Welcome To Crete Chapter 31

Welcome To Crete Chapter 31

A Chapter by Repgreece

Hot in the office


Adam put down the receiver and sat staring at the phone for a few moments with a huge grin on his face. Then he laughed and stood up, unsure of what to do next. He ran a hand through his hair and made for the bathroom, stripping off his clothes and climbing into the shower. As he stood under the hot water however he had taunting visions of Fay showering there that morning. These images soon developed into pictures of her there at that moment, with him rubbing soap all over her body, and he soon had to get out of the shower to stop the frustration he suddenly felt.

He put on a dressing gown, went back into the lounge and poured himself a large whiskey in hope that it would invoke sleep. After finishing the whiskey he moved into his bedroom and climbed into bed, turning off the light and staring at the shuttered windows in the greyness of the room. He lay there for hours as visions and thoughts raced around his mind and he twisted and turned, trying to shut off his overactive brain. He eventually fell asleep, entwined in his sheets.

The door of Adam's room opened and someone walked in.

Who was it?

He opened his eyes but he couldn't see; his eyes wouldn't focus.

It was Fay!

Although he couldn't see clearly, he knew that it was her. He went to speak but she put a finger to his lips to silence him. She stood silhouetted against the window and began to undress. His eyes strained to see her more clearly but she was a haze to him. He watched garments falling onto the floor as she took them off but her body turned into a fleshy shape, obscured by the shadows. He waited expectantly for her to go to him but feared that she might suddenly disappear. His heart jolted with excitement when she moved towards the bed, lifted up the covers and got in beside him. He reached out for her; impatient to feel her naked body next to his, but suddenly he was standing looking down at her. She was lying on a rock, and when he glanced around he realised that they were in the cave, next to the small church with the encased bones of the dead. She looked white and he bent to wake her but she was lifeless. He gathered her into his arms and whispered in her ear, "Wake up Fay, wake up." He whispered it over and over again as panic began to build in him but she remained still and limp. He put his head against hers and buried his face in her hair, willing her back to life.

Suddenly it was light and he bolted to a sitting position in his bed, struggling to make sense of his surroundings. Then he reached for his mobile phone, which was beside his bed, and dialled a number.
"Yes...Adam what's wrong?" she asked, recognising his voice and registering his panic.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"Yes, why?" She looked confused.
He laughed with relief. "Sorry sweetheart, I think I must be losing my mind."
"Err... I think I've just woken up properly but I had a dream and... well I got a bit confused between that and reality," he explained.
"Oh," she frowned, "what was the dream about?"
"Well, you were kind of... dead," he said reluctantly.
"Dead! Great! I hope that's not your subconscious trying to get rid of me!" she exclaimed.
"No, definitely not...not considering the first part of the dream anyway," he assured her.
"Go on then, what was the first part of the dream? Did you try to stop me from dying?"
"No, there was no dying involved. In fact it was going fantastically well up to that point," he said wryly.
"What do you mean 'fantastically well', or shouldn't I ask?"
"Well, put it this way, you were playing the seductress and I...come to think of it, it wasn't as fantastic as I'd hoped. I had a bit of a problem with my eyes and I couldn't see all the action!"
She laughed loudly. "That serves you right Adam! That's what happens when you have naughty dreams about me," she teased.
"Just my luck. I wouldn't put it past you to have somehow censored all my dreams too!" he complained.
She grinned. "Well, I'm very much alive, now leave me alone because I still have half an hour before my alarm goes off."
"Okay, okay, I'm going. See you later," he said, hanging up.

Forty minutes later and Fay was rifling through her wardrobe for something to wear. The weather was getting hotter and that morning was particularly warm so she looked for an alternative to wearing trousers. Her eyes hovered on a cotton, khaki dress that she had bought at the end of last summer and she eventually took it out to assess its suitability.

Was it a bit short? No, wasn't too bad and at least it would be cool.

She made up her mind to try it on and glanced in the mirror with narrowed eyes. The material fitted snugly to her figure and stopped a few inches above her knees. The top half of the dress fastened at the back of her neck and, although it had a small collar, it was sleeveless.

Okay, not too bad...or was it a bit low?

She bent forward and grimaced.

No bending over today then. Her mother always told her to sit up straight anyway.

She shrugged and searched her wardrobe for some sandals. Then, grabbing her bag and sunglasses, she left her apartment and headed down the set of steps to the sea front.

When she arrived in the office Adam was the only person there and he turned around as she entered. To her consternation her heart did a little leap at the sight of him and she scolded herself for it.

She wasn't a bloody school girl; she had to get control of herself!

"Hello you. Did you get that other half an hour sleep in the end?" he asked as he organized the papers in front of him.
She walked up to her desk and placed her bag on it. "Well I fell asleep again but not until twenty minutes later, so I had a total of ten extra minutes sleep in all," she chuckled.
He laughed.
"Is Ann coming in?" she asked.
"Yes, she should be here soon. She has to take Amy to school first though as Dimitris had to go somewhere early this morning." He shrugged to suggest that he didn't know where exactly.
"Would you like me to start on the trip details again?" she said, glancing at the computer. "I was thinking that I could probably get all of them done today, well the ones we discussed anyway, and if not I'll finish them at home."
"That would be great; I need the details to put in the brochures. But don't take work home. Let's see how much we get done today anyway," he winked.

She watched him busying about at his desk and recalled the telephone call, the food he had bought for her and the kiss he had described. He looked up at her suddenly and she moved quickly to turn on the computer. He went back to his work with a smile.

Ann rushed into the office soon afterwards, apologizing for being late and heading straight for her desk.
"Ann, how are you getting on with the guest lists? Are we on schedule?" Adam asked, moving towards her and glancing at the computer screen.
"You know, I think we may even be a bit ahead," she said proudly.
"Good, I don't want any last minute hiccups once guests begin to arrive." He turned his attention to Fay. "Any ideas for guides Fay? We have Sal, if she wants the job, but we'll want more once the season starts. I've got a big group of guests arriving tomorrow..."
Fay looked up in shock.
"Don't panic they are all sorted out. They are friends and acquaintances of Tom and they know that the season hasn't started yet so they won't expect the tours to be organized properly, although I would like to give them some details for future reference. We expect many of them to return and if they know Tom I'm sure that they will have good connections back home. I'd like to ensure that their transfers run smoothly and also I was wondering if you would give them a small informal talk, just to get them interested in the trips." He leant against the side of Ann's desk and waited for a response.
"I suppose so, although I'm not sure exactly what I'd say." She looked unsure.
"You'll be great, just show them all the enthusiasm you showed when we went out to see the places," he reassured her.
"Okay, I'll do my best but I'm not an expert or anything. I only know what I told you through personal interest."
"Well personally... I was impressed, and so will they be," he said, smiling at her and moving back to his desk. "So, any ideas on the guides?" he asked, returning to his original question.
"Oh, not off the top of my head but I could ask Susie for you. She knows a lot of guides and reps." She watched him for a bit as he worked on his computer, and then she added, "Actually the best person to ask is Jen."
His head shot up.
"She knows everyone, and she'll know the best guides too," Fay pressed.
He looked torn. "Speak to Susie for me first eh Fay."
"Okay," she nodded. "Do you want me to ask Sal for you too while I'm at it?" she said, searching in her bag for Sal and Susie's mobile numbers.
"Sure," he nodded.

She phoned Sal first and expected her to still be in bed but the background noises of cars and bikes indicated that she was up and out. As soon as she answered Sal began chatting away excitedly.
'Fay, you're not going to believe this but I was on my way to the beach and I was walking past 'The Apollo' hotel, and who should I see but your friend Jo. Well she stopped to say hi and we got chatting and she's moving into a new apartment and she said I could take her old one! And it's got two bedrooms and everything!' She eventually stopped to get her breath back.
'Wow, I didn't even expect you to be up! Well done Sal, so when will you move in then?' Fay asked.
'She said I can move in tomorrow. Can you believe it?" Sal answered in amazement.
"No, that was quick. I might have some more good news for you too. Adam is looking for guides and he wondered if you wanted to be one."
"You're kidding. Yes definitely, tell him yes," she replied enthusiastically.
"Okay, pop in here on your way back from the beach and you can talk to him about it," she suggested.
"Okay, see you later." She hung up.

"Well Sal's on board," Fay shouted across the office to Adam.
"Great," he called back

She dialed Susie's number.
"Hi Susie, it's Fay here."
"Hi, how's things?"
"Good thanks and you?" Fay enquired.
"Not bad, busy as usual."
"Listen, I was wondering if you knew of anybody who was looking for guiding work, Adam needs some guides and we thought that you might be able to put us in contact with someone," she asked hopefully.
Susie thought for a while. "Hmm... most of the people I know already have work...oh actually I may know of someone. Jen's new boyfriend has not long moved out here and he may not have found work yet, Nick I think his name is," she added.
Fay grinned and looked towards Adam. "Do you have a contact number for him?"
"No but I'll be seeing Jen within the hour so I'll get her to ask him to stop by your office, if that's okay."
"Great, thanks Susie. I'd better go now but we'll catch up soon right?"
"Yes, see you soon," she agreed.

When Fay looked up Adam had moved from his desk and was nowhere to be seen.
"Where's Adam gone?" Fay asked Ann.
"He's in the back room I think," she said, looking towards the room in question.

Fay got out of her chair and headed for the back room, which acted mostly as a storage place. Adam was bending over searching through some boxes on the floor and he stood up and turned when she entered.
"We may have another guide," she said, moving into the room and leaning backwards against one of the shelves.
"Great," he smiled.
"I was right about Jen knowing someone for the job." She watched his smile fade at the mention of Jen's name. "Actually Susie said that it was her new boyfriend, Nick his name is. He will call in later if he is interested."
He gave her a casual nod.
"You don't mind then?" she asked tentatively.
"Why should I mind?" His eyes searched hers.
She turned behind her and fiddled with some brochures on the shelf. "Well I just thought, considering your involvement with Jen..."
He interrupted and walked up to her, moving her hand from the brochures and turning her to face him. "We weren't involved."
She looked unsure. "Well, you had some kind of involvement from what I've heard."
He put his hands on the shelf behind her and moved closer. "That was entirely your fault," he accused.
She frowned. "How do you make that one out?"
He put his hands on her waist and his eyes moved over her body.
"I like this dress," he digressed.
"You were saying?" she reminded him, looking suspiciously at his hands.
"You left me all hot and bothered after you seduced me by the pool table that night." He moved his hands slowly up her back.
"I didn't seduce you," she said glancing nervously at the open door.
He put his head next to hers and whispered in her ear, "Yes you did, with your eyes and your sexy little blushes."
She felt her body react to his closeness then and backed away. "We should get back, and Ann's in there," she reminded him.
He reached towards the door with his foot and nudged it closed. Her heart jolted at his action and the realization that he wanted to be alone with her.

Oh god, don't Fay. Resist him, resist!

He slid his hands on to her behind and pulled her hard against him. She gasped in shock at his boldness and looked at him with her mouth agape.
"Are you shocked at how much I want you Fay?" he whispered.
She wasn't expecting him to be so brazen, particularly there, and it caught her unawares.
"Adam we can't do anything in here, Ann is in the other room," she exclaimed, trying to control the situation.
"I don't care, it doesn't make me want you any less," he said, raising a hand and running it along the opening at the front of her dress.
Her eyes widened and she watched, waiting to see how far he would go. His fingers paused at the first button but then he twisted it out of its hole.

What on earth was he going to do in there?

He gave her a devilish look and went for the next button, undoing that one too. She looked startled and followed his eyes down to the lacy pink and black bra that was now exposed.

Okay, that was enough.

Before she could stop him however, he suddenly bent and began planting kisses over the area he had exposed, peeling back her dress at one side and moving his lips onto her bra. She gasped out loud and he reveled in her reaction to him, finding the most sensitive part of her breast and sucking on it over the material. She put her hand on his shoulder and grasped it tightly; fighting the sensations he was arousing in her. He moaned and reached for her other breast with his hand, gently squeezing and teasing it.
"Oh lord Adam, you've got to stop!" she said breathlessly.
"I want to rip this bra off you!" he growled, running his tongue over her skin at its edge.
"Adam, don't say things like that." She looked to the ceiling, panting for breath and burning inside and out.
"Why, because it arouses you? Because it's exactly what you want me to do?"
"No," she had to think of another reason, "because, because we're at work and Ann is just through there," she said, finally finding the willpower to push him back.

He moved away with a groan and leant over one of the shelves next to her to regain his composure. She readjusted her dress with awkward movements, chastising herself for her lack of self-control. He frowned at the look on her face and went to exit the room, pausing on the way to stroke her cheek and whisper, "I don't want to be with Jen."

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