in Spinalonga after the book 'The Island' by Joanna Hislop was published. Have you heard of it?"
"I've heard it mentioned," he said, inspecting the island as they neared it.

It was a rocky place which, from a distance, was almost camouflaged amongst the same coral, sandy coloured ground of the surrounding mainland. At closer range however the long island's coastline could be seen, showing it to be wider at the nearest point to them and tapering slightly at the back. The defensive walls facing them had been built at the lower part of the island, and above they could see a natural, raised ridge running down the centre of its length. There were patches of greenery dotted along the ridge and a round fortress was also visible above the island's walls.

As Fay stood looking out at Spinalonga she recalled the dark, unsettling atmosphere of the stone rooms that the lepers had inhabited. It was a melancholy place in many ways. She shivered suddenly with the memory and the cold wind that was chilling her bare arms.
"Are you okay?" Adam asked, glancing down at her.
"Yes, I'm just a bit cold suddenly," she smiled, moving to put her jacket on.

He took it off her though and held it out for her to slip it on. She put her arms in the sleeves and he lifted it over her shoulders, sweeping her hair out of the collar and caressing the back of her neck as he did so. He tilted his head and watched her for a moment until her hair blew across her face as the wind suddenly changed and he laughed, pulling it back with both hands.
"It's got a mind of its own this hair of yours."
Fay laughed. "Yes, I know. Sal once tried to straighten it but gave up after about ten minutes."
"Don't you dare straighten it! You wouldn't be Fay with straight hair," he said, pushing her curls forward onto one of her shoulders and putting his head next to hers.
"Hey! Your hair smells different today," he observed.
She moved her head away from his and turned around to face him. "Ah yes," she said with a slight sheepish look, "I borrowed some of your shampoo, my hair was all full of sea salt."
"That's okay." His expression changed then as he pictured her in his shower, washing her hair. She watched him for a moment and then turned, heading towards the front of the boat.

"Hey, where are you running off to?" he asked as she moved away.
She turned a few metres from him. "Nowhere, just looking down here." She started to move again.
He laughed, "You're running away from me again Fay."
She turned again but continued to edge backwards. "Don't be silly, I just want a different view."
He moved towards her with narrowed eyes. "I'll come and see the different view too then."
She gave a small laugh and held out a hand between them, "No, you can look at the view from there."
He grinned at her. "Yes but I've got no chance of following up on that kiss of ours if I'm stuck over here."
She continued to back away. "Adam...that was done in a very underhanded way, now behave yourself!"

He pursued her and she suddenly turned and ran down the boat, he bolted after her. She darted around the front of the boat and headed for the steps to the lower deck which were midway along the other side.
He followed, shouting after her, "I've chased a few women in my time but his is getting ridiculous!"
"Well stop chasing then!" she shouted back.

He caught her by the arm before she made it to the steps and turned her around, trapping her between himself and the railing at the edge of the boat. He leant towards her but she leant backwards as far as she could against the railing.
"You're a very troublesome woman you know," he pointed out.
"Yes I know, I have a mind of my own," she replied sarcastically.
"Stubborn beyond reason," he added.
"Strong willed," she corrected.
"Insubordinate," he challenged.
"Steadfast," she came back.
"Hmm," he looked unsure, "wavering at times."

He watched her for a while and then slipped his hand under her jacket and onto her lower back, urging her forward. She tensed and he gave an exasperated look, linking both of his hands behind her back but allowing some space between them.
"Happy?" he asked wryly, "no major bodily parts touching, see." His eyes made a leisurely assessment of her face and she frowned.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm trying to work you out," he replied, contemplating her.
"Are you getting anywhere?"
He sighed. "Slowly...but I'm having fun along the way." He smiled, kissed her on the nose and then let her go, moving to the railing at the side of her. A few minutes later Nikos reappeared.

"The sea, she is getting a bit," he indicated rough waves with his hand, "we must go back."
"No problem," Fay smiled, "thank you very much for taking us out Nikos."
"For you, anything Fay." He ruffled her hair and moved back down the stairs again.

Fay sat down on one of the seats opposite Adam and pulled her jacket further around her as the wind got stronger.
"You know it's just occurred to me how much we have to do yet before the tourists start arriving," Adam pointed out.
"Yes, it won't be long. You'll need to find more staff too, guides et cetera." She thought for a moment. "How about Sal? She'll be wanting to find work soon."
He looked unsure, "Has she done any work like that before?"
"Well no," Fay admitted, "but I could train her. She'd just need a few pointers if she was going to guide."
"Okay, I trust your judgement." He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Fay, am I paying you enough?"
Her eyes widened in surprise at his question. "You're paying the going rate."
"Yes but it turns out that you have endless talents that I hadn't foreseen." He laughed as she put a hand to her face in mock modesty.
"Good grief, carry on like that and you'll have me blushing Mr Ford," she chuckled, "if you're going to offer me a raise though I'll not refuse it."
"Okay, but we'll talk about it tomorrow," he smiled.

The boat reached the harbour again and they thanked Nikos once more, waving goodbye and heading for the car. By this time it was beginning to get dark so they drove back to Agios Nikolaos and Adam dropped Fay outside her apartment.
"Thanks, what's on the agenda for tomorrow then?" she asked, reaching for her bag.
"As you said, we need to sort out staff and organise transport, paperwork and finish off the details of the trips," he said with growing realisation of the tasks ahead.
"I'll come in early then." She looked slightly anxious.
"Thanks Fay, I do appreciate your support," he said, kissing her on the cheek.
"No problem," she smiled, and got out of the car.

Fay's apartment was in darkness when she let herself in and a note on the counter informed her that Sal had gone out for the evening. Sal had invited her along but she had already made the decision to have a night in. She had to get up early tomorrow, and besides she had been out an awful lot lately, a nice relaxing night in would be a welcome change. She opened the fridge, hoping to see something inspirational to cook but alas, she hadn't been shopping for a few days and both the fridge and the cupboards looked pitifully bare.

Never mind, she could be inventive with the ingredients that she did have.

She put them out on the kitchen counter and assessed them.

Okay, what had she got? Ham, that provided the meat. Chickpeas... that had to be soaked over night.

She pushed them to one side.

Tin of tomatoes, always handy. Oxo cubes, hmm. Lemon juice, bit of a mixture. Pita bread, must be able to do something with that. Lentils, two sausages and a banana. Hmm. This may be a bit of a challenge even for someone of her creative talents.

Later that evening she sat on the sofa, having eaten half a plate of an incredibly odd concoction, and flicked channels with a sigh.

Bloody Greek television! She may as well go to bed. She could watch a DVD though and maybe she would eventually nod off.

She changed into her night slip and searched her DVD collection.

Seen it recently, seen it a million times, didn't like it anyway...Got it. Okay so she'd seen it a million times too but it should cheer her up.

She picked up 'Pretty Woman' and put it in the DVD player, jumping into bed and pressing start on the remote control. She was only fifteen minutes into the film when the telephone by the side of her bed rang and she looked at it with surprise.

If it was Sal she was not going out. She could do one night in for goodness sake.

She turned the volume down on the television and picked up the receiver.
"Hello Fay, it's your boss here."
She looked at the receiver with puzzlement. "Oh hello, is everything okay?" she asked, wondering why he was phoning her.
"Yes fine. I was just phoning to ask if you have discovered something of yours missing," he said with amusement in his voice.
"Missing?" A thought occurred to her then which she didn't like so she pushed it aside.
"Yes, something you may have left behind this morning at my apartment."
"Left behind," she stalled.
"Hmm, an item of clothing," he added.
She contemplated denial. "I don't think so, I left wearing all my clothes remember?" She bit her lip. "Perhaps it's your cleaner's," she suggested.
He howled with laughter. "No, I really can't imagine my cleaner wearing this particular style of clothing. She is in her mid sixties and it is a little too small to fit her I would imagine."

She looked down at herself with a frown. She wasn't that small!
"Well I don't know then. Where did you find it anyway...just out of interest?" she added.
"In my wardrobe, on the floor," he chuckled.
She cringed.

Why didn't she look there?

"So aren't you going out tonight?" she asked, hastily changing the subject as an image of him finding her bra popped disconcertingly into her head.

Swift change of subject there; he'd get her to admit it later.

"No, got a busy day tomorrow. I take it that you are staying in too then or you'd be out with Sal by now eh."
"Yes, Sal's out now though. I don't know how she does it, I'm shattered."
"I didn't wake you did I?" he asked, glancing at the clock.
"No, I'm not asleep yet. Think my body is used to staying up late now after the last couple of days."
"I know what you mean, I'm not tired now either. What are you up to then?" he asked.
"I'm just watching TV in bed, hoping I'll eventually fall asleep," she said, stopping the DVD. "Why, what are you doing?"
"I'm on the sofa doing the same. What are you watching? I can't seem to find anything decent on," he said, searching the channels.
"Err, I'm not really watching anything specific."

She wasn't going to tell him she was watching 'Pretty Woman', he'd laugh.

"I was thinking of ordering a takeaway, where would you recommend Fay?"
She thought for a moment. "It depends on what you want but actually your best bet is probably 'Minos' as it delivers anything off the menu and they do pretty much all types of food. Just ask for what you want and if they don't do it they'll suggest the nearest alternative. Hold on a sec." She reached for her mobile phone, looked up the number in the phone book and read it out to him.
"Thanks. I guess you have already eaten," he said.
She laughed. "If you can call it that. I was trying to be inventive with what was left in my cupboards but it didn't work too well."
"Oh, I see," he said with amusement, "So what did you end up putting together then?"
"You really don't want to know," she replied.
"Yes I do, I'm intrigued now," he insisted.
"Okay, well pita bread was the main ingredient as it was the only filling thing I had in the cupboard. Then I kind of cooked tinned tomatoes with a bit of sausage, ham and...lentils thrown in for good measure," she finished quickly.
He laughed. "Mmmm, tasty."
"No it wasn't actually, I gave up half way through," she admitted.
"Hold on a sec, I'm just going to quickly order the food. Don't go anywhere; I want to hear more entertaining tales of your evening."

The phone went quiet and she looked at it startled but then smiled, sitting up in bed with her arms wrapped around her knees.
"Are you still there?" he asked on the other end after a few minutes.
She put the receiver to her ear. "Yes, did you order then?"
"I did, thanks for that," he replied.

They spent the next fifteen or so minutes making small talk but surprisingly Fay found herself feeling quite relaxed simply chatting to Adam over the phone.
"It's a shame that you aren't here to share the take away and the bottle of wine I have in front of me," he said suggestively.
"You have wine too, that's not fair! But actually no, I made up my mind I'm going to get used to a sensible routine again. Nights in and bed at a reasonable time," she said firmly.
He laughed. "What, with a glass of milk and a bible reading?"
"Well, I wouldn't go that far," she giggled.
"I must admit, I had planned on coming to live here to slow down my pace of life but it's turned out to be almost as hectic so far." He gave up on the TV and threw the remote control onto the coffee table.
She paused for a moment as a question entered her head. "Adam."
"I know it's the kind of question that everyone asks but I'm actually quite intrigued now, why did you move out here?" There was a short silence and she relented. "I'm sorry. It's none of my business, I'm just being nosy."
"No, I'm only trying to think of how to explain it. What I said was true, my life was getting too hectic but in quite a bad way and I guess I just woke up one day and wanted out," he explained.
"Well I hope that you haven't jumped from the frying pan into the fire," she replied.
"No, not at all. I was just joking. I'm actually loving every minute of it," he said genuinely.
"Good, I'm glad."
"So how about you? Do you ever miss England Fay?" he queried.
"Not really... occasionally I guess."
"Don't you have family you miss?" he asked with surprise. "Oh hang on. Hold that thought, I think the food is here," he said, moving to answer the door.

She waited for a while, considering how to answer his last question. Then he came back to the phone.
"Right, yes, I was asking if you missed your family," he reminded her.
"Well I guess I should keep in touch with them more. There's just my sister and my mother but my sister and I are quite different, come to think of it so are my mother and I. After speaking with her over the phone I usually feel quite fed up. I always get the feeling that she disagrees with my lifestyle so I tend to make excuses not to phone her." She had a guilty look on her face.
"So there's no dad in the picture then," he enquired.
"No, my parents got divorced when I was young and I think he kept in touch for a bit but then he moved away and now we have lost touch."
"Do you think you will ever get in touch again?" he asked.
She paused. "Maybe, isn't your food getting cold anyway? I should leave you to enjoy it," she said, changing the subject.
"No, it's okay for a bit. It's nice to talk, it's important for staff relations," he added.
"Oh I see, so does Ann get the late night phone calls too then?" she laughed.
"No, I think her husband might complain if..."

She suddenly looked towards the lounge with a startled expression as the doorbell rang.
"Good god, there's someone at the door," she interrupted him.
"Well you had better go and answer it then, I'll wait," he replied.

She jumped up and grabbed her dressing gown, slipping it on as she made for the lounge. Peeping through the eyehole she looked bewildered when she saw a delivery boy holding takeaway bags. An explanation entered her head but then she dismissed it and opened the door to find out more. The boy simply handed her the bags and went to leave.
"Wait a minute, I didn't order anything," she shouted after him.
He turned briefly, shrugged and then disappeared down the stairs.

He wouldn't have, would he?

She looked in one of the bags and grinned when she saw a box containing 'Minos's' famous chef's chicken. Then she turned her attention to the other bag with curiosity and pulled out a bottle of white wine and a large bar of chocolate. She held them in her hands, looking from one to the other with amazement. Her face broke out into a huge smile as she realized what Adam had done.

Oh my god! Oh my god, that was so sweet of him! And how on earth did he get them to deliver chocolate?

She quickly transferred the meal onto a plate and opened the bottle of wine. Then she grabbed a wine glass, the bottle and the chocolate and went back into her bedroom. After placing the objects on her bedside table, she jumped into bed and picked up the telephone receiver.
"Okay, I have two questions for you. One, how did you know my favorite meal or was it just a coincidence? And two, I'm pretty sure that 'Minos' doesn't sell chocolate so where did that come from?"
He grinned. "Well I guessed that you had ordered from there before and they knew you so I asked what you usually order, and I managed to persuade the delivery guy to make a quick stop at the kiosk on the way."
"You did?" she sounded amazed. "Adam I'm speechless. Thank you so much."
"It's a pleasure. Actually I did it for selfish reasons really."
"Is that right?" She poured herself a glass of wine with a smile.
"Yes, I hate eating alone."

She laughed and reached for the plate of food, placing it on her lap and beginning to eat.
"So what did you order then?" she asked, keeping the receiver by her ear with her shoulder.
"I've got the same; I figured that you'd know the best food in there. You know everything else there is to know about this place," he pointed out.
"Well I don't know everything," she said modestly.
"Pretty much," he laughed.

They continued to eat and Fay made a few attempts at getting him to hang up the phone, but without success.

It was so bizarre. Nice though. She was glad he didn't hang up.

She finished the meal and put the plate to one side, picking up the chocolate and opening it on her lap.

She would just have a bit or she'd end up the size of a house!

"I'm eating the chocolate now, just thought I'd let you know. If I end up fat it will be your fault," she added.
"Don't be ridiculous, you've got a fabulous body! Probably too fabulous for my peace of mind," he said, trying to picture her in bed eating the chocolate.
She giggled, popping another piece of chocolate into her mouth and placing the rest of the bar back on her bedside table with determination not to eat any more.
"You know Adam, you are quite a romantic guy I think," she grinned.
"Hmm...how about you Fay? Do you like a bit of romance?" he asked.
"Err...haven't really thought about it," she lied.
He laughed. "I find that hard to believe. Okay, I'll tell you if you are romantic, what is your favorite film?"
She grimaced.Pretty Woman was one but her real favourite was even more embarrassing. She searched her brain for an alternative film to quote him.
"Can't remember," she finally spurted out, covering her face with her hands.
"Really? Now I know you're lying. Come on, out with it," he pushed.
"No," she said rebelliously, "You don't get to know everything."
"Oh yes I do," he countered, picking up his mobile phone, typing in a message and sending it.
"That's the good thing about being on the phone," she said smugly, "there's nothing you can do if I don't want to tell." She pictured him tickling her half to death.
"Hmm, we'll see," he said mysteriously.

What was he up to? She'd not tell him whatever he did!

Moments later Adam's phone beeped with a message from Sal and he read it, howling with laughter.
"What? What are you up to Adam Ford?" she asked suspiciously.
"And you intimated that you weren't romantic," he laughed, "Gone With The Wind! You couldn't get any more romantic if you tried!"
She screamed and pulled the bedclothes over her head in embarrassment.
"Fay," he called with a teasing tone. "Fay, come back on the phone or I'll do my Rhett Butler impression and have you swooning," he chuckled.
"I hate you Adam Ford! So who told you then?" she said with an angry expression.
"If I tell you, you have to promise not to do her any bodily harm Fay."
"Let me guess, Sal," she growled.
"Now, now, in truth she didn't know it was a secret of yours," he said with amusement. "Who would have thought it? Fay, the closet romantic!" he teased.
"Shut up!"
"Okay," he relented, "I'll not tease you any more if it's a touchy subject. There's just one other little thing I want to say though..."
She narrowed her eyes.
"Frankly my dear, I couldn't give a damn!" he howled. "Sorry sweetheart, I just couldn't resist!"
"You're evil!" she shouted, but then giggled despite herself.
"You're extremely entertaining Fay," he smiled.
She sighed, "Well I guess we should be getting some sleep now, it's getting late."
He paused. "I guess so."
She suddenly felt reluctant to hang up but couldn't think of a way to delay it.
"Well, goodnight then," she said reluctantly.
"Hold on," he said suddenly. "What about my goodnight kiss?"
She looked bewildered. "I think that even you would find that a bit difficult."
"And you are supposed to be the romantic one," he scolded. "So you are in bed then; I have to picture you so what are you wearing?"
She looked awkward and reluctantly answered him. "A night dress."
"Don't tell me it comes up to your chin and down to your toes."
"No," she said indignantly.
"So? Describe it then," he urged.

Okay, this was weird.

"It's deep blue, silky, strappy thing. You know the kind of thing," she finished awkwardly.
He grinned, building up an image in his mind. "Okay, so I sit on your bed next to you and reach out to hold your face in my hands. Now to make it realistic you probably do a little nervous, unsure thing with your eyes round about now but I say something reassuring like, 'don't worry, it's just a kiss. I'm not going to push it.'"
She smiled slowly.
"Then I stroke your lips with my fingers and your eyes go deeper blue. You start to blush too which means that, although you are trying your hardest to not react, you really want me to kiss you already."
She listened with fascination as he spoke.
"Then I lean closer, watching your face until I cover those gorgeous lips with mine." He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. "Then, because I don't want to frighten you off and I know I'm going to want to do a hell of a lot more, with great willpower I move my mouth to your ear and whisper, 'goodnight sweetheart.'"

Oh god, don't go! She wanted him to kiss her now.

"Adam," she suddenly said on impulse, "you missed a bit out."
"I did," he said with surprise.
"Yes, the bit where, because I've had such a wonderful evening, I put my hand on your face when you kiss me and I hold you there for a bit longer," she said quietly, not believing her own words.
His face lit up with amazement at her words.
"Goodnight Adam," she said.
"Night, night Fay."

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Aw,yep fay definitly wants him and I'm lad she let heer guard down a bit. ^^

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Way to go Fay!

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